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Is it possible to recover Dragon Barding Armor?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Faux Pas, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Faux Pas

    Faux Pas Guest

    Hi Ya'll

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to recover my swampy's Dragon Barding Armor after his death? I am not sure if it possible, and have tried to recover it myself with no success. Hoping I missed a simple solution to this very expensive problem. :p

    Also I was quite surprised to see my swampy die so quickly. I thought they were tough, must need training.

    Thanks In Advance
  2. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    It doesn't break when your swampy dies. It can only break while you're mounted on it.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    did you lose an UNBONDED swampy pet? bond your swampies first before you use them.

    they are not melee dragons. they do maybe 4 pts of damage, and are very weak. the best you can hope to do is train one to 100 wrestle and 100 resist so it dies less fast if you die.

    what I like to do is just ninja-log-out if I die. that way monsters cant kill my swampy and cost me 11k. log back in, get a res, and use pet summon ball. sneaky but it works, havent lost a swampy yet.

    u can double click a knife or something i think and click the swampy and it will remove the barding deed, but theres no need to do it. just leave the armor on the dragon.

    if you dont mind generic colors exceptional barding deeds can be had for fairly cheap. its only when you want that black shadow ore one that you end up paying 5x as much
  4. Faux Pas

    Faux Pas Guest

    Thanks Ya'll for the advice! I'm still not understanding how, and if I can remove the armor from a dead bonded swampy. Do I dbl click with an axe on the dead swampy, utter an elfish chant, or just go make another one. (By the way 750 ingots on Great Lakes are not so cheap, or fun to mine.)

    So I think JD is telling me the armor will stay with the ghost dragon and be there when the vet res's him. Right or wrong?
  5. This is correct. Armor does not get lost upon the swampy's death. There is also no way to "recover" a barding deed. Once you've used it, it's used and there's no going back.
  6. Faux Pas

    Faux Pas Guest

    Thanks for clearing that up Connor the Legend!