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Introduction to the Yew Community Center

Forever Green

  1. Kirthag

    Kirthag Former Stratics Publisher
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor Evergreen

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Thank you for being curious about Evergreen Estates. We are not a guild, but a group of players who live in and around the Yew District of the Pacific shard. That district is displayed in the map below. Depending upon your allegiance, you may live in one of two areas considered part of the district.
    • Within the Common Yew Boundary: what is commonly understood to being the border of the district
    • Within the Acceptable Boundary: citizens living within this zone may or may not claim allegiance to Yew, but Britain as well as Skara Brae.
    Do note the markers represent Trammel locations. A Felluca map will be produced in time.

    If you have a home within either area of Trammel or Felucca, feel free to apply for this group. You will have to send us a message to join - that message should include:
    1 - Location of your home (we will check)
    2 - Any guild affiliation(s) or alliances
    3 - Why you want to join

    The mission Evergreen Estates is to reintroduce interest in the Yew District by bringing activity with events and support to all citizens. We strive to assist new and returning citizens with the way of Sosarian life.

    Play Style
    It is hoped to have a certain level of RPVP (Role Player vs. Player) but it is not a requirement. The YCC will not discriminate against any sort of play style, preference of interaction, or battles. At this time, Evergreen Estates is Neutral to all guilds and alliances.

    Evergreen Estates Holdings: 2

    Yew Community Center
    The facility is owned by Kirthag DiOrsae and is located due NE of the Yew Moongate in Trammel. It is outfitted for public training with bonus privileges earned by those who are trusted. This is Kirthag's private residence.
    • Facility Status: OPEN (Vendors, Training Facilities)
    • Mass Production Units now available and will be charged to capacity soon
    • At this time, must bring own resources for working skill(s)

    Memorial Museum
    The facility is owned by The Black and is located due South of the Honesty Shrine on Dagger Isle of Trammel. It is set up to be a display of various relics and rarities of Sosaria with seasonal rotations. Periodic events may be held at this public facility from time to time.

    This post will be updated from time to time.
    Update: 14sep15
    Update: 10oct15
    ----PYCC is now just YCC
    ----Compassion location no longer viable, thus removed from post
    ----Updated Mission
    Update: 23nov15
    ----Status change for Main Facility in Trammel
    ----Update for Brawling Facility in Felucca
    Update: 21nov16
    ----Change name, mission and vision
    ----Add new museum facility information
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    Last edited: Nov 21, 2016