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Intimate with Olla & Lohn

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My intimacy with Olla & Lohn the Weapon Smiths in Heartwood has now come to an end, I totally give up unless someone out there can confirm if either of these two tight fisted npc's have given up one of the rare smith recipes in the past 12 months.

    In the first week of ML my crafter had all the carpentry recipes bar 2, all the tinkering, and tailor recipes bar 1.

    By the second month of ML, my crafter had all the fletching recipes, as I took her in there and gm'd bowcraft & fletching using the quests plus the one tailor and one of the carpentry recipes she needed.

    By the third month of ML, my crafter had the final carpentry recipe she needed.

    I then started the blacksmith trade which I had left til last on purpose, within the first day of it I had 60% of the 40 odd commons, and one semi rare, by the end of the month she had all the semi rares and Overseer Sundered Blade rare.

    Over the next few months on and off she picked up the Cold Forged Blade recipe and the Shard Thrasher recipe.

    At the end of the first year of ML she had all but the Luminous Rune Blade recipe.

    To obtain all the smith recipes to this point I think I used about 140,000 ingots.

    Since that time until the present I have been going every so often, and since KR nearly each week to try and pick up the one recipe she still needs. Up until about a yr ago, I had obtained a second shard thrasher, cold forged blade and 2 more overseer blade recipes. Each time I go I take 10-30,000 ingots with me so do 100-300 quests at 100 ingots per quest.

    Since then I have gone through conservatively another 900.000 ingots a lot of which i bought in 60k deeds when someone was selling cheaply or those mined up myself. In expending these ingots I have not picked up a single rare recipe since about xmas 2006 until now (so approximately 600k worth of that 900k). I know this as I gave my second shard thrasher recipe to a guild mate for xmas as it was the last he needed in 2006 and that was the last rare recipe I have received to this day.

    Now either there is something seriously wrong with my luck, the rng hates me or at some point the rare smith recipes stopped dropping. Given I have done in the past yr or so 6000 or more quests and not received ONE rare recipe at all, let alone the ONLY recipe I want, I really need to know if anyone has received any rare smith recipe since around xmas 2006 til now---Mar 2008, and specifically has ANYONE received the Luminous Rune Blade Recipe in the past year?

    (I know it did spawn originally as my guildmate picked it up in the first month of ML)

    Alas Olla and Lohn are really boring to hang around with and even with KR (which has been a blessing for the past 500k of ingots) I MUST have some hope that this recipe still spawns or I will just have to give up. It has cost me millions in hours and ingots for more than 2 yrs trying to get ONE recipe and even tho I am probably one of the most persistent players it is coming to the point that even I will give in and just forget it. In all this time I have NEVER seen it for sale on any vendor on my shard, nor for that matter have I seen any of the rares in well over a year, I think I sold the last one which was a Overseer Sundered recipe and that was so long ago I can't remember how far back it was, but it was well before xmas 2006.

    So can anyone confirm getting any of these recipes in the past 12 mths:

    Overseer Sundered Blade
    Cold Forged Blade
    Luminous Rune Blade
    Shard Thrasher
  2. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    The only way I can confirm any of these dropping is that I have seen them for sale on Atlantic. I stopped doing all of the heartwood quests due to carpal tunnel setting in from all the mundane activity. IMO the drop rates need to be looked at or a secondary way of obtaining them put in.
  3. I can confirm that they're dropping. You probably don't want to hear this, but I got all of the Smithing rare recipes in about a week not even going through 120k ingots. This was a couple of months ago.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm not sure if I've gotten any of those lately, but I have yet to get the only recipe I really wanted since I first saw the list: Silver-Etched Mace. I haven't used as many ingots as you have but the mace is only suppossed to be a 'semi' rare. That seems to be how the RNG works; the one that you want is the one that you can't get.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well I have multiples of the silver etched, and probably about 20 or more of every other smith recipe stored, all except the rare ones, which as i said i haven't got one of in over 6000 quests.

    I basically keep a stock of 20 of each type for my vendors and toss the rest now as they are impossible when it comes to lockdowns. Wish they had a recipe book lol like a bod book so that I didn't have to throw them away, I really hate waste.

    Rune Blade of Knowledge is also another hard to get one although not listed as a 'rare' I think i have had about 4 of them in the last yr, silver etched tho i generally get every second or third trip, sometimes one or two at a session.

    Oh well I guess if they are still spawning i will keep persisting, tho perhaps maybe they have stopped on just my shard, Oceania, who knows, I never see anyone down there doing the smiths when i am there anymore so it doesnt look like like anyone is bothering. Given i actually sell a lot of the smith recipes commons through to semi rares wouldnt mind betting noone bothers as they can just buy the darn things off me and save themselves the agro lol .
  6. gothelder

    gothelder Guest


    To obtain all the smith recipes to this point I think I used about 140,000 ingots.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    In the future may I suggest purchasing the items you need instead of making them. You will find you can buy way more weapons/bascinents etc if you would have sold those ingots at even 10gp per. (Plus the time to make them).

    This also works with regular iron bods as well.

    /I did the math on that a while ago, the savings will astonish you.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ha ha yes i know but trying to buy the stuff and cart it in back and forth was a pain i started out doing that, i managed to get 600k of ingots at about 3 per in a really good deal from an idoc'er who had a heap of 60k deeds, and seeing I mine more plain ingots than i need the rest didn't cost me anything.

    LOL and guess what, after posting here yesterday i think the uo gods must of been looking as I took another 14k ingots in there today and 5 mins ago I finally got that one darn recipe - Luminous Rune Blade, which I have eaten immediately. So finally my crafter has every possible recipe......... whoop!!!