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[Archery] input on my build

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by jagdog1020, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. jagdog1020

    jagdog1020 Guest

    str 95
    dex 125
    int 35

    archery 120
    tactics 120
    bush 120
    healing 90
    anatomy 95
    resist 90
    chiv 75

    primer of arms
    Mace and shield
    Quiver of infinty

    this is what i got so far looking for any input
  2. are you pvping?

    if you are, Id get rid of jackals and find a nice modded gorg instead, one that is meddable.

    Id lower tactics and raise resist, IMO rather have higher anat than tac as well.

    Eat a 25 stat scroll and add it to int for more mana pool
    35 is way too low unless you got alot of LMC and MI
  3. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    Judging by the stats listed, you have already eaten a +25 scroll.

    I agree on the point about the Jackal's, find a nice gorget with Stamina, Mana, LMC and resists.

    About the Tactics. I would suggest
    lowering Tactics to GM,
    bring your healing up to GM,
    anatomy up to GM,
    lower Chivalry to 70 and
    bring Resist up to GM.

    Then again, Connor Graham swears by his 90 Resist spells and he has a beast template.

    Other than that, template looks great. Now it's all about finding the right bows to reap destruction with. :D
  4. I havent added up my mods lately, but his just seemed a lil low at first glance, I have something like (after chug) 121/160/105
  5. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    He's just got his base stats listed, which add up to 255.

    Looking good after a chug though man.:thumbsup:
  6. I'm going to assume this is a PvM template, and is on an account that is less than 4 yrs old. I would drop 5 Tactics and 5 Chiv and bring Healing up to GM to have 100% chance to cure level 6 poison. The others are right on the Jackals. I never have had one on my archer, preferring to have a crafted gorget with MR, SI & MI. I'd add a Rune Beetle Carapace to that mix too. Other than that it looks good.
  7. jagdog1020

    jagdog1020 Guest

    thank you all for replying but i still have a few more questions it would be mainly for pvm only pvp would be to shoot a cupple times so i can defend my self on a champ
    umm from what ive seen a cupple changes and both of you said healing to 100 i figured if healings 90 enchanced aids took me to 100 so i would have been good but it looks like it would be best to 100...now i should drop jackels for a crafted gorget alright is there any other arties i would need for a good suit because basicly the arties i named off where the anchors of my suit and all the rest was going to be crafted
  8. Enhanced bandages only affect how much damage is healed. They don't increase your chances of curing poison or rezzing.

    The Rune Beetle Carapace is the only artifact I'd suggest you add to what you have already. Other than that, look for crafted gear with MR, MI, SI & LMC. You might look into the Ring of Vile also, as with it's 8 Dex, 15 HCI, 6 SR & 20 poison are a big help in putting an artifact intensive suit together.
  9. jagdog1020

    jagdog1020 Guest

    alright thats what ill do thanks for the bit of info on bandages