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Is the time well spent?

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by CannabisKing, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. CannabisKing

    CannabisKing Guest

    After 9 plus years of playing west coast shards, Im thinking of playing a east coast "home" shard. So , I've read the boards and made myself at yew gate and see that LS isnt as dead as some say it is. Just some big time cheating guilds here and then ya see them all die.
    Im not looking for a "Zerg" guild but a guild that is respectfull to each other and most importantly to others. Now for those who have no idea what that is, it's called HONOR.
    For the last week Ive watched this KID "scrive" talk some much trash to this guild "Flop" and then I read the boards to find out that there maybe some real life issue's with him. This Scrive talks and talks for his own ego and then he flags on this one red in FLOP, "duel me 1v1" So the red dexxer does and after rereading my journal I see that Scrive had 2 healers and then the 2 healers both casted FS's on the red. Sure enuff he died, No Honor there Scrive so he then went on and on talking more trash, no HONOR
    But last night it was funny as hell, When that same red came out of hiding wearing the "CL" faction tag and guess what? Yup Scrive flagged on him again, But this time with no healers around, that red dropped him 3 times in a row and the one time was fast I just bout fell over in my chair lol so hard. And then I read my journal to see if the red had any help with him and , No one helped out at all. Now that in my eyes and many long time players is HONOR on that red's behalf.
    Then I see this TS guild on, I like they way they roll, but it again seems that there is no love lost with this toon Named EMO?
    Is that what this game has come down too? When ya die , its just that. Let it go and move on, but no, it seems that everyone feels the need to talk trash when dead or when you've speed dailed your friends and 8 log inn to out number the other guild's. No HONOR
    Look I may have been gone for a bit and need to be up to speed on a few things in UO, but let me give a little advice to those of you who live and die by the sword. Just stop talking trash when ya die or out number a small group of 5-7 toon's. It's just a game and if ya cant let it go, please contact me and I'll fit ya in to come in to my office and we can see where this "anger" issue comes from.
    Sorry for getting off topic here but , again Im looking for a HONORABLE guild that just likes to have fun and not talk trash. I have many great toon's. 2 necro mages, 2 dexxers, 1 tamer , and my mule. I just placed a keep in fel and pray that I didnt make a foolish mistake about coming to my "Home Shard"
    Please feel free to PM me and help out if anyone likes too. Untill then be safe and remember people, its just a game.
  2. AmdusciasLS

    AmdusciasLS Guest

    Pretty opinionated for some boob who hasn't been on LS in 9 years. And obviously stupid too if you think there are "Just some big time cheating guilds" lol, No one cheats that's just an excuse for people who suck as a way to justify themselves losing:sad2:. As far as dexxers "dueling" Whaaaaat? *Disarm, Bleed, Disarm, NerveStrike* Rinse and repeat, Now that is some talent. You must be a hardcore player running around on skillless characters calling people "KID", That is just so tough Omg I wish I was you. If your looking for honor you might want to check out a different game, Last I checked there's no honor in killing people. Then again your mentality of people "cheating" and looking for "honor" your most likely a big Trammel person.. Should stay where you belong, and where you know at leased a little of what your talking about. Good Luck!:thumbup1:
  3. Warpig Inc

    Warpig Inc Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Chat is what they do till they are out of stat. Ignore those that use nothing but caps or just crying over it hurts when you beat your chest. If it wasn't for the one sided conversations that ignore gives you. I would of ditched chat weeks ago.
  4. CannabisKing

    CannabisKing Guest

    Such harsh word's already AmdusciasLS or let me guess, Ya used a name change token and tried to hide your lack of skill yourself in hopes no one would know it was you?
    I wont spend my time with you I see your the type of player that does what I saw the other week at the gate, but dont worrie about that. You my new friend have no clue what HONOR is even in real life too, and that translates over to a game where you think so high of yourself and cant back up your own words when a dexxer kick's your mages ass 3 times in a row. But now I need to find the guild your inn and not have anything to do with them, seems that you just ruined it for that guild.:sad2:
  5. CannabisKing

    CannabisKing Guest

    So your telling me that you dont use a cheat 3rd party program to insta cure when I saw them spam posion on ya? Keep it real , sorry I shouldnt have said that to you, becasuse I see that your obviously stupid enuff to run those program's. Look out, there is a Lizardman attcking ya, ya better......:gee:
  6. AmdusciasLS

    AmdusciasLS Guest

    ... No, I don't use 3rd party programs sorry pal! And you have the audacity to call anyone stupid? I see at leased 5 misspelled words in your 3 sentences LMFAO. Good one on that man, And it does seem that I have rattled you as you felt the need to post 2 consecutive times whining and ranting about hacks and honor... Honestly do LS and EA for that matter a favor, just shut your account ASAP, Thanks in advance! :)
  7. CannabisKing

    CannabisKing Guest

    As far as mis-spelled words, So sorry that most of the time I have my hands full at home with my family and such, but omg ya got me on that one. And when it comes to "Rattled me", give it up,Once ya just see this as a game it doesnt really matter what you say or really do. I dont care if I see "how you run" with insta cure's and such. Hhmm.... And Im rattled :thumbup1: and ya trying to give me advice on anyone of my acct's, SHUT THEM DOWN ASAP!!
    Your a real joke. BTW is it ture that you "Stole someone acct" from a guild ya was in before. I see that you never did answer a reply from someone else bout it and find it very funny that your the 1st person to give advice.
  8. Ls Jax Ls

    Ls Jax Ls Visitor

    May 26, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Cannabis I hope you keep to your HONOR when I find out who you are and kill you relentlessly.
  9. CannabisKing

    CannabisKing Guest

    :thumbup1:Now thats more like it, TY for the invite !!
  10. AmdusciasLS

    AmdusciasLS Guest

    Wait a minute.. Were you not the one spouting advice on "just keep quiet when you die, have honor.. that's real UO.." And I do believe that was the first post.. Interesting. Secondly, Wtf does having a busy household have to do with spelling? Are you kidding with that excuse, ****ing hilarious. "I have a busy life/household so I can't spell" honestly that is the stupidest, saddest excuse I've ever heard for just pure stupidity. And what reply did I not answer? The one with FLOP ****bomb members saying I hack accounts and during game play? I try to answer them all, but some of them get just to ridiculous.

    The REAL joke is any FLOP or TB member for that matter speaking as if they are anything but horrible:(. You suck, you make excuses for sucking at uo, and being an idiot irl. Obviously you do care how I play if you consistently feel the need to keep mentioning it, then try and turn around and make like you don't care after YOUR the one bringing it up.... too funny really man. I said shut your account's not because I was giving advice to you, but because it would just be much better for the UO society to not have to deal with you on a regular basis, it was more of a demand. Do yourself a favor and just stfu, your letting the stupid out... thank you!:thumbup1:

    PS: Btw good job with mis-spelled, Misspell Lol. :lol: