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Insta Death Crates (Updated 20/10/2001) Proof you can go grey from traps. Cleaned it up a bit remo

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Lusty, Aug 12, 2001.

  1. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    This thread needs sticky tape on it, don't make me keep bumping it.
  2. Jaymez

    Jaymez Guest

    Using the Unlock spell didnt work, I had to pick the crate.

    Lyric- Unemployed west region Counselor
  3. Lusty

    Lusty Guest


    Note: At Gm Tinker you will need a GM Mage to Unlock it, even at lower levels you may still require a Gm Mage. Just use a GM Mage damnit.


    Is this criteria met?
  4. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Tried it...it didn't work.
    Make crate, trap it, lock it with key, turn by putting on floor, magic unlock (spell has no effect)--tried on floor and in pack.
    Try opening...it's locked. click once on box display is "exceptional crate" and i get no contents information. Turn North/south and try opening and it opens. Click crate display is "exceptional crate" and i get no contents information.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  5. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    OK...GM mage just unlocked and I'm getting the contents information when i single click...here's the question...

    Who owns the trap? My tinker or my mage? Mage i bet.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  6. Jaymez

    Jaymez Guest

    An easier way(if you have the room) is to make a 50/50 skill carpentar/tinker(sp?) and use him/her to make the crates. Then have your tinker trap them, unlocking them will be much easier . The skill of the maker of the crate and not the tinker who trapped it is checked when an attempt is made to unlock.

    Lyric- Unemployed west region Counselor<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Jaymez on 08/12/01 03:23 AM.</FONT></P>
  7. Lusty

    Lusty Guest


    The Owner of the trap is dedfined by the player that last enabled the trap and is responsible for all the deaths that occur from the trap.


    Thats in the Guide.

    Like my new pic? LOL
  8. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Crate on mage. North/South couldn't open at all. East/West 84pts damage from GE potion. Second time 100 pts of damage...glad i cast bless first.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  9. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    Yes, and it's all in the Guide, glad you are getting the same results. Btw strength of potion used makes no difference, it's all tinker skill. Guess I should add that.

    Wait till you get a freak explosion, that does 150+ damage, scary stuff.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Lusty on 08/12/01 03:30 AM.</FONT></P>
  10. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    You are God Lusty. I shall sacrifice my first born Llama in your honour.
    now i gotta check that criminal stuff.....don't want mage to be perma pissed.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  11. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    BTW my tinker is 84 with 80 magery. He couldn't unlock with spell. just for the record books.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  12. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    Your mage has nothing to do with the crates, if you ever get the option to report as murder your tinker, do it. (just once)
    Then log in your tinker to see if he got it. Now you know you reported him, and yet when the tinker considers his sins, he has not slain the innocent, or whatever it is now.

    The mage has absolutely nothing to fear from the trap, (murder count wise), actually nobody does.
  13. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    The criminal aspect of this is interesting. You can never recieve a murder count but in theory a person could use that crate and keep killing themself and the owner would stay grey. (As long as both were on at the same time.) Is this a reasonable interpretation of your guide Lusty?

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  14. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    Thats absolutely correct, I logged in only to go grey about 30 secs after recalling to town. Those damn "vendor buy bank guards" macros got me killed. I got a res from a friend, and started to make kegs for the vendor, since I was grey I wasnt going anywhere. 4 hours later!!! I go blue, the person who had the crate was having a field day with it. Made a lot of kegs that night.

    So yeah you can be grey for a very long time if they res kill themselves.
  15. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    Something else to be aware of.

    Your tinker may go grey at anytime of the day or night for no apparent reason, which can be a pain in the butt.
  16. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Well i just did a little test. My tinker made the trap. My mage cast the unlock spell. My mage also was the one who just died from opening it. I logged out right away and logged in with tinker. He was blue and not grey. This I am going to assume means that you can't go grey unless you're online at the time of death.
    Not that it matters much. By the way. I'm in Trammel doing this. Again, just for the records.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  17. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Call me short sighted but I don't see much point in these things. Maybe if it was a one useage trap it might be fun but imagine a trap being out in the world of Britannia that can only be stopped if disarmed or destroyed. You may never be able to go to town again. That might be ok if your tinker is a home body but if not, I don't see the point of making them. Some say lootter protection. HA...I'll loot the whole damn crate and make you pay for it by wasting my ass all night long then giving it to a friend and so on. That sound reasonable or am I missing a possibility here?

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  18. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    I'll leave it to you, to find alternative uses for them. I will say this though. Some of the biggest laughs I have had in UO is from these things.
    People killing themselves from your traps over and over is very rare, and most tire of it very quickly.

    I dont even think about thieves anymore, they just arent a problem now. Just a source of amusement.
  19. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Well thanks for all the info. I've got some tests to run on this. They'll have to wait til tommorow. Thanks again Lusty.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  20. Darik

    Darik Guest

    I am very close to GM'ing my tinker (93.5) and have a carp of 51. I have another char that is a mage (92). Do I have to gm the mage in order to unlock my trapped crates? If so are there any alternatives? TIA

    ***Warning Warning Warning***
    The Surgeon General has determined that wedding cake greatly decreases a womans sex drive.
  21. Satyricon

    Satyricon Guest

    HAHAH! GM Tinkers will rule the world!
    Thanks, Lusty!
  22. Darik

    Darik Guest

    BTW, Please make this thread "sticky".

    ***Warning Warning Warning***
    The Surgeon General has determined that wedding cake greatly decreases a womans sex drive.
  23. Traaaknok

    Traaaknok Guest

    Another one for the records: I just built an explosion and a poison trap. The poison works just fine (bleh..), but the explosion killed my tinker. He was in no guild, trammel, and owner - only thing I can think of right now is that the trap was on the floor, not in his pack. Any help on this?
  24. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    In order to make a no damage EXP crate, you have to have to leave the key in the crate. If the key is outside of the crate they will kill you, as they are suposed to......

    these only work in trammel, they will kill you in Felucca.
    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Lusty on 08/12/01 11:07 PM.</FONT></P>
  25. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Darik, like i said in a previous post : Tinker 82 skill with 80 magery and he coulnd't unlock with a spell. I had to give the crate to my GM mage in order to unlock. You could try lockpicking but again you'd need a high level skill to match your high level tinkering skill. Of course, i'm not the expert here. But it all makes sense.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  26. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    No, just GM the mage, saves all the hassles and questions. It's not as if 100 in magery is hard to do.

    I never played with crates before I was GM Tinker, so I really have no info on lower skill levels.
  27. uo addict

    uo addict Guest

    You state "The Owner will NOT receive a Murder Count if the trap was enabled INSIDE of a house that they OWN/CO-OWN, even if the victim places a Bounty". Yet two lines above you seem to be saying that they won't receive a count in any case. Am I missing something here? Do you need to be in a house you own or not? If not, what is the relevance of the statement above? If you do need to own the house, does being on the same account count?
  28. Dragoon

    Dragoon Guest

    This is the best news since Leather Dye tubs!

    Dragoon<font color=blue>(Seige Perilous)</font color=blue>; <a target="_blank" href=http://my.uo.com/cgi-bin/my_chars.pl?52616e646f6d4956ada8052880226f0a4e52c6c345d55adabaae834ce8ddfbe1c84a0a489b021169b020f72c5cc9996e>Smythe</a> <font color=blue>(Chessy)</font color=blue>
  29. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Just did a wee little test. I have 2 accounts and so i transferred a trapped crate to one of my chars not on my tinker account. Logged tinker out while standing outside of house so that he wouldn't insta-log. Logged in with Kamikazie. Kami grabs crate from inside house (he is a friend of house) and proceeds to experience some rather seering heat. No option was given for him to give a count and my Tinker remained Blue outside of the house. Rez....no changes. I'm on Trammel. If my tinker isn't going to go grey from these......this could be a whole pile of fun.
    Or is this just a wet dream? Still testing..........

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
    Atlantic Shard
    Trammelite Merchant
    Founder: United Artisans of Britannia
  30. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    OK, the trap has to be placed on the container whilst you are in your own home, be it your name on the sign or one of your other characters on the same account. You do realise that your 4 other characters are co-owners of house right?

    Dont go trying to work out all the variants, just make them in your house, arm them in your house, and use them for yourself, and maybe give some to close friends. If you start up a business selling them, I wish you luck, but it's a mistake, you'll be grey forever. If you screw up and make it outside of your house because you are getting lazy, well you better hope that nobody rez-kills themselves.
  31. joykiller

    joykiller Guest

    ok posted this as a reply in another post...but since i think its important that as many people see it (especially mods and admins) im posting it here too:

    There needs to be a change to the stratics rules now. Yes it should be illegal to discuss exploits here. But this tinker trap question is a clear example of whats wrong with the system here at stratics. Some admin/mod here talked to ONE gm in-game who said its an exploit. Ever since then it was gospel according to all the admins here. Thats ridiculous when other gms say other things...and it turns out that OSI never considered this an exploit. We need a new rule here:

    A questionable action must be clearly defined as an exploit by the OSI dev team...not a gm..not somebody who knows a gm...only by a member of the OSI dev team. Unless that happens..the action in question is not an exploit.

    What do you all think?
  32. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    I PM'd KOFU a few months ago, with a similar guide about crates asking him if I could post it. His reasons for delining my offer were very reasonable.

    At that point the only official word from UOSupport to stratics about crates was thats its not acceptable. So KOFU was only going on what information he had received, he also said that as soon as it became clear from UOsupport I could post about it. So I let it lie thinking that UO would never openly admit to the use of them.
    If i had bothered to get a transcript from UOSupport and had them forward it to Stratics everything would have been done faster, but I was getting plenty of ICQ's asking me about crates and I figured that the ones that really wanted to know were ICQing me, so I didn't see the need to bother with UOsupport.

    So the rules that stratics were following are pretty set in concrete, and it's not just the story from one GM that they go by, they actually do a fair bit of work behind the scenes to find out stuff.
  33. A guide to entertaining uses, from The Mad Bomber of Napa Valley (or rather one of many)

    1) Anti-thief. The trapped chest was once called a "snoop-go-boom"
    2) Anti-Loot. See "snoop-go-boom"
    3) Drop these babies in dungeons near other chests/crates. a lockpicker will eventually come by and KABOOM!
    4) (Very old school) Place enough items in the chest/crate to make it too heavy to lift and too many items to put it into your pack. (I like kindleing and feathers because they are free) Drop the chest in a clear area and hide nearby. Someone WILL try to either open or axe the box.
    5) Slight variation and requires acting ability. See number 4 but drag the chest about as if you are moving from house to house. nice way to kill "griefers"
    6) Not tested but may be possible. Block monsters with trapped chests. They break creates (or once did). See if they do damage.

    Other old school tricks.

    Trap dungeon chests. (Not sure if it works anymore)
    Drop trapped chests onto monsters. Death to looters!
    lock a chest down in your house! (lots of fun here)
    Build walls of chests in annoying areas. axers like to chop them, thinking they are the work of newbie carpenters.

    And as always check the first post before trying this to see where this may or may not be legal.

    This has been a small idea list for those who cannot see the joy that has once again been given to us. The mad bomber is back!


    <center>&lt;CrazyJoe&gt; ohman I need some goat porn</center>
    <font color=red>Never go gate surfing without regs.</font color=red></center>
  34. Vesuvius GL

    Vesuvius GL Guest

    The continuously going grey issue should not be a problem, for the fact that in my chaos guild if we get one 90% of the time we pickup an axe and kamikaze to gwt whats inside, most people have better things to do than blow up traps all night.

    "When life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a water pistol and shoot people in the eyes"
  35. Attorneyman

    Attorneyman Guest

    Obviously you don't run a shop on Trammel.
  36. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    You're right, but I dont understand your point either way.
  37. Arlis

    Arlis Guest

    How about this?

    Make your GM tinker trapped chests but Disarm them
    then place on a vendor with the key inside and a book explaining that they must lock them to use. now you wont have to worry about being gray because the buyer would be the last person to arm it.
    also you could add another book (or two) explaining how to unlock them but leave them armed.
    I never tried this (only 90 tinker) but I think it would work.
    could someone test it or let me know if that works.

    Arlis, Grandmaster Smith/Miner/Fisherman
    Catskills Shard
  38. Traaaknok

    Traaaknok Guest

    Ah.. thanks a lot... and those are way too practical with a lot of guildwars in trammel :)
  39. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    <center><font color=red>The Fabled Insta Death Crates</font color=red></center>

    Damage Information:(Based on GM Tinker)

    <font color=green>Poison</font color=green> traps will kill its victim 99.99% of the time.

    <font color=red>Explosion</font color=red> traps will deal 40-180 HP Damage.

    <font color=blue>Dart</font color=blue> traps will do Max Damage of 80 HP.

    Testing Methods:

    <font color=green>Poison</font color=green>: Magery cannot cure this poison, period. If you are a mage and get a dose of lethal, you're dead, end of story. Don't waste your time and reagents, recall to a shrine. From todays testing I found that Lethal can be cured, and pretty reliably as it turns out. My character with 94.2/93.2 displayed/real healing, and 100 Anatomy was able to cure pretty well. Out of 5 doses of Lethal from a crate I only lost the player once. Which was from failing 4 times in a row. I doubt you will have time to cure yourself though which is good for tinkers. Bandages taking about 11 seconds to apply with high dex. So there you go it can be done, but your healer has to be on the ball.

    <font color=red>Explosions</font color=red>: I used Bless items to raise my strength from 100 to 200 and a greater strength potion for this, total of 220 HP was attained. More often than not it was 100+ HP damage, but Explosions are not a sure fire thing for an outright kill. You may also get freak explosions that do 180 HP but they are rare.

    <font color=blue>Darts</font color=blue>: I use dart traps to train healing, 20HP<=Damage<=80HP

    Tinker traps will reset forever, or until the Remove Trap skill is used successfully on it. This is because errr... you successfully remove the trap. Duh.

    Strength of Traps: Using higher strength potions have nothing do to with strength of traps, personally I use Greater Explosions only because thats what I have lying about, for poisons I use lesser as they are cheap to make, store bought would do just as well I would imagine.

    Ownership and Responsibility for Deaths: UPDATED 26/09/2001

    "Damage from a trap will not cause the maker of the trap to be a candidate for a murder count, unless the maker is also the controller. Thus, if you are the maker and are the last one to set the trap, you can get a murder count if your trap kills someone." This was taken from the uo.com pages, and it's wrong, test it for yourself, and make up your own minds. My tinker has always created and enabled his own traps, he is also still blue.

    "The controller is defined as the last person to set the trap. If you make a trap, and give it to another player who sets the trap, that player is the controller. Again, if someone dies to a tinker trapped box, only the controller of that box is eligible for a murder count."

    Bold entries are straight from custhelp.uo.com

    The last sentence seems to indicicate that the the controller(the person that enables the trap), can be liable for a count.
    This is also Incorrect, they seem to contradict themselves in the same paragraph. Stating earlier that you can only be liable for a count if you are the maker and controller. The only thing I can say for sure is that none of my non-tinker characters have ever gotten a count for using a crate.

    If your trap kills someone you are responsible, with criminal not murderous consequences. The Owner (tinker) will be attackable by the Guards for about 30 seconds after the death of the victim, and you will go grey for the standard amount of time. You may or may not go grey depending on who you ask, I go grey a lot, I also get guard whacked on occasion. Others say that they have never been grey or guard whacked. The victim may get the option to report the owner for murder, however no count will be transfered, even if the victim places a Bounty. I have personally reported my tinker a few times when I accidently miss a rune book and d/click the crate. It's a spite thing for my own stupidity. I cannot stress this enough, YOU MUST CREATE AND ARM TRAPS INSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE. Again depends on who you ask, but this would have to be the safest way.

    20/10/01 While macroing away inside my house, I had already been at it for some 4 hours making kegs for my vendor, when all the sudden I get the following happen to me, so for those that say you wont go grey from tinker traps, don't say I didn't warn you. I haven't made any crates in great numbers for months, the ones I have made were for personal use and I havent lost any of those. So this crate would be at least 4-6 weeks old. Didn't get a count though and that's always nice /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif


    Things that have a lot more relavance now.

    Your tinker may very well go grey at any given time day or night, also if the person getting killed by your trap chooses to res-kill themselves, (thinking that they are giving you counts), you could be grey for a very long time. Some people say that they have never gone grey, all I can say is that I have been. I suggest you play around and find out for yourselves, try everything.

    "Vendor Buy Bank Guards Recdu Recsu Stable" macros are extremely irritating and anyone using them should be instantly and permanently banned, they are also dangerous for a grey tinker inside of towns. This macro will get you guard whacked should one of your traps kill someone at the wrong time. PK'ing people that use these macros should not be criminal. If I was in town when the above picture was taken and someone had spammed the above macro in the 30 secs I was "attackable by guards", I wouldve gotten whacked.


    All crates follow the same creation procedure.

    1) Make a lockable wooden crate (any size), using the Carpentry skill. Not Chests, not armoires, not little red boxes, only crates.

    2) Trap it with your desired style of trap, using the Tinkering skill. (any style)

    3) Turn it 90 degrees any way you can, either by positioning it on the floor, or lock it down and use the decor tool. (Large crates can only be turned by the decor tool)

    4) Unlock it with 3rd circle spell "Unlock". (At GM Tinker skill, you will require a GM Mage to cast the spell, lower level mages just don't have the *power* in spell casting. Even at lower Tinker levels you may still require a GM Mage.)

    Ways to set off the trap:

    UOA's count resourse option. Damages you.
    UOA's auto open new containers. Damages you.
    Trying to pick. Damages picker.
    D/clicking. Damages person trying to view contents.
    Axe. Damages weilder of axe.

    Starting out:

    I suggest you experiment with dart traps to begin with, until you are comfortable with the creation and use of the crates, darts generally won't kill you in one hit. Explosion and Poison tinker traps are more deadly than a GM Lumberjacking Balron with a Vanquishing Axe on cable. :)
    You can use crates or any other container along with UOA to make an "undress bag" or "disarm bag", useful for storing your stuff in till you can bank it.

    Losing resource counts:

    Crossing a server line on foot or by boat can mess up your resources count, and dying or dropping the crate from your pack will certainly do it. This will happen to you eventually, and it can be a pain in the butt. Doesn't have to be that way though.

    Stackable items, such as reagents and bandages are easily fixed by adding a few of each type to the crate this will reveal the full amount. (Bandies must be exact same colour.)

    Potions on the other hand are best carried outside of your trapped crate. It's a desperate thief that has to clear a perma from stealing a potion. If I may generalise about thieves, most seem to be after things of value, weapons/novelties/rares, and little trinkets that are more of an annoyance to be without.

    If you have lost resources, it's not the end of the world. You can still cast spells even though your count says you have none available, it just finds them somehow. Potions and bandages it wont.

    If you absoutely have to get your stuff out of a trap, do it at a shrine. There are other ways, (aren't there always), and you should try to find out that yourself rather than have everything delivered to you on a silver platter.

    "The owner of the chest can access the chest automatically without firing the trap. The owner is defined as the last person to lock the chest."
    This is not entirely correct, my tinker can make and arm and then die to his own traps if he does not have the keys on him.
    You can however turn them out of Insta mode and have your tinker access the contents without the trap firing. (Tested and proven, credit to Crimer)

    Playing within the rules:

    Don't PK with them in Trammel! It has taken years, much debate and frustration to get an answer on the legality of them, don't screw it up for the rest of us by generating support calls.

    Try to be a little discerning in who you supply your crates to. If your customer uses them in Trammel to kill other players, chances are you will get a visit from a GM next time you log in your Tinker. You may have to explain yourself.

    Stuff to consider:

    The 3rd Circle spell Telekinesis will tell you what sort of trap it is if you have forgotten, or have made a bulk amount of different types, remember to do this from a safe distance.

    Explosion traps that you are the owner of will do no damage to you in Trammel, (great for unlimited Para busters.) Although they will kill you if you forget and use them in Felucca. You must have the key for the crate inside the crate. Experiment with this one, doesn't always work. Once you have a crate that does no damage to you, keep it. Make insta Exp crate while unlocked drop key in it. Do it at the healers just incase it doesn't work he first time.

    Some quirks with large crates:

    You will notice that the only difference is the way the timber joins run, it's not obvious which way they face, which is a good thing.

    Another good thing about large crates is that after you use the decor tool, they stay the way they are supposed to be facing even when you drop them on the ground. Small and medium crates are prone to turn about when dropping them, putting them out of insta mode.

    You cannot get an item count from large crates while facing in the insta mode direction. Small and medium you do. Theres a tip.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Lusty on 10/19/01 06:05 PM.</FONT></P>
  40. Traaaknok

    Traaaknok Guest

    On two of those ideas:

    Blockmonstergoboom: Works not.... The bridge leading from ogre lord island to the main part of the dungeon is only two tiles wide, and was blocked expertly by my tinker (okok.. screaming and running around like a chicken, but i managed to block it) -&gt; Monsters break trapped chests, are not affected by the content, though. Explosion and poison traps tested - neither worked (bah!).

    On killing lockpickers: It works (unfortunately, got killed by that once), but once it has worked it shouldn't happen again. Player made chests highlight, whereas normal dunegon chests do not. If something highlights - ignore.
  41. Pfredd

    Pfredd Guest

    This thread is now sticky, for the time being.

    Lusty, if you would like to put together a cleaned up version of this for the FAQ, please PM me.

    Pfredd Mudd
    UOSS News Manager
    Moderator of UO Carpentry & UO Tinkering
  42. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    I'm on it !!!
  43. mawood

    mawood Guest

    My tinker has NEVER went grey. Been making these for many months. No counts, no greys - never. I use them, sell them and leave them laying around, nothing.

    Gryzzly Addamz, Great Lakes
    WARRIOR FLASH SIG http://www.twistedclicks.com/abba.html
  44. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    I know man, we've spoken about this before. I'm pretty damn sure we do everything exactly the same way. There must be one variable that we do differently. Just can't find what it is.
    I believe you when you say that you've never been grey. I just wish I knew what happened there for a few days when I was grey almost all the time.
    Maybe I stuffed up and relocked one outside of the house, I dont know.
    Hasnt happened lately though, I've been a lot more careful after making one for a guy in a town and taking 2 counts on it.
  45. Crimer

    Crimer Guest

    I love the poison traps the best, watching your victim lothe in his few last breathes before he dies; there is no greater feeling. I make explosion occasionally, but they are inconsisent in performing their duty; killing the snooper.

    My tinker is mainly a house rat, but I've recently been sending him out and about in the real world as he works his journey toward GM Magery so he can unlock his own crates (97.3 now =) I have yet to turn grey and snoopers have died on the spot in my presence. To my knowledge, I have only killed using poison traps.

    I only use small crates. I make, trap and lock them in my pouch/backpack, place them north/south on the floor in my house and have a GM mage unlock them. I then enable them by facing them east/west. I've noticed that the person with the key to the crate can open it in the north/south position without the trap going off, but a person without the key cannot, but the trap still doesn't go off.

    Happy Hunting
  46. DariusOakman

    DariusOakman Guest

    Crimer, I can confirm these same results.

    Darius Oakman, GM Artisan
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  47. Crimer

    Crimer Guest

    I made a character on a test shard with GM carpenter, GM tinker, GM Magery, GM Lockpicking, GM Detect Hidden, and GM Remove Trap.

    Even at GM lockpicking, I was unsuccessful in ever picking the lock of any of my GM tinker trapped items without them exploding in my face. Try it out for yourself on the test shard in one on many Trammel healer huts (as you will die often). If anyone has had different luck, I'd like to hear.

    As far as using the Remove Trap skill, I believe you first have to successfully identify the trap using detect hidden. Otherwise you have a chance of failing. I didn't play around too much with this as I don't know anyone with GM Detect Hidden/GM Remove Trap anyway. However it makes sense and is similar to a blacksmith not using arms lore before repairing the item. A GM blacksmith has a chance of breaking a piece in critical need of repair if he doesn't use arms lore before repairing it.
  48. Crimer

    Crimer Guest

    On the FAQ, it states that you MUST be in your house.

    On the test shard using my method of making, trapping and locking the items in my backpack, then putting the trapped item on the ground (anywhere) in the north/south position, casting magic unlock and then placing the crate east/west, I took no murder counts, never went grey and even PKed a few people in Trammel cities (funny watching them and there are no GMs on the test shards).

    I know I don't own a house on the test shard so I sense a little discrepancy here.
  49. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    Test shards are not a reliable place to test things (LOL as stupid as that sounds), they differ so wildly from production shards.
    Ok ill go make one outside of the house and see what happens.
  50. Cinny

    Cinny Guest

    God knows how many trapped boxes ive made in the past year and sold on my vendors for people to practice DH on.. ok now if those are still in existance and people use em like this, do i go grey? :)
    just wondering

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