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Inquiry regarding downgrades

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by PepsiCEO05, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. PepsiCEO05

    PepsiCEO05 Guest

    Hey peeps,

    I'd like to start off with how much I've enjoyed playing TSO/EALand since 2002. Unfortunately, I'm going to be moving down to college (Bringing my APPLE notebook)... which means I won't be able to play TSO any further... my question is.. would downgrading my account immediately erase my house (Free members can't own, can they?), objects, etc? Are there any known plans on making TSO compatible with Mac OS? Thanksssssssss

    Ryan Boscorelli
    "I'm over it."
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Not sure about how the downgrades work for already existing accounts. If the reason is the APPLE notebook, have you tried a virtual machine (I think that's what they're called) I have no idea how Apple computers work, but I'm sure somebody here could explain the process...
  3. PepsiCEO05

    PepsiCEO05 Guest

    If I started going crazy without TSO, I would probably end up trying that (I actually didn't even think of it yet)... but I would obviously prefer to play a version of TSO designed for Mac over running a virtual Windows Vista (For performance reasons.. notebooks suck at stuff like that).
  4. Noddy Bond

    Noddy Bond Guest

    Another one of those great ideas that never came about there lol.
    No harm in trying a virtual machine on it though to see how it copes at least you will have TSO still if it does work.
    If you had Linux i would have said get Wine but you dont so i can't lol and i have no idea what the Mac equivilant is so your on your own ther.
    Seriously though get shot of the Mac its just a glorified paper weight any ways [​IMG]

    Mac Hater forever, Linux For The Win.
  5. PepsiCEO05

    PepsiCEO05 Guest

    Haha well as much as I do respect your opinion, I'm sticking with Macs because not only are they very secure, but the university is also recommending them for compatibility reasons with their systems..

    So I guess nobody's brought up the proposal of creating a Mac OS version of TSO? lol
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It has been brought up and Luc is very interested in doing it, but it isn't priority because of merges/graphics updates/etc.
  7. PepsiCEO05

    PepsiCEO05 Guest

    Ahh very good then.. thank you..... if anyone else knows about what happens when I downgrade.. LET ME KNOW!!!!!!
  8. Might wanna look around there is a way to run TSO on a MAC. I beleave its a program called bootcamp. Look for a thread in Tech advise.