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INSCRIPTION FAQ - pls read before posting.....

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by heathwalker, Feb 9, 2001.

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  1. heathwalker

    heathwalker Guest

    1. <font color=blue>Skill Gain Section
      [*]How do I raise inscription? Is it affected by the anti-macro code?
      [*]What do I need to scribe each circle?
      [*]Where can I find blank scrolls?
      [*]Help!! I'm stuck in mid 90's and not gaining.
      [*]How much and how long does it take to GM Inscription?
      </font color=blue>

      <font color=red>Crafting Section
      [*]How do I make/copy runebooks?
      [*]How do I make/copy full spellbooks?
      [*]How much should I sell runebooks, scrolls, spellbooks, etc for?
      [*]How do I copy books?
      [*]How do I make bod books?
      </font color=red>

      <font color=purple>Odds &amp; Ends
      [*]What's the deal with Inscription and spells? It adds a bonus to Protection, Magic Reflect and Reactive Armor?
      [*]Role of Magery with Inscription.
      [*]Inscription and Factions
      [*]Does LRC or LMC affect Inscription?
      </font color=purple>
    1. <font color=green>Appendicitis ;Þ
      [*]Use of regs, and costs of various scribe products.
      [*]Prewritten books list
      [*]Guide to filling and selling runebooks
      </font color=green>
    1. <font color=orange>Skillgain Logs
      [*]Skillgain log by qFox.</font color=orange>

    [edit by Nadia 09/27/04: Added LRC/LMC; 07/06/04: Reinserted missing text]
  2. <font color=blue>1. How do I raise inscription? Is it affected by the anti-macro code?</font color=blue>

    Inscription is not affected by the anti macro code meaning that you do not have to move around to gain.

    Unless you have the proper Inscription levels needed to scribe a certain spell level (minimum displayed skill as shown in the detailed listing per scroll) you may not attempt to scribe them at all.
    <ul>Method 1 - Scribe what's hardest to do: To raise from 0 to 32.1 copy blank books or buy the skill. To copy blank books you need 2 blank books (obviously, use normal BOOKS and not spellbooks). To repeat, to copy books, use the Inscription skill (the skill, not a scribe's pen), target a book (NOT a spellbook or runebook), then it will bring up another target and target the next book.

    Level 5 =&gt; 32.1 do Paralzye (only 9gp per)
    Level 6 =&gt; 46.4 do Mark (not the cheapest but easy to sell)
    Level 7 =&gt; 60.7 do Gate (again easy to sell)
    Level 8 =&gt; 75.0 do either Rez (cheap) or Summon Daemon (to sell)

    Method 2 - Midline: Another method of raising inscription that will work if you dont have the cash necessary to do the first method.

    From 0 to 30 buy the skill or copy books (see above for details).
    From 30 to 52 recall scrolls and sell the results for 50 gp each.
    Between 52 and 60 you can continue with recall for slow gains or switch to mark for alot of failures i.e. lost money.
    From 60 to 70 mark scrolls and sell the results for 60 to 70 gp each.
    From 70 to 85 gate scrolls and sell the results for 80 to 90 gold each.
    From 85 to 90 a mixture of gate and res scrolls.
    From 90 to GM all 8th circle scrolls.

    You'll get about 50% yield on your recall scrolls. At most stages you should break about even with sales. [thanks to Gama Zulu for this second method]

    Method 3 - (publish 16) Economical: This method benefits non-Seige players more than Siege players as it allows one to actually profit while training when selling back to the NPC vendors. As always, copy books or buy skill up to 30.

    From 30 to 48 scribe Poison scrolls;
    From 48 to 60 scribe Recall scrolls;
    From 60 to 68 scribe Paralyze scrolls;
    From 68 to 80 scribe Reveal or Markscrolls;
    From 80 to 88 scribe Flamestrike or Gate scrolls;
    From 88 to GM scribe Summon Water Deamon, Earthquake or Energy Vortex scrolls.

    The suggested scrolls give the highest resale to NPC vendors; you may opt for the alternate listed scroll to stock vendors or for other uses e.g. EV scrolls are quite popular with some Champ spawn hunters.

    Original thread on this method may be found here.[/list]
    <font color=blue>2. What do I need to scribe each circle?</font color=blue>
    Many thanks to Shampoo:

    With the 3/01 patch this has changed to
    <pre>Circle Skill (Display)
    8 75.0
    7 60.7
    6 46.4
    5 32.1
    4 17.8
    3 3.5
    2 0.0
    1 0.0</pre>
    In addition to the requisite skill listed above, the necessary reagents and a blank scroll, one also needs a Scribe's Pen (sold by NPC Mages and Scribes, is also Tinkerable) and the spell to be inscribed must be in one's primary spellbook, either equipped or in one's main pack.

    <font color=blue>3. Where can I find blank scrolls?</font color=blue>

    These mostly spawn on scribes. The best location is the Lycaeum in northwest Moonglow. Other good locations are Ocllo mage shop and Empath Abbey. When you buy the initial 20 scrolls off a scribe, when they respawn the number increases usually doubling the former capacity. Therefore if you 'farm' the vendors, you can quickly get a large number.

    <font color=blue>4. Help!! I'm stuck in mid 90's and not gaining.</font color=blue>

    OK, it is quite likely you will be not gaining once or twice from time to time starting around the mid 90's on. Try the following: Take a break from the skill; train something else. Switch facets (fel/tram). Switch subservers; move between cities. All of these are thought to help. Some advise cycling through the various 8th level scrolls but this is of marginal benefit. Ignore other, more bizarre advice - sitting on a purple throne in Destard scrolling only create foods or whatever. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    <font color=blue>5. How much and how long does it take to GM Inscription?</font color=blue>

    It normally takes between 80 and 120 hours at a total cost between 140K and 250K using between 12K and 14K scrolls.

    With all methods, after you sell off your scrolls you will come out with an overall profit during your course of raising Inscription.
  3. <font color=red>6. How do I make/copy runebooks?</font color=red>

    You can make these from 45 skill if you have supplies of gate scrolls. However, to craft runebooks well and often, you need over 70.

    This information may also be found on the Stratics Runebook page. Materials required are: (1) Scribe's pen, (1) Blank rune, (1) Gate scroll, (1) Recall scroll and (8) Blank scrolls. Double-click the Scribe's Pen, choose Other on the left side, then click next to Runebook. If successful you'll create a new runebook. GM's may leave a crafter's mark if the runebook is exceptional and only GM's may craft 10-charge exceptional runebooks.

    You cannot copy runebooks.

    Runebooks are dyeable using the 4th-year veteran reward Runebook Dyetub. Runebooks thus dyed are equippable. Although the account must be old enough to use the dyetub, any account may use/equip a dyed runebook.

    <font color=red>7. How do I make/copy full spellbooks?</font color=red>

    You may neither craft nor copy spellbooks. Spellbooks may be bought from NPC Mages for 18gp although faction vendor costs vary. To fill them you must make all the scrolls and then drag them into the book one at a time - it is a very fun activity. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/crazy.gif

    <font color=red>8. How much should I sell runebooks, scrolls, spellbooks, etc for?</font color=red>

    The general consensus on prices seems to be as follows:
    <ul>Circles 1-3: These can be bought in mage shops. No need for a scribe to sell them; on most you wont even make any profit
    Circle 4: 40-45 gp (Recall from 40-60gp)
    Circle 5: 45-55 gp
    Circle 6: 55-70 gp (Marks 55-75gp)
    Circle 7: 65-75 gp (Gates 65-85 gp)
    Circle 8: 175-250gp

    Full Spellbooks: 5000 gold
    Runebooks: some charge 100gp per charge, others a flat rate (like 500gp), no matter how many charges it has. Colored runebooks vary from no surcharge over non-colored to 3k on some shards.[/list]
    <font color=red>9. How do I copy books?</font color=red>

    To copy books you need 2 books one of which must be blank. Use the Inscription skill (not a Scribe's Pen) then target the book to be copied. This will bring up another target for the blank book.

    If copying books you may notice the title and name don't transfer, particularly if the title is too long. To solve this, open the book to be copied and then use Inscription skill to target original and target blank. The open book will not appear to change, but if you close and open it it will have worked. [Thanks to Ian Anderson for this tip.]

    <font color=red>10. How do I make a Bulk Order Deed (BOD) Book?</font color=red>

    To craft a BOD Book requires 65 skill and 10 blank scrolls. Simply double-click a Scribe's Pen, click Other on the left side of the menu and then Bulk Order Deed Book on the right side of the menu. BOD Books may not have a maker's mark.
  4. <font color=purple>11. What's the deal with Inscription and spells? It adds a bonus to Protection, Magic Reflect and Reactive Armor?</font color=purple>

    Grandmaster Inscription adds 10% to damage spells. This is not on a pure sliding scale, the damage bonus is 1% for every 20 points of Inscription with a 5% GM bonus.

    Inscription has a major effect on the Protection, Magic Reflect and Reactive Armor spells. These lessen the negative effects, or increase the positive effects of these spells. Inscription will only boost your Physical Resist and in the case of Protection reduce the Magic Resist penalty, it has no effect on your elemental resistances.

    [*]<font color=708090>At <font color=FF3030>zero</font color=FF3030> skill:</font color=708090>

    <font color=red>Protection</font color=red>: Uninteruptable. Much slower cast time: FC-2, -15 physical resistance, -35 to Magic Resist skill.

    <font color=000080>Reactive Armor</font color=000080>: +15 Physical resistance. -5 elemental resistances.

    <font color=green>Magic Reflect</font color=green>: -25 physical resistance. +10 elemental resistances.

    [*]<font color=708090>At <font color=FF3030>Grandmaster</font color=FF3030> skill:</font color=708090>

    <font color=red>Protection</font color=red>: Uninteruptable. Much slower cast time: FC-2, -10 physical resistance, -30 to Magic Resist skill.

    <font color=000080>Reactive Armor</font color=000080>: +20 Physical resistance. -5 elemental resistances.

    <font color=green>Magic Reflect</font color=green>: -20 physical resistance. +10 elemental resistances.

    <blockquote>Thus it can be determined thats there is a sliding scale based on your inscription. Generally, every 20 points of inscription you have leads to +1 Physical Resistance when under the effect of these spells.</blockquote>

    [*]<font color=708090>For <font color=FF3030>all</font color=FF3030> skill levels:</font color=708090>

    <font color=red>Protection</font color=red>: Uninteruptable. Much slower cast time: FC-2, -15 physical resistance + 1 physical resistance for every 20 points of inscription leading to a maximum of +5 at GM, -35 to Magic Resist skill + 1 Magic Resist skill for every 20 points of inscription leading to a maximum of +5 at GM.

    <font color=000080>Reactive Armor</font color=000080>: -5 elemental resistances, +15 Physical resistance + 1 physical resistance for every 20 points of inscription leading to a maximum of +5 at GM.

    <font color=green>Magic Reflect</font color=green>: +10 elemental resistances, -25 physical resistance + 1 physical resistance for every 20 points of inscription leading to a maximum of +5 at GM.

    <font color=purple>12. Role of Magery with Inscription.</font color=purple>

    Prior to Publish 14, the Magery skill was a required component of Inscription. This is no longer the case.

    <font color=purple>13. Inscription and Factions</font color=purple>

    While you are in factions any scrolls you create will not stack. This is supposedly a feature of factions but most will agree with me that it is just a pain in the rear end. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    <font color=purple>14. Does LRC or LMC affect Inscription?</font color=purple>

    No, neither Lower Reagent Cost (even above 100%) nor Lower Mana Cost affect Inscription. Mana Regen items, however, are useful.
  5. <font color=green>1. Use of regs, and costs of various scribe products.</font color=green>

    A: Reagents. Totals of each required to successfully cast one of each of the 64 spells in a full spellbook:
    <ul>18 Blackpearl
    27 Bloodmoss
    36 Mandrake Root
    15 Nightshade
    21 Garlic
    11 Ginseng
    25 Spiders Silk
    26 Sulfurous Ash[/list]
    B: Spellbooks (full). Total cost of making a full spellbook with no failures in the Inscription process on any scrolls. Prices used are highest prices at full stocking of an NPC vendor:
    <ul><pre>Empty Spell Book 18gp
    Scrolls x 64 @ 5gp each 320gp
    BP x 18 @ 5gp each 90gp
    BM x 27 @ 5gp each 135gp
    MR x 36 @ 3gp each 108gp
    NS x 15 @ 3gp each 45gp
    GL x 21 @ 3gp each 63gp
    GS x 11 @ 3gp each 33gp
    SS x 25 @ 3gp each 75gp
    SA x 26 @ 3gp each 78gp
    ==Total=============== 965gp - Add 8gp for Scribe's Pen if desired.</pre>[/list]
    C: Runebooks (16 locations). Total cost of filling a runebook with 16 locations:
    1. <pre>Blank Scrolls x 8 @ 5gp each 40gp
      Recall Scroll x 1 @ 18gp each 18gp
      Gate Scroll x 1 @ 16gp each 16gp
      Blank Rune x 1 @ 15gp each 15gp
    2. Runebook creation total cost: 89gp

      Blank Runes x 16 @ 15gp each 240gp
      BP x 32 @ 5gp each 160gp
      BM x 32 @ 5gp each 160gp
      MR x 32 @ 3gp each 96gp
    3. Cost of Marking 16 Locations: 656gp

      Total Cost of a runebook with 16 marked locations:
      Rune Book 89gp
      16 Marked Locs 656gp
      === Total === 745gp</pre>
    <font color=green>2. Prewritten books list</font color=green>
    courtesy of Alarialle

    Beltran’s Guild to Guilds
    Birds of Britannia
    The Bold Stranger
    Britannia Flora: A Casual Guide
    The Burning of Trinsic
    Classic Children's Tales: Volume 1
    Classic Children’s Tales: Volume 2
    Classic Tales of Vesper: Volume 1
    Deceit: A Dungeon of Horrors
    Dimensional Travel
    Ethical Hedonism
    The Fight
    A Grammar of Orcish
    The Life of a Traveling Minstrel
    The Major Trade Associations
    My Story
    On The Diversity of Our Land
    A Politic Call to Anarchy
    A Primer on Arms &amp; Weapons
    The Rankings of Trades
    Regarding Llamas
    A Song of Samlethe
    A Tale of Three Tribes
    Talking to Wisps
    Taming Dragons
    Treatise on Alchemy
    The Wild Girl of the Forest
    Phenomes of the Orcish Tongue

    Supposedly there are two other books that used to spawn (I think one was The Etymology of Orcish or something like that). There are 27 currently spawning. There are two "looks" to the books. The small coffee colored ones and the larger white books. They can all be found at provisioner shops. You have to buy and open them to "read" them and see which story is inside. They can't be copied by scribes or written over. If the book (other than these listed above) is blue or the small "newbie" brown book, then it's either been handwritten by someone or copied by a scribe.

    The Khaldun Journal set includes:
    Journal: Discovery of the Tomb Days 1-21 (by Tavara Sewel)
    Lysander's Notebook Days 1-19 (by Lysander Gathanwale)
    The Daily Journal of Grimmoch Drummel Days 1-23 (by Grimmoch Drummel)

    3/02 Courtesy of Nadia of Sonoma

    A Welcome by Lord Blackthorn aka a Betrayer Book is an off-colored (colors vary) book that is uneditable when first looted off a dead Betrayer. They have approximately the same spawn rate as Glacial Staffs and Daemon Bone Armor. Betrayers may be found at Lord Blackthorn's Castle in Ilshenar.

    These books may be locked down once and retain the uneditable status. The problem occurs that once they are released, they lose their edit protection. Locking it back down will not make it non-editable again. Using a Red Leaf Resource (from the plant system) will return it to a non-editable state.

    <font color=green>3. Guide to filling and selling runebooks</font color=green>
    From Generator, a guide to runebook selling

    Scrolls. Recalls. Marks. Gates. Runes. Rune Books. Kal Ort Por and Kal Por Ylem.

    See those words up there? Wonderful aren't they? Simply roll off the tongue they do. Each and every one leads to a life that is full of happiness and fulfillment. Each and every one is a doorway into the wonderful world of a Rune Book Merchant!

    He lies!! Run now, lest your soul be eaten whole!! Those words lead to pain and torture and misery and torture and pain. Oh the pain!!
    <ul>Part 1: Rune Books,Rune Books,Rune Books![/list]In my own opinion, a good Rune Book Merchant must be able to make his own Rune Books. For two reasons:
    1. If you are making your own books, you are most probably on the path of Inscription and will eventually reach Grandmastery, allowing you to mark your books with your name.
    2. If you are buying someone elses books, you have to rely on them to make them all the time, and a short supply of books will result in you losing sales.
    To make a rune book is pretty simple. You will need to have on hand 8 blank scrolls, 1 recall scroll, 1 gate scroll, 8 blank runes, and about 75 inscription skill, though it may be possible to make a rune book with less skill. The higher your Inscription, the more chance of getting a higher charge book. With the above ingredients in your pack, use a scribe's pen and select Runebook from the Other category. There ya have it, youve taken the first step on a long and enjoyable road.

    More lies! Lies and deceit!! Deceit and Despise! Wrong too! All in the rune books! Argh!! The pain, the pain!!
    <ul>Part 2: Kal Ort Por, Kal Por Ylem, Kal Por Ylem, Kal Por Ylem.......[/list]So youve worked hard and made yourself a few rune books. What now? Now ye decide where it is ye want those people that buy (and they will buy!!) your rune books to visit. Lets start with cities and dungeons, for both facets. Now, within Britannia on the Trammel facet, there are 16 cities the average citizen may visit, not including the hidden city of Wind, which has requirements for entry. This suits Rune Book Merchants down to the ground, as a rune book has 16 slots to fill. Convenient eh? Dont forget on the Felucca facet, the cities of Delucia and Papua are now closed to direct entry. This leaves two empty slots! What to do? I like to insert a moongate into one reserve that 16th slot for a rune to my vendor house! Nifty huh?! I'll list for you here the cities in alphabetical order:
    Buccaneers Den
    Delucia (open to recall in Trammel only)
    Haven (Trammel only)
    Occlo (Felucca only)
    Papua (open to recall in Trammel only)
    Serpents Hold
    Skara Brae
    Now, as a rule, I mark each of the city runes at that cities local bank. With Yew, I actually mark the rune inside of Empath Abbey.

    The next list of locations are Dungeons and Hunting Locations. All runes for Dungeons are marked at entrances only. A quick note!! When you recall to your location, take a few steps off of your recall spot and mark. Never ever mark on your recall location. This will prevent blockage of your runes when you go to mark more. Runes marked for hunting locations, are marked a screen or two away, so that the user isnt killed upon recalling in. Nothing worse than recalling into the jaws of an angry dragon! Yes there is!! Marking 4000 runes per week is a much more horrendous fate!!!
    <ul>Cove Graveyard
    Dragon/Demon Temple (Fire Isle)
    Fire Dungeon (Serpents Hold Entrance)
    Ice Dungeon (North of Wrong entrance)
    Moonglow Graveyard
    Orc Cave
    Wind Entrance
    Yew Orcs[/list]
    Now remember, this is simply my selection, and sells very well. You can of course mix and match any selection you so desire.

    Dungeons ye say??!! Dungeons? Ye will have yer dungeons!! Rune Books will be your dungeons!! Full of death and misery and pain, pain, PAIN!!!!!
    <ul>Part 3: It Slices, It Dices, Its Fully Charged and Named![/list]So you've got a set of City and Dungeon Rune Books for both the Felucca and Trammel facets eh? All you have to do now is sell them, and theres nothing easier. Depending on whether you own a vendor or simply hawk your wares at the bank, there are two rules you MUST always follow:

    Rule 1: Fill the charges of your rune book before selling it!
    Rule 2: Name your rune book with its contents

    Nothing sells a rune book quicker than it being fully charged and nothing slows a sale down quicker than a potential customer clicking on a rune book they are about to buy without them knowing whats in it. Even though they cannot open the book till its in their posession, a titled book looks far more trustworthy.
    As for pricing, well that part is entirely up to you. Scout out others selling books of the same type, and sell at the same price. Under cutting a fellow merchant is plain silly in my opinion (Hey, its my opinion!) plus, you can make the same money they are, and probably more, as you were taught by the best. Me.

    Go forth my Rune Book making friend and have fun!

    Fun!? FUN!?!? What fun is there to be had in slaving ones life away for a cruel and unjust master!!! Woe unto the Rune Book Merchant! Woe I say!!!

    Written by Azure Al Shard and his Fear of Having to Mark another bloody Rune Book Set!
  6. <font color=FF8C00>1. Skillgain log by qFox.</font color=FF8C00>

    Hi, skill log for inscription...
    I did one char, then figured I'd keep a log for the next one.
    Was not going for the result (so not specificly scrolls I would use, as I dont use scrolls), but for the least regs.

    101 magery
    110 med
    100.1 focus (just to make sure i get the 5 mr /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
    lich form
    mr suit (mr 8)
    int ranging from 60 to 100 (did stats along the way)
    (do the math on total yourself /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    started out with 290 scrolls, but had to switch to 250 due to weight problems and just stuck to 250 for the heck of it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    bought up to 31.0 skill

    start: level 4 (lightning, recalls):
    290 scrolls: 38.8 +( 7.8)
    290 scrolls: 45.3 +( 6.5)
    290 scrolls: 51.9 +( 6.6)
    switched: level 5 (reflect):
    270 scrolls: 56.5 +( 4.4)
    250 scrolls: 59.9 +( 3.4)
    switched: level 6 (invis):
    250 scrolls: 62.4 +( 2.5)
    250 scrolls: 64.9 +( 2.5)
    250 scrolls: 66.9 +( 2.0)
    250 scrolls: 69.0 +( 2.1)
    250 scrolls: 71.1 +( 2.1)
    250 scrolls: 73.0 +( 1.9)
    250 scrolls: 72.6 +( 1.5)
    switched: level 7 (fs):
    250 scrolls: 73.2 +( 0.6)
    250 scrolls: 74.2 +( 1.0)
    250 scrolls: 75.8 +( 1.6)
    260 scrolls: 77.1 +( 1.3)
    250 scrolls: 78.7 +( 1.6)
    250 scrolls: 79.6 +( 0.9)
    250 scrolls: 80.8 +( 1.2)
    250 scrolls: 82.4 +( 1.6)
    250 scrolls: 83.8 +( 1.4)
    250 scrolls: 84.7 +( 0.9)
    250 scrolls: 85.7 +( 1.0)
    switched: level 8 (air ele):
    250 scrolls: 86.0 +( 0.3)
    250 scrolls: 86.9 +( 0.9)
    250 scrolls: 87.2 +( 0.3)
    250 scrolls: 87.8 +( 0.6)
    250 scrolls: 88.5 +( 0.7)
    250 scrolls: 89.1 +( 0.6)
    250 scrolls: 90.3 +( 1.2)
    250 scrolls: 90.8 +( 0.5)
    230 scrolls: 91.5 +( 0.7)
    250 scrolls: 91.8 +( 0.3)
    170 scrolls: 92.3 +( 0.5)
    250 scrolls: 92.8 +( 0.5) (on first 30 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif)
    250 scrolls: 93.3 +( 0.5) (on first 100)
    250 scrolls: 93.5 +( 0.2)
    250 scrolls: 94.0 +( 0.5)
    250 scrolls: 94.3 +( 0.3)
    250 scrolls: 94.7 +( 0.4)
    250 scrolls: 95.1 +( 0.4)
    250 scrolls: 95.7 +( 0.6)
    250 scrolls: 96.5 +( 0.8)
    250 scrolls: 96.9 +( 0.4)
    250 scrolls: 97.7 +( 0.8)
    250 scrolls: 97.9 +( 0.2)
    250 scrolls: 98.2 +( 0.3)
    250 scrolls: 98.9 +( 0.7)
    250 scrolls: 99.7 +( 0.8)
    85 scrolls: 99.8 +( 0.1) (ran out of silk, hoped it would do 0.3 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    70 scrolls: 100.0 +( 0.2)

    12455 scrolls used. calculate regs on ya own /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif (about 30k in total anyways)

    I think I switched to level 7 too soon, but no matter... Skillgain is pretty low once you go to level 8 scrolls, it varies too as you can see.

    The gainlog is very accurate. Hope it is any use to you guys.

    qFox of Europa
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