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issue with housing teleporters

Discussion in 'UHall' started by altarego, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. altarego

    altarego Guest

    Okay, this is going to be long and detailed…because I was long and detailed with testing.

    My home shard is Napa, and I play with several characters. I recently purchased a set of 12th year vet reward housing teleporters from a friend. I do not have a destination house, at the moment, but I was hoping to find one. Until then, I was hoping to add a new ‘in house’ teleporter set. I have actually built a maze in my house using hidden teleporters, so this was to have made it more complex.

    Making floor to floor teleportations is quite simple. I simply place the tiles, lock them down, and then set the appropriate security. Then I have no problems moving from House Tele 1 to House Tele 2…and vice versa. This is working to be expected.

    However, I have accumulated some rubble, such as “sandstone stairs” and a “sandstone pedestal (cube)”. I wish to create an environment whereupon player characters can step up onto those stairs and onto the cube, upon which is placed a housing teleporter. This does *not* function as expected.

    I can walk upon the teleporter tile placed at z=0 coordinate (on regular floor level) and it teleports me onto the cube (some z+ coordinate) and this works fine. But if I, as desired, I walk upon this raised teleporter via those stairs/cube (i.e. some z+ coord), I get a flash and no transport ‘down/to’ the other tile(z=0). This makes transport only one way.

    In other words, as long as I place between-house transport tile on their ground floors, it works fine (i.e. z=0 for both). If the z-coordinate of either tile doesn’t match the z-coordinate of the other, only the lower tile wins (in terms of direction flow).

    I know this may seem pedantic. but basically, it means that anyone who raises the housing teleport tiles in *any* way, breaks them...from either one direction or the other. I can see this happening both on purpose (as with me) or by accident. So, I thought I'd bring it up, in case you're having trouble making connections.

    For now, place them only on the base floor level, and make sure nothing is beneath them, or they will not work. Even locked down.

    Edit: To clarify, this only affects z-coord relative to each level. I can easily place a ground level teleporter on the ground of floor one and the ground level of floor 4 without any issues. It's only an issue if I try to raise or lower the teleporters on objects or in the air with the housing placement tool.

    Edit Pt2: To forestall the inevitable, yes, I've admitted it as a bug. But sometimes that's not always the first place folks to go to. I'd hate to have people give up on a nice vet reward or pancake constantly that it doesn't work.