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NEWS Into a Trap

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
    Reporter Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Campaign Patron

    May 13, 2008
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    Stepping on the teleport they walked into a trap, surrounded by tens of ice elementals. The warriors, tamers and mages quickly responded. But the area was soon covered with dead. Just as it looked that the battle was won, someone screamed. "Ice Dragons!"


    Catalyst confronted the Fiery Lady. "You brought us here so help us. Turn those dragons into puddles. "

    She frowned at him, shivering with cold. "Too much cold... too many." she wrapped her arms around her body. "I can't! It's too cold."


    Disgusted he returned to battle. The last one dragon stood over a globe guarding it. Though it fought fiercely it was soon dispatched.

    Still shivering, the Fiery Lady read the inscription. "Say my secret."


    Looking around, to be sure all the ice elementals had been cleared. Grim found a third scroll. "This scroll says Iramun." he handed the scroll to Catalyst.

    Catalyst took the scroll. "Do we say speak the words?" He asked the Fiery Lady.

    "How should I know, just try it. I'm leaving for somewhere warm." she grumbled as leaving .

    We gathered around Catalyst as he chanted, "Elodus Arcacais Iramun." Surprised, we found our selves on Fellacue Dagger Island. There floating above a pool of ice water, we found a strange little wisp named Adriad.

    "Hello Adriad, were the riddles yours?" Catalyst asked him.

    Feeling our warmth, the little wisp turned to look at us. At first he couldn't answer. When he was able, his voice was a whisper . "You're not wisp. What do you want?"

    "You sent for us, using the riddles?" Catalyst asked puzzled.

    Searching for simple words, Adriad answered. "Sent, Adriad doesn't send, does not need. Go away. "

    "The Fiery Lady had three riddles that lead to you. She told us you had given them to her." Tamais tried to explain. "She said you would help with Minax."

    "The Fiery Lady? the one who weeps at the cold...the frail one?" the wisp asked seeming to face Tamais."

    "Yes she doesn't like the cold." Vyxen said.

    Angerly, Adriad began floating around in a circle. "That one...she wants but but offers nothing. Adriad will not interfere. Why should I?"

    "Because Minax will destroy the world. Even wisps will die." Tamais advised. "Help us, we can protect you."

    "No. Wisps need no protections." he bragged turning around to face us. "Will you offer a thing, for a thing?"

    "If we can." Catalyst replied. "What do you request?"

    Pondering his answer, Adriad paused. "Ah... a thing for a thing... perhaps you will go somewhere for Adriad? I must tend, to things here."

    "Perhaps, where do you need us to go? Catalyst asked cautiously. "I assume somewhere warm?"


    "Yes, a warm place... too warm. Ugly things hide in the warmth. Things that corrupt other wisp." Adriad turned in angry circle. "The frail one refused to go. Said it had nothing to do with her!"

    "What would you have us do in the warm place and to the ugly things?" Jason asked?

    Adriad stopped, "Adriad would have you make them go away from the fire. Keep the wisps glowing."

    Looking at each other before speaking, Catalyst answered. "Show us where they are, and we will remove them from the fire."

    "Make the ones who corrupt wisp go away. Then Adiad will help. Doesn't care about your little wars or evil mages. But Adiad will help. A thing for a thing." Adiad began to glow brighter. "Wait here another will take you." Adiad told us leaving in a bright flash of light.

    When we could see again, the Fiery Lady was with us. "At last information." She surrounded us in a fiery cloud. When it cleared, we found ourselves in Balron City." she rubbed her hands "Ah so much better. Such a lovey warm place. Now go keep your bargain. I'll wait here."

    Knowing the dangers of the city, the party prepared for battle. Dragons and balrons greeted us. Slowly the fight took us to the center.


    Too our horror there we were confronted by a new enemy, the Havadir. Its burning eyes dissolving everything into darkness.
    "Fools, away with thee, or die!" the Havadir shouted summoning an army of Balrogs and Greater Dragons. "Destroy these pest."


    The way out blocked, there was no choice but to fight. Soon the small area was filled with bodies. Seeing most bodies were his party, Catalyst gathered the survivors just inside the entrance. "Warriors focus on the balrons and dragons. Tamers focus on the Havadir. Mages focus on healing and using your summons on both."

    Catalyst lead the attack on the Havadir. The battle seemed endless. Kill one Harvadir and two more appeared. Reaching the summit of the altar, Catalyst found the largest Harvadir he had seen. Its evil darkness, seeming to dissolve world around him. Undaunted Catalyst attacked. The battle raged back and forth. While Catalyst tired, the Harvadir seemed only to grow stronger. Beaten to his knees, Catalyst waited for the killing blow. To his amazement, the Havadir was hit by a giant ball of fire. In rage the Havadir roared.


    Minax will not be defeated." The Fiery Lady threw another fire ball. The Havadri disappeared.
    Seeing the Havadri disappear, the balrons and Greater dragons fled. They were soon vanquished. Gathered their belongings as the mages healed them, people gathered around Catalyst and the Fiery Lady.

    "Did you find that rude cold thing?" The Fiery Lady demanded.

    "If you mean Adraid, we did. He really doesn't like you." Jason volunteered. "He wasn't going to help us because of it."

    The Fiery Lady shrugged. "As if I can what that little wisp thinks. It wanted me to do a favor. With a flick of her finger, she turned a balron into a glowing ember. "What did the cold thing want?"

    "He needed us to drive the dark hot things away." Catalyst explained. "The Havadri were corrupting the wisp."

    "I would have helped the creature, but it wanted to meet somewhere cold. When I suggested a warm area, It had the nerve to tell me I was disrespectful." She paused, "I very politely told it to go jump into a volcano. and it tried to freeze me into a block of ice, evil little creature." The Fiery Lady looked around for approval.

    "Both of you were endangering the world by being childish." Tamais chided shaking her head. "You two could have met half way."

    "But don't you see, it turned out okay." the Fiery Lady said proudly. "I found all of you. With your short life's... I knew it would listen to you. I was right, it agreed.

    Realizing that they had been used, the party looked at her in disbelief. "So glad we could help be bait." Catalyst sneered.

    "See it all worked out. Now I have other things to do." smiling to herself, she added, "Good bye until next time I nee...that I find something for you." She left in a flash of fire.

    "And she wonders why we don't trust her." a voice commented behind them. "Lets go some where safer."

    Turning around they saw that Evidias had joined us. Gladly they followed her through the gate to the hall.

    "Did I hear mention of a talking wisp? Evidias asked? " I have seen many of them. While they seem very intelligent, but when speak it sounds like gibberish."
    "Yes my lady." Catalyst said with a wink, "Maybe we are the dumb ones for not understanding their language."

    Evidias smiled at him. "I believe long ago we could speak with them. I would so love to learn their language. What could we learn." Heads nodded in agreement. "Have you seen Dahlia, I needed to speak with her. Agaris told me she has been busy."

    "We can give her your message if we see her." Tamais told her.

    "Thank you, Tamais." Evidias then smiled shyly. Perhaps I can help with the wisp next time? I would so love to speak with him."

    "Yes, come with us next time." Catalyst invited. "Your help is always welcome.

    Evidias clapped her hands excitedly. "Until next time then. Now I must try to find Dahlia," waving as she left.

    Catalyst returned home. Pondering meeting with Adiad, he wondered what information the strange wisp could have. Did defeating Minax, depend on the little wisp?

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