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[General] Is There a Serious "Build Everything" Crafting Spreadsheet Out There?

Discussion in 'Craftsman's Data Chest' started by Michael Tobener, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Michael Tobener

    Michael Tobener Visitor

    Aug 15, 2017
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    Greetings fellow craftsmen. I am a "returning newbie" to UO these days. My original foray into this game was back before dirt was invented. Slightly before Siege Perilous originally opened. I will not divulge my actual age here, but when I was a young fellow the Dead Sea was merely sick. Back then, I had "oodles of noodles" and could afford to pay for 6 accounts on Siege and be semi-self sustaining...until I stepped out of town:) Today my noodles amount to Top Ramen by comparison and I am too old for "all day, every day" PvP, so I do a single account on a "care bear" server (Napa Valley). That said, I do have all of the upgrades and enough soulstones to eventually "do it all". A little more preface before I get to the "meat and potatoes". I have about 8 months of "back in game" time, and have maxed out all of what I believe to be the essential craftsman skills maxed. More than one character (of course) and the soulstones should make any needed skill combinations available. Does that make me a craftsman? Heck no:) The sad truth is I know I have all of the skills to be "uber", but ooh sooo much to learn on how to utilize them! Stratics was always "the boss" back in the day for info, and seems to be now...but so many dead links due to the age of the game. My quest for today (back to the point) :

    Is There a Serious "Build Everything" Crafting Spreadsheet Out There?

    I know there must be one and as tempted as I am to try it myself, re-inventing the wheel is a foolish endeavor:)
    That and I am so old and slow I would likely die before I finished it. What I am looking for is...well...everything. The "ultimate" would be a main sheet where you could plug in/ pick from dropdowns anything that you would like to make and have an automated list of supplies needed per attempt as well as odds of success and estimated resources needed to create your "ultimate uber booger".

    Narrowed Down or More Focussed Spreadsheet(s)?

    Anyone out there tackled this one a smaller/more compartmentalized level in a format that could be incorporated into a "master" spreadsheet? As an example, if someone has done a marvelous work-up on "all that is leather" from the standpoint of a 120 sp tailor, that could be used as a building block. As for myself I have zero "free" time, but I dabble once in awhile in spreadsheets compatible with XL2013.

    The rest is almost "off topic" but "somewhat relevant" to the title, so feel free to move on to the next post if you are looking specifically for spreadsheet info:)

    More focussed, less relevant information on me. "I wanna make a generic 'luck suit' for my fisherman!" My present gear is "craptastic" 'cause I don't know what the heck I am doing. Relevant (mostly) craftsman stats:

    Blacksmith 120
    Tailor 120
    Imbuing 120
    Arms Lore 100
    Fletching 100
    Tinker 100

    The imbuing is presently on a Gargoyle with correct loyalty needed for the queen's forge and is transferable to a Human. Blacksmith and tailor are restricted atm to only a human-but I could work them up on the Gargoyle if you can convince me there is a need for it. Keep in mind the flexibility I have due to the soulstones. Specifics on the aforementioned fisherman. His current gear pretty much "sucks". His resists are fine (all 70s except physical which is 65...likely due to "reflective" spell, luck is 850 total (exceptional gold armor, imbued to 90) and I have no relics/artifacts. 100 luck each on a ring and bracelet. He is an archer/fisherman...wearing metal armor (not sure if this is wise-should I use leather?)

    Fisherman's stats:Str96(inc mod+8) Dex75(inc mod+8) Int78(inc mod +4)

    Archer 120
    Anatomy 100
    Tactics 100
    Healing 100
    Chivalry 80
    Focus 100
    Fishing 120

    I am not looking for "uber" now, but better would be nice. Also worthy of note- I previously found a "very good" post on "luck suit" building a while back, but it didn't quite work for me...frankly because it assumed that I was "less of a nub". I did a little experimenting, but still left saying "huh?" and stopped. As an example, the author indicated that I need start by making several exceptional armor pieces. What was unclear was 1) What variety of ingots/leather? 2) What I should be using/wearing when creating these initially? (ie talismans, runic tools, etc,) Pardon my "wind" here-but this game gets my "juices flowing". Thank you for the reading!

    Yet more...any suggestions as to what I should be doing differently, modifications, even "flames" would be appreciated:)

    Thank you,

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  2. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    if you go to the Guides section of Stratics (in the "..." after Media in the top bar), there are out of date guides for each skill, most of which have the ability to change the crafter's skill level for the displayed data.

    Some of the stuff for Blacksmithing (check the other skill entries for similar tables).

    UO Stratics - Blacksmithy

    A few things to note can also be found here

    Blacksmith Skill Gain - Old Stratics