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Interview: Polly & Ferrut <3

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by imported_gwen_alcestis, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. <center>

    A little while ago, many of you made clear that they would like to read some interviews with fellow-players.
    Just a few more days and it’s the 14th of February again.

    What better time is there to go out and investigate a slowly dying breed… The UO-couple!

    So… With pride and honour I would like to present to you my dear friends: Polly &amp; Ferrut! For 32 months now they have been a happy couple, both in and outside the boundaries of Britannia. Now let’s see if we can get hold of some juicy details [​IMG]

    I guess the most logical question to start with would be the following: how did you two meet?

    Ferrut: Well.... I am getting primed here to answer nicely!! :p So here we go.
    A friend of mine introduced me to Polly’s mobile phone number, about a year before we actually met properly.
    We texted for a year or so (sounds mad!) before we actually met in person!
    And (I have been told to fess up about our first abortive meeting!) I'm afraid that I managed to stand her up,
    by falling asleep in the bath of all things...*looks ashamed*
    It then took another 2 months before we were texting as before, and a little while longer until we met properly.
    But we got on as though we had known each other ages, it was nice and she eventually (I think?!) forgave me!

    I’m sure she did [​IMG]

    So Polly, after that bizarre first meet, did Ferrut have to try hard to get you to play UO with him or were you an easy victim?

    Polly: Erm.. well at first I would only sit and watch, for some reason I didn’t really want to try. It all looked a bit too complicated.
    It did take a while for him to persuade me to have a go.
    The first time I did, was when he left me in charge of his char when he had to leave the room for some reason.
    So I wandered around a bit looking at stuff and… I died! ooops! Wasn’t a very good start!
    I used to have just little goes with his different chars and quite liked it, but…
    we couldn’t play at the same time so I wanted my own chars then!

    Was he a gentleman and did he buy you an account or did you have to get one yourself? [​IMG]

    Polly: He brought it for me as a surprise.

    Now that you both have your own account, do you usually play together or apart?

    Ferrut: Well we sit next to each other when we are playing, not in separate rooms! hehe!
    Though I guess you mean in Sosaria not RL?
    If so, yes we often do, but we spend a lot of the time getting stock for Polly's Bazaar,
    and that is often (unfortunately!) best accomplished if we split the tasks between us.
    I do see her in game a lot when I die though - Which is pretty often!

    Why don’t you tell us some more about that shop of yours?

    Polly: Well, one of my first chars after Miss Polly was PeaPea my Alchemist.,I was making lots of potions and didn’t have anywhere to put them.
    Also we had collected at lot of other stuff and the house was getting a bit full so I suggested getting a few vendors.
    We started in June 2007 with only 2 vendors, we did really well and next day we added another vendor!
    Now nearly a year on we have 18 vendors selling a range of goodies at very reasonable prices (we hope!).
    Its hard work to keep restocked as I like to have it fully restocked all the time.

    For those of you who’d like to visit Polly’s Bazaar, here’s a little pictureand the coordinates for the shop!

    116-49 North / 133-31 East

    So you guys do a lot of selling… How about buying?
    Do you buy each other gifts in UO every now and then? Will you do so on the occasion of Valentines day?

    Ferrut: Hehe, sure we both like to buy things! We get each other birthday presents, xmas presents, and yes, valentines presents too.
    Polly has got me this years’ already, but I have yet to find anything! Eek!

    Polly, Have you ever noticed Ferrut getting jealous over another UO player (that may try to flirt with you or that you spend a lot of time with) ?

    Polly: Not especially, though there was someone who used to pop up occasionally and say they loved me!
    Hehe, But it didn’t’ really make him that jealous!
    However you may want to ask Ferrut about a girl he took to Trinsic festival last year …

    Uh Oh I’m getting the feeling I better not get involved in this matter hehe [​IMG]
    How about I just leave you two alone so Ferrut can go buy that gift and you can get back to the shop!

    But before I let you go, I’d like to thank you both for sharing your nice stories. Thankies!

    Polly: Dont worry Ferrut was forgiven after a while!!
    Thank you for interviewing us and … Happy Valentines Day to everybody!
  2. Miss Polly

    Miss Polly Guest

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Cute interview!

    Thanks, Gwen.

    PS: So what did happen with the girl at Trinsic Fair?!
  4. ZidjiN

    ZidjiN Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 18, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Nice story! Appreciate it Alc, was a nice read [​IMG]
  5. BlackBetty

    BlackBetty Guest

    Very nice interview. Thanks Gwen. [​IMG]
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you Gwen,

    a nice story and a perfect start of "my" day even if stratics time is abit off.

    The Scandinavian