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is there an answer?

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Josilyn, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Josilyn

    Josilyn Guest

    recently told about a code to reactivate my account for two weeks free. my account has not been active for 4 years. I went to enter in my information but no idea what my password is... so i request a new password . receive nothing. call ea apparently my account is no longer my account. someone else has it , its already active, and they have been paying for it for a while now , Surprise to me , I thought all my information was private ,

    despite the fact that I never gave anyone my account , or transferred it legally to anyone or however it used to be done paying a fee to have it changed respectively ... i cannot access it even though the first 5 years of information shows me , myself , my cards , my addresses etc --
    they will not even tell me the names of the people who have it ,, is this legal even? considering all the money I paid out for the account ,,, considering I am the one who paid for the original code to set it up..

    I am slightly devastated as I once spent alot of time playing uo... thought maybe id like to try playing again

    is there any way to get my account back ?
  2. You need to re-contact EA, explaining this exact thing. Also, have the account info handy, you WILL need the credit card account info/numbers as well as the original account name to verify this was / IS your account. Since it was never transferred legally thru EA, it STILL belongs to you, poor sucker whos been paying for it just added to your vet status!!
    Get on the phone!