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It Has Started.....

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Guest, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Deep in a hidden underground lair it begans.. It Was a Cold Dark Night... The Time was 2:34am. Most People were already in bed sleeping so soundly never knowing what was about to happen. It had been told many a times that one day he would awakin from his sleep. That one day he would once again return to Yew. For It was Yew that Was his Birth Place, It was his Training Field, It Was His Home.

    It has been said that Should ever the prophecy came true The World will never be the same. Some Will Hide in fair at the thought of his return. Some will Cheer at His return. But Some will raise up against him to try to Destory him.

    Many beleived it to be just another bed time story. After all He had been gone so long that the memory of him had faded away and turned into nothing more the dust and storys.

    But he wasnt just another bed time story. He was real. Now His time has come to awaken and return to his home in Yew.....

    *Slowly opens eyes then lets out a yawn while stretching* Ahem, At last i have awakened from my deep sleep. *sniffs the air around him* hmmm, It seems to be alittle ripe in here. *shrugs* Time to take a dip in the lake, But First i shall gather a few things.

    *Walks over to the rusted metal trunk against the wall* Ahh, Tis locked! Now where did i put the key i wonder. *Sits and trys to remember where the key is* Oh yes, I remember now. I hide it under a brick in middle of the room.

    *Walks over and slowly removes the brick from the floor* Oh goody tis still here! *Walks back over to the chest and puts the key into the lock. The Lock makes a loud click noise and falls off.* What?!? This Cant Be!!! *gasp* H..how can this be!?! *looks into the empty chest* My Armor! My Spell books!! GONE!!! *Falls to his knee's* I..I.. I cant believe this! *shakes fist in the air as a solo tear rolls out of his eye* Who ever did this will pay!!!

    *Brushes off the tear with his left hand and begans to stand up* This will not keep me down! I have been through far worse.*yelling* I will make it past this. After all I Am Sir Blade Of Yew and I have awakened!!!

    After learning that all he has left is a Grey robe He heads out To start a New. He had forgot that he had given all he owned to his friends before his sleep incase he should never awakened again. He sets off to start over and build a new Legacy. One bigger then the last. Sadly with no gear and no weapon he will start where he did before.... Killing mongbats and saving for armor. In time he will once again rebuild his suit of armor and raise to a new level.

    Sir Blade Of Yew Has returned!!!
  2. *Blackjack yawns loudly and scratches his butt* So what to do today? He thinks as he wonders into the magical moongate.. Oooo a couple of guildies are walking through Yew. I may go join them.

    Blackjacks first meeting with Sir Blade of Yew was not the usual one...


    After a long chat and some drinks outside the taven in New Haven.


    Blade was looking alot more... Er.... Shall we say... Clothed? [​IMG]

    After a long day of chatting and butt scratching, Blackjack retires back to his castle, to feed his fish and go to sleep.