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Is it me or is KR a big POS when it comes to placing items?

Discussion in 'UO Homes and Castles' started by MonkeyBusiness, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I shall start off by saying that I recently placed and designed my first custom house (hooray!). I should also mention that I use KR. Well I have been trying to place items in and around my new house when I realized that KR absolutely sux at placing items especially in small areas. Given that it takes me about five minutes to place a singe item (and rarely can I actaully put the item exactly where I want it), I figure it will take me about seven lifetimes to actually place all of the items in my house. Does anyone have any suggestions that don't involve me installing the 2D client? Hey Devs, Duhha..

  2. feath

    feath Guest

    i dont use KR, so can't help you there. i can only mention, 2d also has placement issues - some are real hard to get things into small areas. the major thing i see, is walls cause blocking issues - and everything in the game lays on a different place in a tile.
    placing a seed lands the seed right in the middle of a tile. but a dimond lands in the top north square - or the clock case lands along the north side - examples random (and maybe inaccurate), but you get the idea.
    basically, you can't get it to 'land' 'exactly' where you want it.
    not sure if you knew this, but thought i'd at least mention it.
  3. Ni-

    Ni- Guest

    I use KR for just about eveything in the game... Except for house designing/decorating and adding items to my Vendor. I wish I could use KR for everything, the interface and terrain graphics are soo much nicer. For me, that is. I've been designing/decorating alot lately so I have been using 2D alot.

    The only way around installing/using 2D would be to place the Northern/Western most items first. Working your way down the screen. So that as little is blocking placement as possible. That is still not a perfect fix, because the devs seem to have really slowed the KR development down, which is a shame.

    Good luck!

    Oh yeah, the bed of nails cannot be stepped on in KR, and that is a shame. I have placed one that you must fall on, from an upper level, then walk accross to go anywhere, causing a nice bleeding effect. Basically I can't access that floor in KR(that is the only way to get to that whole floor, hehe).
  4. I like KR and use it a lot, but yeah, you're better off going to 2d for house decorating. I've found it nearly impossible to place items on top of other items in KR (such as placing a book on a table).
  5. Fresley

    Fresley Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    KR is difficult to use for house deco. I believe you have more range to drop an item in 2d. KR will only let you drop on a tile right beside you and the cursor alignment is tricky.

    I tried some house design with KR and it was all going smoothly until i started with the roof tiles. I had to go to 2d to fix it. 2d looks really silly on a 22" widescreen lcd.
  6. Lily

    Lily Guest

    One thing I've noticed is that if you are standing on a deeded rug... whether it be the bear rugs or the heritage token rugs... whatever you are trying to place will drop right at your feet. So if you are having that issue, redeed your rug, place the item where you want, and then place the rug again.

    Other than that issue, I don't have any trouble placing in KR as long as I'm zoomed all the way in. :) I can see stuff better then!

  7. Masuri

    Masuri Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ditto to all of that. I hate dredging up the old 2D client just to do basic things like vendors and decorating. And a lot of things look so different between the clients that you have to check either way to make sure that something that's huge/well-textured in KR doesn't look like poop in 2D or vice versa.
  8. Locker

    Locker Guest

    Most of my placement problems with KR went away when I started making sure circle of transparency was up and running. Sometimes, in KR, the box is checked but you still can't see around your char in the circle.

    When circle of transparency is NOT on, it seems that anything I try to place in what would be the circle's radius will not stick. Could just be me but it's worth a look.