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Is Begging on your main character?

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Salty Pete, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    If it is, are you happy with the current state of begging? What changes would you like to see?

    If it isn't, what changes would need to happen in order for you to take begging as a skill on your main character? (Don't hold back ideas)

    Begging has been on my main character since 2001 when I finally decided that my favorite character to play was my beggar character. I haven't had the skill of begging on this character consistantly, but it is now GM and a skill I won't be dropping. Not because the skill itself is important, but because the title is important.

    The skill itself in my opinion is broken. It used to be that it was a very useful skill. Back when players actually needed to purchase things from NPC vendors. Now that all items pretty much HAVE to be high end loot/high end player crafted the skill of begging should be altered to match.

    Begging skill should work like all other skills... As you increase in skill there should be content to match. We should have high end NPCs that have a chance for high end content/items. The items should be things a character needs in order to play. Clothes, armour, house decorations and gold rewards at the same level as you'd get from high end content from other skills.

    Example 1: You are a beggar with 90 skill. While begging you run across a certain type of NPC (say a seeker of adventure) that will give you a certain kind of item if you are successful with a beg. The NPC should be a rare encounter and there should be some kind of menu driven interaction (A simple quest). A beggar with 80 skill might only get the usual small amount of gold from this same NPC.

    Example 2: You are a GM beggar. You run up and beg from a brigand. The brigand gives you a menu driven interaction. If you choose the correct option he gives you a reward (perhaps 935 gold in this case), if you choose the wrong option he attacks and kills you.

    Example 3: You are a GM beggar. You walk up to a shopkeeper and beg. He gives you 20 gold. (Because the RNG did not give you a chance at the high end interaction.) A beggar with 70 skill comes up to this same NPC and does get a chance at a high end interaction. The 70 skill beggar gets a new pair of pants.
  2. not my main charactor and I don't think it will be since he is a tamer mage and my main gold farmer.

    now my beggar is also my cook, my alchemist, my poisoner, and a low level tinker/carpenter, toss in enough magery, a little med and wrestling as he is also my vendor supplier, doing all the running and shopping.
  3. Lunaticus

    Lunaticus Guest

    My beggar is not on what I would consider any of my main characters, however, she is used quite frequently. I have GM begging, GM herding, and am working up Chivalry, Macing, and other assorted fun stuff. I like to take her out herding/beating on the lower level spawns, and when I get bored, off she goes to Heartwood to search for the ever elusive sake. :beer:
  4. Ni-

    Ni- Guest

    I don't mean to step on your parade nor take away from the char you love to play, but rewards from high end mobs can't really compare to rewards from high end content for begging. Peerless, DF, other high end mobs require the use of at least 340-720 skill points.

    I'll be all for new beggar content. I like the idea of certain NPC's that can only be begged at higher levels.

    Begging has unique rewards that even Peerless doesn't have. The reasons they don't really compare to some of the Peerless deco rewards are that Begging has no risk and the market of Begging items have diluted more than Peerless deco loot.

    I only have Begging on a newer char. I admit I'm training for the Halloween goodies. If I can find a regular char to keep it on, I might just keep it. I like to play many different types of characters.
  5. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I don't know if I have a 'main' character anymore. It used to be that Black Sun, my swordsman/pally, was my main, but it seems that these days I tend to split my time evenly among 3 characters. Black Sun, my beggar/chef/vendor stocker, and my stealth fencer/thief.

    I would like to see begging get an overhaul though. Maybe remove the timer, up the gold just a bit (nothing over 100gp per beg though), and add some useful/desirable items to heartwood elves. I enjoy playing my beggar, but I think I would use him more if it wasn't so repetitive. I have enough bread and water to last 12 lifetimes.
  6. Xel Naga

    Xel Naga Guest

    I only ever play one character but I have nearly every skill GMed or 120d and stashed on soulstones in my house lol.

    So whenever I feel bored and want to do something new I just swap up the template :D

    Still missing removing traps though :( That skill is a PITA to train up.
  7. I say don't limit things to only Heartwood. The area is hard to get things when new stuff is added and another steals the beg ahead of you. If you want to populate the towns start by haveing beggars walk the streets. Then go on from there.

    My beggar is not my man char. I think a main char is one that gets gold and begging is not the best way to do that.
    It should have begging as the only way to get some things though. I mean desirable ones. With all the new beggars around adding new things to them you can only get from begging should be kept up. The web was a great idea. It was also a very good start to make begging a wanted skill. Not a dead skill.

    I have had a GM beggar for 2 years now,and did it the hard way. Takeing long walks. At that time the timer ment nothing because it was far enough to get from one to another that I never noticed it.

    I would like to see that change and along with it bring a new day to an old skill. Only time people notice a beggar back then was during Halloween when they had the bodies all over the streets.

    If it don't hurt to see a tamer get things and skill gains then it should not hurt to see a beggar doing the same. So what if you see one around the banks. It is just a new trade that people should have an incentave.

    Oh I have chars that I use on Every Single Event since the fall of Trinsic. Kid yourself not I do very well in them too.

    There is just somthing that I like about a quiet walk along the streets.

    That is why I don't want Heartwood for everything coming and going. What is there now leave it there.

    I want all the streets with beggars. Most times during the year you may see only 1 or 2 in a town at one time. If it is more busy than that a beggar will just move on to the next town. I don't think haveing 60 or 70 maybe more per shard a bad thing either.

    I want to not only see worth while new content that is Beggar only. I want to see a few walking around from time to time. Gathering new items. Being new will wear off as it did staeling in doom. I also think begging needs not be forgotten by adding to them from time to time.

    Just like in real life when the things get better for others it should for the beggars. Just like the other skill like tamers gets new tamables the beggar needs more also. I want to keep it alive. A beggar need not be a main char to be a useful one. In case you can't tell I am a peace loving beggar and want the tital to show. The war types do.

    Very nice things that only a GM beggar can get is not wrong. Having things for the people to work up along the beggar's life needs reasonable reward chance as well with the incentive to be a GM one something to look forward to.

    Oh and by the way. It is not all to gether bad to have shop keepers close to each other. Luna is a good start. Look at all the people that went there this last week to get stuff.

    You gave us 3 very nice places to beg and I think the trend should be kept up. Sticking 10 or more NPCs in one large room is great. Two floors better.
  8. Fink

    Fink Guest

    My "main" is a beggar, but it's no longer her primary profession.

    The character has evolved, gained employment from time to time as a shepherd, and become a person of modest means. She only begs shopkeepers to haggle a discount, and no longer beseeches the broader populace for charity.

    As for the state of the skill, I can live without any drastic changes, but a new item here or there to mix things up would be nice. It's been 3 years since ML and, Halloween aside, there haven't been any new beggables.
  9. 3 years?

    I been a beggar longer than I thought. Started walking up and down the W side of Moon.
  10. Fink

    Fink Guest

    About 3 years & 3 months, I think. I'm only going by what my parrot told me.
  11. 3 Years with you hand out is a long time. Proves time flies when your having fun. I hope the dev is nice enough to add to the fun.
  12. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Well I have many main chars I guess,as I have 5-6 I log in almost daily. I made a char specifically for begging though. She's a begging, stealth herding thief. I do play her throughout the year for many reasons. She's a hoot to herd animals into a friends house for a practical joke. Or to drive the bank sitters looney. Her stealing skills stil lack but soon she'll be useful in that area too.
  13. Astryl

    Astryl Guest

    I have heard that Astryl likes begging from the nice patrons in Destard (fel) for fun and profit. But oddly, I also hear he likes to break out a lute and strum around the dungeon a bit (hidden of course, the chicken-legged wimp). I really would not trust him, since there is a rumor he herds those dragons, drakes, and greater dragons around. Sometimes they get kinda outta control and even attack *erm* notice his enemies *erm*... patrons. Com'on... he even throws firebombs and explosion potions, and uses a fire horn just for fun??? I have also heard a rumor that he has the ability to detect hidden folks and can reveal them! Not a nice fellow.

    Never trust a begging, stealthing, herding, barding fool that runs around Destard. It just does not seem right. I mean really! He should stay in town, preferably Luna.

    And for crying out loud, I have personally seen him try to beg the fine warriors in the Twisted Weald. You know, the ones that really, REALLY like to stake their claim to that puppy area for along time. Ya, you know the ones... sometimes those folks who can seem just a tad rude or belligerent and be there for hours. I don't mind them really, but that Astryl sure does not like them. I think Astryl must believe they have large sacks of gold, so why not ask them for a coin or two? I have seen on more than one occasion when those tamers are a bit too stingy for Astryl, and he returns the favor by moving all four of those dogs out into the swampland. Then for some odd reason convinces those mutts to play with the spiders and colorful pixies. Then he has the audacity to return and ask again for gold???

    He really can have a vengeful streak. I would not consider beggars to be bad folk, but Astryl is definately left of center. :coco:
  14. AtlanticVlad

    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Begging is fine FIX CAMPING!!!!!!! lol that being said... I have a beggar hes fantastically fun I've never once used him to get items form npcs and I wont I use him to beg form you all the general populace and i find I receive plenty of high end loot that way not that he really has any use for it but its fun to get. I should think you might all consider working on your story telling and try really begging its far more rewarding and more fun for other player. But I would love to see Camping made more fun I want at gm camping to be able to secure the camp almost instantly and once secured it to turn into a nice little sitting space with some sitable rocks or logs and a real fire pit and fire until i leave the camp that is and it shouldnt work in side i guess... only on grass or roads or dirt
  15. Fink

    Fink Guest

    What's wrong with Camping? I use it fairly often without any trouble that I've noticed. Doesn't work with followers or in dungeons, in case that's an issue.
  16. No, I decided to start a character with Begging purely for fun :D, and I find its relaxing when I get tired of working other skills or hunting.
  17. J.B.

    J.B. Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have Begging on a soul stone waiting for use. Run around naked with Gift of life and Trick or Treat During Halloween. Great Fun and Great Reward.