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Insurance bug still alive and well...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Old Man of UO, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. I lost a crimson cincture this weekend... not sure why I am even posting this except to say don't wear or use anything you can't afford to lose. I just bought another one, but had to hock an agapite runic hammer that I was saving.

    I had 6.5 mil gold in checks, 100K in gold stacks, auto-insure on, and when I sacrificed to rez myself I got everything back except my CC. I have been wearing the samd CC for over a year, and ya it was insured. I had over 20 insured items on me while trying out various weapons and I got everything else back.

    Just disappointed is all, and I'll still play when the lag lets me... *kicks a rock*
  2. Why wouldn't you bless it? Just curious :)
  3. Never really thought about getting a CBD for it... what I would have to spend for the deed would have been more than I spent on insurance. But it was rather more of an annoyance having to manually dress any blessed items instead of clicking on my body. Now that I have KR and its nifty dress macro, that really isn't an issue.

    It's a good suggestion and I am looking for one now... although that really isn't the point.
  4. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    Not really the point - and not necessarily the answer... the "insurance bug" is not limited to insured items and can it blessed items too. My brother lost a pair of Leggings of Ember to a looting monster, but was able to get them back!
  5. sayler04

    sayler04 Guest

    I'm so glad im not the only one this is happening to! I always make sure to keep 100k in stacked gold in my acct for insurance, i check it every day. But sometimes, particularly when fighting event bosses like sicarii or melissa, i die and some insured items stay on the corpse! It even deducts the money from my account! And with event bosses, its all or nothing; either i get everything back, or nothing at all. Its getting so that i'm afraid to even use my better suits.

    I'm starting to feel like the tragic client in a John Grisham novel... maybe the Rainmaker...

  6. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    Oh crap! What are you going to do without your items!?!
  7. you ain't alone ... there are more than a few of us who have benefited from the experience. In both rulesets.
  8. Two days before that, I was running through Trinsic and had a BLESSED Rose of Trinsic stolen by one of the criminal NPCs... I saw it pop out of my backpack and whacked the NPC to get it back.

    Maybe this is some Dev's idea of humor...