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[Interview] Beauvina for Chancellor, Part I

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Phayde, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Phayde

    Phayde Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 27, 2009
    Likes Received:

    The Lady Beauvina is definitely one of Britannia's more controversial figures, seen frequently in the company of cows, and communicating freely that her bovine friends speak to her. She recently lost a hearing in the High Court where she hoped to lift the ban that now prevents cattle from attending meetings with her, and she appears in court again in just a couple of days to pursue a lawsuit against the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malag aste. Beauvina is currently a candidate for the office of Chancellor of the High Council, and I wanted to get to know her a little more. She agreed to meet me in the western farms of Britain, where Meghan the Rancher was our gracious host. Lady Beauvina, accompanied by her friendly bull, Angus, afforded me the opportunity to learn more about her over an interesting meal of hay.

    (This interview article has been split into three parts for your reading convenience, and will be published in three daily articles.)

    Well let me start by first thanking you for letting me interview you, Beauvina...
    ... and Angus.

    Oh, yes, certainly! And Angus too! It is a very rare and interesting opportunity to have a chance to speak with someone such as yourself.
    Oh, I'm nothing special... See, I'm exhibiting HUMILITY! I'm very virtuous, you know.

    So it does seem. And yet, though you say you are nothing special, very few people would consider running to be the chancellor of the High Council. Might I ask what inspired you to run for the office?
    Well, the cows, really. And I wanted to help people. Cows and people, hand in hoof... together. Laughing, sharing, helping Britannia. Being Virtuous.

    That is a very noble cause.
    Why thank you.

    If you are elected as chancellor, what would be the first thing you would aim to improve?
    Well, Angus here has a beef with the Council. I think we need to see a greater presence of the High Council interacting with others. I think we need leadership that works beside people rather than above them. I think they've lost sight of that, you know?

    When you say "interaction," is there something in particular you feel the Council should be doing?
    I think they should be going to the people. I think they should be assisting and building community with others. That includes cows and small children. Even demons.

    You mention that leadership should be beside the people, not above it. Do you feel that Chancellor DaKaren has failed the Council in this regard?
    Well, I think a good leader should show they will get their hands just as dirty in the mud as those they assist. Yes, I do think that. I also heard rumors he spent time hanging out with supporters of Casca! For MONTHS! There isn't enough hay in Delucia to make me do that.

    It is my understanding that he had been kidnapped by members of the Order of the Silver Serpent. Do you have reason to believe otherwise?
    Well, you say kidnapped, but I don't know. I mean, he was unharmed and was gone for a long time. It sounds really suspicious. Right Angus? {Angus mooed in response.} See? That's something that has broiled over for a while.

    I understand that you felt so strongly about this that you suggested he should be removed from office due to a violation of the requirements for service.
    Why yes, I did. But he is friends with a drow that kept him on the Council. A drow who is friends with a demon!

    It seems to me that you feel serving people is a very important aspect of the job.
    Yes. I would serve anything to get that job... well, except meat. But I'd serve plenty of milk!

    What other qualities of leadership do you bring to the table?
    I listen to others, those who aren't just human or gargoyle or elf. I'm nice. Virtuous.

    Be sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of this three-part interview.