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Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Dramora, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Dramora

    Dramora Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
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    The woods were quiet, almost serene as she walked among the trees.

    Unfortunately, Nysta was far from serene. She’d had a fight with Haythem again. It seemed her brother was so much more annoying lately. He was acting like an older brother. Technically, he WAS older, by about two minutes, but that didn’t give him the right to boss her around. He knew she was quite capable, she’d proven that often enough when she saved his butt from some altercation or another.

    When she agreed to move here, she thought it would be different; SHE would be different. Now it didn’t appear that that was going to happen.

    She wasn’t happy when Haythem hired both of them out as mercenaries for the Rangers. He knew she didn’t want to be that again. But he did it anyhow without bothering to ask her. Left up to her, she would have given her services gladly to her new friends. A fact Haythem was well aware of.

    She thought back to her first meeting with the Rangers. She had led them to believe she was new and untested. Even that she was “learning” to shoot an arrow. Perhaps she could even convince one of them to “teach” her! She had no idea why this façade was important yet, but she knew it was necessary.

    She wanted to be different, she’d told Haythem that when he suggested this move. He scoffed and told her old habits die hard, and he would believe it when he saw it. She could change. She knew she could, if she really wanted to. But did she REALLY want to?

    She suddenly nocked an arrow and turned, swiftly drawing back the string and let the arrow fly directly between the eyes of the Troll that had been stalking her.

    Reaching down, she pulled the arrow from the corpse and wiped the blood on the creature’s clothes.

    A slight sound caused her to quickly look up, again on guard.

    With an irritated sigh, she said “Why are you following me?”

    Haythem stepped into the clearing close to her, “We have a job.”

    Grabbing her wrist, he narrowed his eyes as he looked into hers, “You WILL help!”

    Nysta Ampyre