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Is it good to have Spell Weaving to pvp?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Anyone does use spell weaving to PVP ?
  2. I believe that there are a few marginally useful spellweaving spells for PvP, but nothing that you don't have something more useful/powerful with other skills. For example, essence of wind is a good area effect spell, but wither is so much more powerful.

    Gift of renewal can keep you alive in quite a few PvP situations (especially one on one), for a while, but after it runs out, then you have to wait before casting it again. Again, the skills are better used in other areas.

    Consecrate or curse weapon are better than immolate weapon (all kinds of damage vs. only fire damage)

    So while spellweaving is great for PvM, your PvP skill points are better used elsewhere.
  3. im just creatin my spellweavin/dxxr/pvp'r and so far so good. the last guy forgot to mention attunment which rox when you are fightn a dexxr takes a bunch of hp b4 you take damage and i don't know how high you are planning on taking it, i think im going to 90 so i can summon pixies to help me along the way even if they not tough it helps to block people and they throw spells. plus gift of life is a great joy to have if you die and they chase someone else insta rezz grab your crap and go. i have a crazy ass temp but i am happy i threw in SW.
  4. glorypaxson

    glorypaxson Guest

    Farsight would appear not have a PvPer weaver...
    Spellweavings is PIMP in PvP

    1. Attunement takes LOADS of damage....giving a mage like mine the ability to 1vs1 dexers now (he is a Necro/Weave/Mage...no weapon skill)

    2. With a level 4/5/6 focus...you can summon loads of pixies...level 4 is all I need as it summons that many at one time...and on mount...all you need is 4.
    But in 1 cast...it gives you 4 Pixies...which are great...its like 4 extra casters..

    3. Essence hurts less then Wither...but Wither doesnt lower Casting time like Essence.

    4. Thunderstorm hurts the FCR

    5. Dryad allure allows us to be like tamers and bring a ogre lord or Orc Brute to the mix...

    6. WOD, EV suck for PvP...

    7. Arcane Empowerpent DOES raise spell damage

    8. Gift of Renewal can be a life saver..

    9. Gift of life is also nice to have in a field fight...guild battle....you can rez yourself and quickly hide...and jump into battle quicker....

    Spellweaving is an awesome skill..

    Throw on top of that it doesnt need regs....and there is no sub skill (SS, EI) needed to enhance it. Spellweaving is a no brainer IMO.
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    Farsight would appear not have a PvPer weaver...
    Spellweavings is PIMP in PvP

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You are partially correct.

    I don't have a successful PvP weaver, which is why I offered the advice I had given. Up until now, my mage/weaver's experience with spellweaving and PvP is that weaving had taken skill points away from more useful skills.

    But now you've given me some ideas to work with. Thanks.

    One follow up question though. How do you deal with the slow spellweaving casting times? For example, how do you get around the notoriously slow spellweaving casting times? For example, gift of renewal takes me 2.5 seconds to cast... which is an eternity while someone is beating on me with a poisoned weapon. And how do you get time to cast essence of wind?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Reply to last for convenience.

    Spellweaving in "duel", gate fighting, or townfighting type PvP is mostly worthless... except for maybe attunement and gift of renewal to soak up damage.

    In field fighting, Essence, thunderstorm, and wildfire are all huge. They can turn the tide of battle easily. Essence and thunderstorm for their crippling. Wildfire is like a mini conflag pot... it does ticks of damage thus disrupting casting.

    Goto one of the shards with a couple large guilds and watch them fight. You will see many spellweavers on both sides.

    I'm still working on an optimized PvP arcanist [​IMG]
  7. Arynia

    Arynia Guest

    Ditto.. I play the spellweaver in my pvp guilds and a lot of times it is the reason a fight is won or lost.