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Intelligent Character

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by Zyon Rockler, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    I remember the first time I began mining. I don't know how many 8 hour days I spent and I was still only 80 something skill. For many days in Del people would walk by, lots of people were at the forge at that time and a man stopped and he showed me how to macro mining. Oh what a gift of knowledge..

    Back then my character was so dumb. I would have to show him the pickaxe and then point to the place I wanted him to dig. Of course, he would forget and I would have to show him the pickaxe again and then point and tell him here. It might have been easier to do the work myself.

    Now I knew, last object, last target and everytime I would push my 0 key my character would dig and to retarget I would use my last object macro #9 and whenever people would stop to talk to me I would hit enter and let loose a spam of 0000s. People would laugh. My character was becoming smarter, but he still wasn't smart enough to do the job alone.

    Until now, with SA, it is like my character waits for me. I no longer need to tell him what to do or what to use, just where to do it, and when his pack fills up, he stops and he waits for me. Almost with a gaze of what are you doing and why is it taking you so long. You see my character can not continue working until I empty his pack.

    Wood Chopper.jpg

    This macro will take any object in the left or right hand and drop it into the pack, pause, and pick up the axe. It will then begin chopping until its' pack is full and then stop. It is setup so as soon as the character goes over he'll take only a few more chops, so no resources are lost.

    This macro, I believe, finally gives my character intelligence. This macro is great and gives a wonderful experience. I hope everyone who has not yet implemented this, will at least try it.

    Also, aside of the macro, for each action I have placed a tool that goes with it. In the wood chopper I use an ornate axe and target cursor. This way I can click the axe to pull a target and then cut the logs into wood, also having an empty pack helps and making the weight icon visible.

    Wood Chopper Chopping.jpg

  2. Another convert... welcome to the Light!