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Is it a gank?

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Storm Shadow, May 4, 2009.

  1. Storm Shadow

    Storm Shadow Guest

    So I'm in a 1 on 1 fight tonight with Rand Al Thor from SON and ICE is watchin'. After about 5 minutes of fighting, during which I admit to running a little bit (though I must say, most of the fight was spent in the same small area) ICE decides to step in and bola me. While trying to invis and remount, Rand hit me with an explo/FS and died.

    My question is, was I ganked? And by ganked, I mean killed dishonestly or disrespectfully in what was supposed to be a fair 1 on 1 fight.

    What do you all think?
  2. Kaleb

    Kaleb Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Well you are fighting a guild who has no morals or honor what so ever you cant expect anything more or less. All you can do is hope they fry their processor's.
  3. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    yep. ganked. it happens.. i love ice, but id gank him a thousand different ways if i could.
  4. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    Not sure I'd call it a gank. To me a gank implies something like 4+ to one odds.

    But sure is some low down bull pucky:loser:
  5. i dunno i dont see son very good, They seem to be just a bunch of gankers not many 1 vs 1 in their guild... Rand is pretty bad
  6. mutau

    mutau Guest

    that was a low move with the bola.

  7. Most are very good 1v1, but they just dont do it unless they think they can win. They will usually lay low or play another shard until they have at least 3 on so they can effectively patrol spawns and when they catch someone, they will call in vent for back up if the spawners outnumber them.

    I respect them and stay out of their way because they show no mercy and prolly have the best communication and teamwork I have ever seen on PAC or BAJA. IMO its another form of RP, its how FEL should be. If you dont wanna die, stay in tram or your house or get a group of people together,stregth in numbers, like they do.

    Did you agree it was gonna be a fair 1 v 1 duel, or did you both just go at it and ICE watched? Cuz I am hidden alot and see this stuff happen, like you described, and if one of the dudes keeps running away to heal or regen mana, I'll DM him as well, but I wont hit him after that.
  8. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    false. great players. also generally speaking, at least in my experience, nice people as well..
    cant say much for rand. never knew im.
  9. Vandetta

    Vandetta Guest

    i will agree with salad.
    i do not talk #$%^ and i have never seen them do it.
    after playing in =I= for a long time with them i will say nice people who play well together.


  10. I would take the WU guys before the SON guys, but the WU guys run 90% tamers and son is 90% dexxers...
  11. Storm Shadow

    Storm Shadow Guest

    There was no "agreement" per se beforehand, but at first ice was talkin to ryan and neither of them joined in the fight, so it was pretty obvious it was 1 on 1. It wasn't a duel, as we were mounted of course.

    My whole point is that we can all be in opposing guilds/factions and still maintain a level of respect for each other. If he had wanted a duel, he could've stopped the fight and asked for it. If he had wanted a fight where no one could run, he could've stopped the fight and we could've moved to wrong roof, or somewhere with very obvious boundaries that can't be crossed.

    I'm not mad that I died...in fact, I expected that outcome, as it seems Rand is a better pvper than I am right now. What upsets me is he didn't have the respect to say "you're running too much, let's have a real duel or go somewhere confined so that can't happen." I'd have gladly moved the fight to an enclosed space so running wasn't an option. I'd probably have lost the fight, but at least there would've been mutual respect between us.

    Am I the only one who plays this game that wants to respect others and be respected by them too?
  12. Ooguk [Cove]

    Ooguk [Cove] Guest

    You admit you ran a lil bit HAH! I can just picture this they probly got tired of u running like a chicken with its head cut off and they decided to end the nonsence.