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Is it possible to run two instances of uo with Windows XP?

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Darkness74, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. Darkness74

    Darkness74 Guest

    I have heard several times that it is possible and that it is "legal" by osi standards, but it doesn't say anywhere how to do it. Anyone know or have a link to a site with some info? It would be greatly appreciated:)

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  2. imported_Ash

    imported_Ash Guest

    OSI have made it so that you can not run the client on the same system twice. If you have information to an official uo.com site that tell us that it is legal. other wise, if anyone post information on how to do this with out such a link, this thread shall be locked.

    OSI term anything that changes the client or the files that are installed with it in anyway illegal.

    I shall have a dig around and see what information on this matter I can find.

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  3. imported_Ash

    imported_Ash Guest

    Well, It looks like you are correct, there is legal way to do this, there is a post on the uo.com boards (so I'm told by Esy) that explains that it is OK as it does not change the client in any way. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    So if any one wants to post how its done, that fine.

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    <a target="_blank" href=http://iou.orge.org/oremap.htm>The Drachenfels Ore Map for UOAM</a>

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  4. Ok... while I didn't find the post on UO boards, I guess it's not that hard. Note that the way I found is not very comfortable, and doesn't make any good sense for purposes that require both accounts to be used actively. It might be some help for those that just require a "sitting duck" - healing comes to mind.

    First: You'll need .. ar.. just noticed that my german version of Win XP will have different names... hmm.. I'll translate and you'll have to find what I'm talking about :)

    First create two (at least) user accounts. If the standard settings are active those will be chosable from the "welcome" screen, and should be "quick switchable" (gawds.. that sounds horrible....).

    Start one of the usernames as usual, fire up UO (with Assist, if you want to), then go to "logout" and choose "switch user". Start up second user profile, start UO and so on. In theory you could run more than 2 accounts with this, limited only by your processing power.

    To switch from one account to another you'll need to "logout/switch user" every time, which makes the whole process not exactly quick.

    Hope this helps... and is legal :)
  5. You will need to have 2 (or more) accounts. If you try with one account, you will get a 'Character already logged on' error. I haven't tried it, but I should think that this would be very easy to do if you launch an instance of the 2D client and an instance of the 3D client logged into a second account.

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  6. I forgot about the two UO accounts... that's important, of course :))

    But.. you can't log in one 2D and one 3D client, the clients check for those and it would obviously be possible on other Operating systems as well.

    It seems that switching "logons" in Windows XP is the only legal option so far.
  7. Another thing you could do if you have DSl or cable, or at least have a second phone line, *IF* you just want to do this to pass items between accounts, dust off that old slow P2 machine in the back closet and use it on a dialup access...

    "If you're not confused, you don't understand the situation"
  8. Tardeaux

    Tardeaux Guest

    There is a program called UO Gateway which is meant to allow for users to switch between privately run shards and OSI's shards without any modifications or patches to the client or the config/login files.

    This program also has a 2nd less known ability to be able to execute as many instances of UO as your system can handle, all without actually making any mods to the client =)

    I don't believe this to be illegal as it is pretty much just a program launcher, and has already shut down by the time UO finishes loading.

  9. I just thought of another way you could probably do this, but it will cost you about $30 and some download time. Get Linux 7.X and load it on your PC and download the WINE utility. You can do an install using Linux for Windows that doesn't repartition you disk drive or make you go through the minor bother of selecting which OS you want at bootup. XWindows has 4 to 6 virtual desktops that are completely independant. You can run separate instances of WINE (WINdows Emulator) on 2 virtual desktops and load an instance of UO on each of them. Since they are in different desktop environments, the 2 instances of UO should not be able to see each other. I'm not sure how well WINE runs UO. I hear it is just fine, but I would think an emulator would slow execution down a little. A word of warning though, once exposed to a Unix style OS, you will never feel the same about Win-doze.

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