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It is finished.

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by freedomdeep, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. freedomdeep

    freedomdeep Guest

    I cannot believe we have come down to that time and I am still in shock that it is all over, it was really more than just a game. How did you spend your last day, hour, and minutes in TSO?
  2. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    In my last minute I asked for a cream bear suit o.o
  3. boggslane

    boggslane Guest

    Trading hot kisses next to our Amoretto Repici (whatev) fountain, taking screenshots, wiping snotty nose, unfogging my glasses
  4. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon Guest

    I looked around for a good party but then came to the realization that the best place to spend my final moments was at home with my kitty. I took some time to landscape & put all those "finishing touches" that I always said I'd do, and took a ton of screenshots.

    But the one screenshot I forgot to take was that of my character screen, showing skills, sim age, etc. :(
  5. Sobbing, having most of the East Jerome community at my home for the final goodbye, taking screenies, eating the last of my mystic fruit...

    It was so hard...
  6. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    I was in the store and in City hall.

    Had a few "goals" for the last time,
    - getting as many fruits as possible ripe (22 hours is a long time to wait) and having Rob U. eat them all
    - seeing Monkeybear's museum (he's been buying cc from me for it for ages, although most got wiped during the great cc wipe I guess)
    - getting into City Hall once, never been there

    Managed all 3 things. :danceb:

    Someone actually came into the store and AFTER the 1 minute warning bought some cc :bowdown:
  7. mpn

    mpn Guest

    I timed this PERFECTLY and was a killer last memory of TSO:

    I was at The Charming Skills...literally 5 seconds before TC3 closed up, I said "OH NO A GIANT SHADOW FELL OVER TC3!!"

    Couldn't have timed it any better.

    *pats back*

    Dear lord, I'm going to miss everyone.
  8. Donavan

    Donavan Guest

    Unfortunately, I was unable to contact Parizad to say goodbye (her que was full). So, if anybody sees or hears from her, will you please tell her Donavan says "bye" ? Thanks. :)
  9. Polie Bear

    Polie Bear Guest

    Last thing I did was say "BYE!" and bawled.

    So sad...thanks for the memories, everyone.
  10. SimSimma

    SimSimma Guest

    I spent the last hours trying to get back into TSO after an ill-timed blackout while my contractor was here! DAMN was I pissed!
    To CntryGrl I miss u already so PLEASE forgive me for not being able to log back in & keep in touch!:hug:
  11. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest

    I had some of the best last few mins of my entire sim life. Heck the last few hours were awesome! I will post later how im leaveing at&t and their dsl...im tired. In fact the last few seconds of my sim life were just the best. My dearest friend asked for a hug and i had enough time to give her one. Then with 2 seconds left jessie tayler(i dont think i spelt it right) landed. Let me go back and set the seen...

    Ok there are many simple things in this game that make me happy. So in a nut shell everyone stood in front of the cannon and let me shoot them non stop. Hera made fun of my non stop cooking, i had my pets, and i was shooting everyone....awesome!! So i got to cook my last meal for everyone and im screaming "family dinner" (see the best part of this game for me was my human never ate alone, i would cook and sit down with in game friends and eat my meal...again awesome) So the one minuet mark came up and my dear friend said "renee i need a hug" i got up in time to do so. I so left that plate behind *giggles* I think with the screaming family dinner lost my other friends but thats ok, there really was no need to green but for me read above. Then i hear ding dong...ok one min left who could that be...Jessie!

    Now dont get me wrong i love everyone who i made friends with in game and on stratics...but wow the flood of memorys when i seen him. I just wish i had two more mins. I loved his "midnight tour of av" and i havent seen him since i "left" av. I just hope he knew that renee tso is the same as lucy diamond...all my sims do look alike *snickers* Im sure he did : )

    Short note, my favorite thing, is those who hate renee tso but loved lucy diamond and vice versa...that always made me laugh.

    The only really sad part of the night was not being able to meet parizad nor be a part of the party but i had a blast with friends. I just wanted to say an in person thank you and a hug : )

    See ya soon!
  12. I only made it to midnight CT, but that was pretty good for this old gal! I was in-game for about 12 hours with just one short break for sustenance around 4 pm. During that time I:

    Moved all my sims on 2 accounts over to the new Stratics NH Gilly made. Then hung out at the Stratics house which drew lots of people in the afternoon. Among other activities, we kicked flamingos while calling out names/things we disliked about the game. It was strangely therapeutic!

    In the process of moving all those sims, I managed to move OUT of my oldest and most beloved home accidentally (Positively Fourth Street). I swear I thought I was going to faint. Thankfully and by a pure miracle (I was never one to have roomies much) a friend had moved in recently for a swap of some rare articles to give away, so I got it back around 8 pm. By the time I went to bed I had most of my furniture, etc. back in place. I fed Mr. Bo Jangles his last meal there.

    Visited Monkeybear's Sims Online Museum which was one of the highlights of my night. He thought of everything and I even learned things about some of the items that I never knew! Truly an exceptional job.

    Started my first fire! Unfortunately, Nancy Smith managed to avoid the flames.

    Went to Niki's Park and did something I said I'd never do...got married! I never even had a boyfriend in the game, but managed to marry Gracie Nito, FUGLY OLD MAN and Jefferson (who I don't believe I'd ever met) in a joyous group ceremony officiated by none other than my (now) real life friend, Juli Lyn. We all wore clown shoes as part of our vow of unity. :)

    Visited Mike Rizzo and Amoreena while they were working out their synced portion of a Dan's Grove Parade that I understand never happened. I'm glad I got to see it.

    Last stop was a large party where just about everyone who I hadn't seen earlier was in attendance. We talked about players and posters past and present and it was the perfect cap to the evening.

    I had already let all my pets out of their cages, washed the dogs and I assume that by now they are part of another universe, bigger and better than the last.

    p.s. Gilly, I was distracted by a phone call during what turned out to be out last goodbye and I'm afraid I didn't hug you back, so {{{Gilled One}}}

    Peace out
  13. KChan

    KChan Guest

    I was only disappointed because I crashed trying to enter Town Hall and could not get in. I decided to get a couple hours of sleep (literally) and wake up at 5 to hop back in game. I can only count the times my alarm has failed me on a few fingers and unfortunately this morning became one of them. I didn't wake up until after 7 and it was too late :(
  14. Rita Sim

    Rita Sim Guest

    I stayed up until 1am EST taking screen captures of everything. went to bed for 4 hours and got back on for 2 hours until the end. I spent the last 2 hours taking screen captures, and just having fun. I was at "Logicaly Boards Baby". I was trying to die for the last time, and I managed to do so like 10 min before hand lol
    When I got error 23 I just bawled... :(
    It's been a good 6 years TSO! I hope to see everyone again in the future in another game.
  15. Shari

    Shari Guest

    I spent it seething. My actual last minute in game was confusion since I got an error 23 because my internet went down around midnight, I cannot tell you how pissed off I am since I couldn't stay in game until the end.
  16. Aster

    Aster Guest

    I've been living in real life work land these past few months. I left work late, went to the gym, made dinner, put in laundry, drank a beer and then sat down for time with TSO. It was already an emotional day, and logging in and seeing everything and knowing that it was for the last time really hit me hard.

    I found one old friend to hug (Greenie :heart:) and let his sim represent all the awesome players and people I got to know through the game. And then I bailed out and went to Niki's to sit next to a campfire and watch everyone else get rowdy. MaxisLee was afk in a chair near the fire, which seemed oddly fitting.

    When my second beer was gone and I felt truly depressed, I changed my message on my profile to something approximating goodbye. And then I said good night to everyone and logged.

    And then I went to talk to my husband, fold the rest of the laundry, and let the dogs outside. By the time the world ended, I was 30 minutes away from having to get up to start my day.

    Real life goes on.
  17. miuf

    miuf Guest

    i was in EA land and i had put my beloved dogs and cats,free for the last hours,and without warning,momi came and stole them away, i got so mad, that i decide to say farewell to my friends,when to see miss tatoo, give her my last dog''WISDOM'',, then has i was going to logg off, i IM privately my great friend,frank, and told him i was deleting my sim, before heading for the real last moments to TC3, has i was counting.the last sec of my sims...10...9...8....7....6...5...4...3...1BINGO!,,then i got to join, my long time compagnion,for almost 5 years in tso jules, who we got to build a close friendship in real, and got to see eachother last year,we had spend the last hours chatting,having sims passing by ,we finished in each others arm dancing, on cat stevens.music....taking screen shots"it was the best finale to have!i will miss you all,specially mattelmichele,cherri-bear,frankenstein,misstattoo,and the list goes on,...tks for a wounderfull 5 years
    for the moment, i need a break....the last few months got me addicted again,since i knew the countdown started on april the 29 th,i whant to thank, my real life compagnion,that was so understanding,to let me those last intensive moments in tso/EA land,please excuse my typing knowing i am french canadian,cheers to you parizad!it was a pleasure:)
    i hope you take all good care of yourself outthere!!maybe after a break i will try something else,who knows lol
    see you in other worlds!!
    yours truly miuf in TC3 and Ea land(aka normand in real
  18. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    I logged in yesterday evening for a couple hours. Died and went on the Ghost Parade with Gracie & the rest of them. It was fun. Tickled each other on everyone's lot & got ghost pee everywhere, paraded around the lot then went to the next destination. Finally, it was time to get my daughter to bed & get to bed myself, and I said my goodbyes. It's been so much fun and an awesome experience for me. I wouldnt change a thing :)
  19. Elga

    Elga Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I went and bought a lot, spent my $1 Million, and then did the fart interaction and logged off. RIP TSO....
  20. Ok, Where Do I Start?

    I Got On Tso Yesterday Afternoon. I Started To Bounce Around From House To House And Then Ended Up At Galaxy's. Visited With Friends, Killed My Sim A Few Times ( Pisses Galaxy Off) For Old Times. The Joined The Ghost Parade For A Little Bit.

    Ghost Parade Bounced Around From House To House, Making Ghost Pee And Having Fun Messing With Sims And Home Owners And Roomies Ha Ha. Went Back To Galaxy's Til She Decided To Call It An Evening. I Am Trying To Remember If We Went Anywhere Before We Went To City Park But I Dont Know.

    Anyway, We All Ended Up Being At City Park And I Finally Convinced Gracie Nito To Marry This Old Sim After Over 5 Years Of Asking. He He. But In Order To Marry Gracie I Had To Marry Suze Rotolo And Jefferson. I Am Sorry Suze And Jefferson I Am Filing The Annullment Papers Right Now.

    After That Drunkin Skirmish We All Went Our Seperate Ways For A While. I Finally Got Tired And Went To Bed For A Few Hours. Got Back On With A Couple Hours Left And Tried To Get In The City Hall. That Never Happened. Bye Parizad And Dev People!!. So I Bounced Around From House To House Again To End Up At Home.

    After Being Home Sims From Dg Started To Come Over. I Had Some Good Last Memories Shooting Sims As They Landed, Luring Them In My Pool. And Feeding Dans Grove Sims "kitty Burgers". I Kept Singing Its The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine.

    I Ended The Game As I Started It. On My Own Property. First Thing I Did Was Buy That Lot Before Anything And I Finished The Game On My Lot. Ty And Good Bye Everyone It Was A Great 5 Years And 8 Months.
    Fugly Old Man
  21. Now It Is Time For The Really Hard Part. Trying To Get Myself To Remove Tso Off My Computer.
  22. culbert123

    culbert123 Guest

    Love it.
  23. Cherri Bear

    Cherri Bear Guest

    I spent my last hour in TSO getting married to Mr. Bigfoot. We have been sim engaged for 5 years! lol...a sim record? No reason to rush into anything.. until now.

    Good friend, Matt C performed the ceremony, while CntryGrl was Maid of Honor and Steve the Happyscarecrow (a CC scarecrow hahaha) was Best Man. Curtis E. Bear was there to help keep my energy up with attacks and pile drives. (We were friendly enemies lol).

    The ceremony was held at Matt C and Indi's house in EA Land. Thank you Matt and Indi! It was awesome!

    I got to see a lot of my friends there...Bearlyna, Rita, Robyn Alexandra, Camy, Canna, CntryGrl, Curtis E. Bear (aka bad bad bear), Lady Gisselle (long time no see! Good to see you :), Indi, Matt C, Frankenstein, Chef Bear, Melodie, my awesome sim Daddy..D. J. Spike! So many more!!!!

    I was happy and sad at the same time. I know you all know what I mean.

    Earlier in the day, I visited Monkeybear and his awesome TSO museum. Also, roaming the city...I checked out the Stratics Party! Gillybear was an awesome hostess!! We set some fires...Suze Rotolo was there, Polly, Ted EBear, Niki king, Chef, Toby, tons of sims wandered in an out having fun and trying to set Nancy Smith on fire. LOL!! :danceb:

    Yes, yesterday was a bittersweet day. A day I will never forget. :)

    (Hope this works...here is a link to Biggie's (Mr Bigfoot) MySpace account if you have a myspace and want to see our wedding pics)

  24. Rita Sim

    Rita Sim Guest

    You mean you are going to remove it from your computer?! LOL I probably won't be able to do that for a few months! :sad3:
  25. Nice pics, Cherri and congratulations! It was fun playing with you one last time. :)
  26. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    The parade was alot of fun. I will miss you guys so much.
  27. Polly

    Polly Guest

    My last hours were spent mainly at the Stratics Goodbye house that Gilly made (thanks Gilly) getting a chance to hang out with a few sims I haven't seen in ages and meeting a few new ones.

    Then I went off to take a last look at some of my sims and favourite houses. I spent a while at Musical Mayhem (my favourite house of all) - somewhere that held so many many happy memories. I'd never got around to furnishing it since the move to EA-Land. It seemed very apt to walk around it when it was so empty. I set out the 3 simmies sitting in my inventory before leaving.

    I played with my pink poodle - fwuffybunny one last time before crating him up and giving him to Niki so that he'd survive for a few hours longer.

    My last minutes in game were spent at Monkeybears' museum - what a wonderful place, you did a great job Monkey ! I dipkissed and hugged a few of my favourite simmie friends before finally hitting the quit button.

    I really wish I could have stayed up all night and had got a chance to enjoy the parties and dipkiss a few more old friends .... hopefully we'll meet again in another world one day soon.

  28. miuf

    miuf Guest

    hey this his what i listened when i spend my last moments,resume quite well the spirit of TSO ,sorry guys no video ,but a great song!listen to the words,and use your imagination!Amen to this
    Miufits if you whant to sing out sing out! cat stevens,any one has a link to you tube?
  29. Goldie

    Goldie Guest

    What a night it was last night... logged on six hours before closing and said goodbye to my friends and my restaurant. I partied and played games for about an hour and then I started getting sleepy... I would go to a lot, fall asleep, wake up about an hour or so later, log in again, go into someones lot and fall asleep again. I did this until closing and I was very sad to see it go. I keep thinking about it all the time today... I have this feeling to cry but I don't want to. I have no regrets but I just wish we could have played more. I'm still in shock as well. It's like it's not real....
  30. Gracie Nito

    Gracie Nito Guest

    My last day in TSO was not unlike many days that I spent in the game over the past 5.5 years. I bounced around talking to people I knew and to a few I had never really met.

    Still having unanswered questions....my first task was to see if my dogs would run away before my sim died of starvation. While 3 out of 6 did run away before I died, I can't conclusively say this would always happen because I don't know the state of those pet needs before my experiment began. So little time and still so much to do.

    I opened up all those new friggin trees in my inventory and smashed furniture around the garage to make make room for them. Dropped by a friend's house and got her to teach me my last unfilled lock. 117 locks! 3 to go for that 120! Bah. Time ran out.

    I went to work at the factory with my favorite crew. After a couple of rounds we affirmed what we already knew...we were expert at kicking bot butt all the while entertaining each other with our chaotic running around and stealing each other's stations. Towards the end of the day we had visitors outside the factory and someone suggested we needed a parade. Being in the perfect place to die encouraged us to have a ghost parade. The final few minutes of shift was spent committing simicide in preparation for the parade. Helkana made us all nervous by taking her sweet time to die. I'm pretty sure she didn't die until the last 30 seconds of the round.

    As others mentioned...we had a blast traveling in a ghostly group to house after house across EA-Land. I had great fun wishing everyone a Happy Doomsday.

    When I found out that Suze had never been sim married either, I knew it was destiny that she and I would get married in our final hours. When I agreed to marry Fugly, he also agreed to marry Suze. Jefferson showed up before our ceremony started and insisted that he be allowed to wed us as well. A polygamy wedding on a basketball court in a trailer park was better that anything I could have imagined for my wedding day. I still can't believe after all these years, I married Fugly. But the fact that he also married the mod that banned him from stratics without knowing it was priceless :)

    I managed to last until 2:00AM CST hanging with crazy people at town hall before saying Goodnight Gracie for the last time.

    Basically, I spent my last day in TSO doing the same thing I had done since beta. Having fun!
  31. Well, I can't remember which of this stuff happened on the last day, and which a few days before lol That happens when you get old.

    Hmmm. Took pictures over the last five years, so I was really concentrating on video capture. And I already did that a month ago, but without sound (nothing that I do seems to get my sound board to capture sound when using video capture software). So I'd set up my webcam's mike next to my speaker, loaded up a freeware audio progam called WavePad, and a freeware video capture program called AVIScreen Classic, or something like that. And Windows Movie Maker to convert those AVI's to WAV's on the fly, cuz those AVI's take up a TON of hard drive space. Had to deal with a lot of lock ups and shifting files around. But while dropping AVI's into Win MM, I'd also drop the corresponding sound files, trim things a bit, save on the fly, and come up with a ton of TSO home movies. I'm pretty certain copyright laws prevent me from posting those, sorry. Plus I plan to eventually take the movies without sound and add some weepy songs to them, like Streisand's "The Way We Were" (Memories...ya da da da dee deee dee) or the Beatles "Yesterday". So uploading that won't fly.

    So, lol, two paragraphs and STILL not a word about what my SIMS did, just crap about making stories and now VIDEOS about sims lol I guess that tells you something about why this game is so precious: We all have our own playing styles, and for me it was always the creativity angle. The game's alway been one of my favorite boxes of crayons, if you will. Some things never change.

    But anyhow, I was taking videos of Sarah Jacobson's store...the one with the infamous Smokin' Teddies, Baby Dragons, and Mt. Fuji/Dragon's Cove/AV Menorah, as well as where we used to play The Typing Song (one of the beach music tracks is a fast-tempo Hawaiian tune that features clacking sticks, and it sounds like sims typing if you happen to have a bunch of sims sitting there typing up stories). And I was upstairs playing with my cats when a visitor actually showed up, my first in months. Naturally, she didn't say a word. Like I said, some things never change lol. I got it on tape, my last visitor ever. (waiting for the young folk to ask "what the heck does he mean by he got it on tape?")

    Filmed Darmok Von Dragonskov eating cake while watching Billy Bughead do his antennae-spin dance (if you break dance with a bug-headed sim, it will do the headspin part on the tips of its antennae), and Brxyl and Darmok having a lover's spat (male sim idle-afraid, face to face with female sim doing idle-mad). Listening to her go "eeee-errr---grrrrrr" always cracks me up. That and Apey going "OOOO OOO OOOO!" and beating his chest (actually it's one of the possible sound effects from mad-pull hair). Yeah, that cracks me up. Some things never change lol

    After filming everything I wanted to film, I bought spotlights and turned them on for the first time ever, never did that before. But of course, folks STILL didn't show up lol. Like I keep saying, some things never change.

    I then went red-dotting etcetera to see who was on. Surprisingly, not a lot of folks were on. I guess they were either over in TC-3, or were sleeping so that they'd be well rested to get up at four in the morning (Chicago-time) for the final few hours of TSO. Couldn't find Nancy Smith to go do a bugheaded-mutant pile-drive on her, for example. I did find a few lots full of people, but there were a lot less lots open than I would have expected. The greatest game you'll never play lives on, I guess. Some things never change.

    Naturally, the folks on the lots I went to were keeping to themselves, very clique-ish, and I was as bored with talking to myself as I would be any other day in the game (or talking to myself HERE, since no one reads my posts lol). Some things never change. lol

    One funny thing that happened is that as I had my sim going "OOOOOOO!!! UH UH!!!!!" on the workout bench, the guy in the apartment upstairs started using his exercize machine IN REAL LIFE! LOLZ!111!!

    And of course, even though it was the final day, who needs to skill anymore, there was some girl yelling at everyone cuz she "needs" a serenade lol SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE LOL

    I then realized I forgot to shoot footage of Apey sitting around the campfire telling one of his tales from the old country, such as The Ghost of Kilimanjaro. So, off to Apey's Tree House I went, to have my final moment on a lot be Apey and Billy around the campfire.

    At that point, I remembered that there were two more things I wanted to do: First, use all that money they gave us to do a pet-pull, to try to own a Pink Poodle or a Robocat in the final hours. And second, go to the sim creation screen and just play around with different combos to represent all the various sims I've played in the past but don't currently have in the game.

    But wouldn't ya know it? That was when my internet went down (must have been an outage here in the midwest, as I read some other folks had the same problem). So, I had to decide, what's the responsible thing to do? Call up some dude in Yak's Bend, India to have him walk me through configuring my settings or whatever, or waiting for the network to come up, all so I can be up all night playing TSO just one last time lol? Or realize ya can't always do EVERYTHING, find closure, and call it a night cuz I gotta go to work early on Friday's anyhow?

    I heaved a sigh, reminded myself that I'm a grown-up, waived goodbye to the screen, and reluctantly shut off the computer.

    And even though I knew it could never be, as I lay my head down to sleep, I had dreams of playing TSO again some time soon.

    Like I said, some things never change...
  32. [​IMG]

    Oh, and I won't be signing those annulment papers, FUGLY...my sweetie. [​IMG]
  33. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    I logged on in the morning, just intending to make sure that I could, while planning to come back, later in the day. But I realized...rather belatedly, that no one had planned a Stratics House party for the last night...some of my best times in TSO have been at the Stratics Houses.....when I met Suze/Legs at a store, she encouraged me to make one, even though it was last minute.

    So I converted Gillybear's Bear Habitat into the Stratics Goodbye House, only to realize that it was going to be much harder than it used to be, to set it up without a catalog. :eek: Suze and Polly to the rescue!:heart:


    We had Flamingo Kicking Cages:

    the Pool of Death, which Ms Statham died in:


    and was Revived by Suze in her Shaman (or was it shameless) outfit of a small gold lame bikini. :blushing:


    a Fire House, where Suze made her first fire and Nancy Smith paid a visit, but refused to be burned for her sins... :fight: :flame:


    Can you tell which of the which of the patriotically dressed sims is Polly? Hint: it isn't the one with the bear head...

    There were campfires, costume trunks, hot tub and cake.....all of which would have been nothing without all the many wonderful visitors...some new, some long lost...some in disguise. :grouphug:

    It was the most wonderful goodbye to TSO I could have hoped for....thanks everyone for reminding me why I spent almost 6 years playing this game. :hug:

    When I logged back into the game later in the night, it was a much more pensive trek thru all my houses to uncrate the pets and set them free, take screenies and vist Monkeybear's museum (which was awesome :thumbsup:).

    I was too late to get into EAL's Community Center party, so I patched over to TC3 to do the same, in those houses. I found an email to SiriaS, from an old roomie from the Palm Beach Mall...that I had missed seeing, when he, briefly, came back. :sad3:

    The Town Hall Party was not as full, so I logged in there, to dress up in SiriaS's favorite glittery Vegas trunk dress and matching Sombrero, but, sadly, it only reminded me of how many of my old TC friends and roomies, were not there, had not been for a while and now, never would be again.:sad2:

    I at least got to ask Parizad about the status of the email rebates. Good news, is that they think they have identified what is wrong, and new emails should be coming out, properly this time. *crosses fingers*

    On that semi-high note, I logged off at midnight and went to bed, too exhausted emotionally to hang any longer. Thanks Rita for taking and linking the screenies of the end of game messages, for those of us without your stamina, to hang 'til the end. :D
  34. Gilly, did she say anything to address the following: Will we get one for each account we have, or just one for each email address we have (for those of us with multiple accounts that have the same email address)?

    Would be cool if I could get Spore for $4.99 :danceb:
  35. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    Sorry, I only interrupted the party chat to ask if we needed to each, individually shake down the Customer Service folks, for our rebates.

    She then said pretty much what I posted...that they think they have found the problem and hope to get new emails out.

    We will have to wait and see if they have and they do.:blushing:
  36. HEY!!!! No I didn't know you were Lucy and atleast you got my misspelling right. I created late at night and spelled Jessie instead of Jesse. By the time name change came around, everyone one knew me as Jessie, so wasn't about to change it. I have carried the misspelling into my other games too, THERE and SL.

    I wish I'd come a little sooner. Was a really hard choice to make, I had wanted to spend my last moments where I lived my entire sim life, at The Water's Edge Cafe and with my first puppy, Babie, who was never a dog to me, but one of my kids. But I decided at the last minute (literally) to spend it with my sim brother, Roswell.

    As for how I spent my last night. I said good by to my lesser played sims and their homes. I had hoped to visit all of them one last time, but time ran out and I already knew that I wanted to be in AV at the cafe when... My friends and I did our favorite things one last time. Worked at the diner and the factory, made some pizzas, did one final tour in the old bus. Saw and talked to some old friends. Made sure we had each others contact info. We didn't say goodbye though, only "until we meet again".

    When it came down to the last 20 minutes I went home. I had wanted to see all of my "kids" one last time, but time was too short, so played with my saint and tiger one last time, then spent the rest of it with Babie, my springer. As many of you know, she has been with me since the day pets came to TSO. Can't explain it, but there is something different about her personality. All my Jessies had a springer named Babie, but none of the others had her personality. While most of the dogs would come and play a while then run off and do puppy things, Babie didn't. She might go run a minute or two, but she would come right back. I never had to look for her, she was always at my feet, sometimes under them, LOL. She was a fixture at the cafe. While I loved all my 4 legged kids whether they barked or meowed. I was blessed to have been given a saint, tiger, afgan and a pink poodle over the years, and while I treasured them, Babie was always my favorite. I've always said she's not rare, she's one of a kind. So in those final moments I gave her one last hug, and told her I loved her. ("I know sim pets can't here, but like to think she knew what I said." Then let her go free. I know that where ever virtual worlds go when they end, she will be standing watch over The Water's Edge and should someone wander in, she will greet them with her fiendly little woof!
  37. I guess it's because I'm a musician/Singer in RL but often I think in songs. When I first heard the news these words from Alan Jackson went through my mind, "Where were you when the world stopped turning?"

    As the final few days approached two other songs came to mind: This one was the closing song for many many years on the Carol Burnett show I think it really fits here, I hope it brings comfort to you all.

    I'm so glad we had this time together
    Just to have a laugh or sing a song
    Seems we just got started and before you know it
    Comes the time we have to say, so long.

    And one final song except. They took our houses, but they can't take our homes if we don't let them. Keep these words by Willie Nelson in mind

    Hope is where you're happy, and I'm happy here with you.

    You see, a building doesn't make a home. It's those people that we shared this time with that made it home. We will all take many friendships with us, friendships that will last a lifetime.
  38. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Life was such an easy game to play
    Now I need a place to hide away
    Oh I believe
    In yesterday.

    My last day in TSO was like so many others and yet so very different.

    I logged in as soon as I got up. I had no master plan for my day, I fully intended to go with the flow. There was so much I wanted to do and so many people I hoped to see. The only real plan I had was to take as many screenies as possible. I think I ended up with about 150, most of which I will be uploading to Flickr.

    Things I did:
    I enjoyed my visit to the Stratics Goodbye house, kicking flamingos, backetball with Polly, melt downs with Suze, Gilly trying to eat my face. A whole lotta dipkissing in the true IH fashion. :) I didnt get to see Nancy Smith, I would have enjoyed PDing her. I'm so happy to have had that time with you all my special friends.

    I had fun on my last visit to Gracies Garage, chasing cake, meeting at the round table, getting stuck in her various sim traps. No house was ever like Gracies. :)

    Stopped by Monkeybears museum, and I totally regret not having time to really look at everything. He promises me that he took lots of pics for Flickr so I may still get the chance to see what I missed. Sigh.

    Insane Radio sent Frankie over to DJ at my house for a couple hours. I'm thrilled to have had the chance to host Gracie, Legs, Fugly and Jeffersons wedding! Juli was the perfect choice to do the deed for them. I confess that I didnt know personally some of the folks that attended the event at my house, but I'm thrilled to have gotten to meet you all. Thank you for coming over, meeting new people was always one of my passions in TSO, what would the last day be like without that.

    A few of us stayed at the house until the town hall opened. I was happy to take a few pets in for their final hours and it meant alot to them to have their mommy's visit one last time. They definitely remembered you. I swear theres nothing like the love of sim and pet. Alot of good friends stopped by and I was thrilled to get last pics of them.

    It was a bit of a challenge getting into the town hall for Pari's party. But it sure was a good time there. So many old faces, truely wonderful that so many came to say goodbye. The chat was flying by so fast it was hard to keep up with the conversation, but you all had me laughing instead of crying and for that I'll be forever greatful.

    For the last half hour or so I went back to the park, some of my best friends joined me there for the last goodbye. I got to shoot them with my cannon one last time, tell ghost stories, run thru the sprinkler, blow bubbles, and I tried to give everyone one last hug. I hope they didnt mind that I spent my final moment petting my beloved Peri Winkle the purple turk you've all heard me gush about for so long. That was the the saddest thing for me saying goodbye to her. Damn I almost made it thru this post without crying. I will never forget the pain that stabbed my heart that final moment when she vanished from my screen forever.

    I would like to take a moment to try to thank some individuals who made this last day livable.

    First of all Edward Heffner aka Jake. Jake you are the truest kind of friend for spending so many hours with me yesterday. We laughed, cried, cuddled and comforted each other. :heart: There are no words to express what that meant to me.

    Debs, we only got to spend the last hour or so together, but we crammed alot of fun in there. I wish it could have been more, for such a dear friend as you it should have been. The only comfort I have is that I have you in SL to carry on the memories and make new ones.

    To my stratics community, many of you came to say goodbye and share some special moments, I will never forget you. Each and every one of you is like family. I will miss so many of your posts, send me a note now and then here so I know how your doing. I will miss you all.

    To Polly, Legs and Queen, your pets were running around the lot until the end having the time of their little lives. Thank you for entrusting them to my care. To Young, the tiger you gave me at the JP Ball was set free to run around at the end. I hope it wasnt too scary for her being home alone.

    To Pari, thanks for having us over for one last hurrah. Having you and Lee there for sunset meant alot to me. Even if Lee did wimp out before the end. :p You were such a big part of our community for so many years, and even tho we didnt always agree your friendship has always been important to me.

    To all the hooligans, thanks for one last dipkiss. :love:

    To Rizzo, I wish we had more time the last day to talk, I know this was hurting you badly. Congrats on making your final goal in the restaurant track! Woohoo!

    To those I saw and didnt get a chance to say goodbye to personally, I'm so sorry we didnt get a final memory but we have so many others to draw on. You will always be with me in my heart.

    To those that sent me YIM's today to say a last goodbye, dont let that be it, stay in touch...always. The end of the game does not mean the end of a friendship.

    There are many of you I'm forgetting to mention here and please dont take that to mean you arent remembered, its just that my brain is mush after such an emotional couple of days.

    I wish I had seen Cherri and Bigfoots wedding. I always knew it would happen eventually!!

    To those I wish I had seen and didnt, Trish, Young, gensi, Sean, Atirgen, Keeta, and so many many more, you know where to find me, keep in touch. Please!!

    I want to close by saying it was a wonderful almost 6 years. So many memories of so many incredible people. You've taught me alot. I cant say thank you enough for sharing this experience with me.

    Thank you for being a friend
    Traveled down the road and back again
    your heart is true you`re a pal and a confidant

    I`m not ashamed to say
    I hope it always will stay this way
    My hat is off, won`t you stand up and take a bow

    And if you threw a party
    Invited everyone you knew
    You would see, the biggest gift would be from me
    and the card attached would say,
    Thank you for being a friend

    Thank you for being a friend
    Thank you for being a friend
    Thank you for being a friend
  39. Since we're posting song lyrics, I can't pass up this chance to share the one that I've had (in part...could only get 3 verses to fit) on my sim bio for about 3 years. This is, naturally, by Bob Dylan and amazingly was written at the tender old age of 22.

    Bob Dylan's Dream

    While riding on a train goin' west,
    I fell asleep for to take my rest.
    I dreamed a dream that made me sad,
    Concerning myself and the first few friends I had.

    With half-damp eyes I stared to the room
    Where my friends and I spent many an afternoon,
    Where we together weathered many a storm,
    Laughin' and singin' till the early hours of the morn.

    By the old wood stove where our hats was hung,
    Our words were told, our songs were sung,
    Where we longed for nothin' and were quite satisfied
    Talkin' and a-jokin' about the world outside.

    With haunted hearts through the heat and cold,
    We never thought we could ever get old.
    We thought we could sit forever in fun
    But our chances really was a million to one.

    As easy it was to tell black from white,
    It was all that easy to tell wrong from right.
    And our choices were few and the thought never hit
    That the one road we traveled would ever shatter and split.

    How many a year has passed and gone,
    And many a gamble has been lost and won,
    And many a road taken by many a friend,
    And each one I've never seen again.

    I wish, I wish, I wish in vain,
    That we could sit simply in that room again.
    Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat,
    I'd give it all gladly if our lives could be like that.

    Copyright ©1963; renewed 1991 Special Rider Music
  40. Milton

    Milton Guest

    My last minutes in TSO were Wednesday instead of Thursday. I worked late Thursday and it was too last to log in by the time I remembered.

    I unpacked the green gift boxes in inventory. Threw out some old voting object to make room. Did some salvaging. I always liked using the sledge-a-matic on objects. Lite all the fireplaces for my roomie who I haven't seen or heard from since before the announcement. She hated dark fireplaces. Bought a preserve station and placed it in inventory then went in search of a money house that would let me place it out. The only ones that were open were AFK. So I carved a gnome instead. That was the last thing I'll ever do in TSO.
  41. fire_storm

    fire_storm Guest

    I spent my last hour or so at Fugly Old Man's house, with Fugly, Big Mac, Sundance, Tabby Cat and some others.

    This song will always make me think of the good old TSO days:

    Days Gone By - by Slaughter

    It's so good to see you now
    It's been so long since we've been together
    You kept in touch somehow
    You always found a way to be there

    I wish I could stop the hands of time between us

    All the days gone by
    Do you remember when we were the best of friends?
    All the days gone by
    You know that memories never fade
    As you're watching all your days go by

    Lookin' back on younger years
    That's what our hopes and dreams are made of
    All the laughter and the tears
    It's the feelin' of love that makes us, oh oh yeah

    I wish I could stop the hands of time between us

    All the days gone by
    Do you remember when we were the best of friends?
    All the days gone by
    You know that memories never fade
    As you're wachin' all your days go by

    Oh, all of the feelings that we had before
    But through the years, oh, those were the times, ooh yeah

    The memories we share
    You can't erase them from your mind
    All of the days gone by
    You know that memories never fade
    As you're watchin' all your days go by

    They go by, they go by
    They go by, they go by
    They go by, they go by
    They go by

    Memories never fade
    As you're watchin' all your days go by
  42. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
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    May 12, 2008
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    ARTIST: Kansas
    TITLE: Dust in the Wind

    I close my eyes
    Only for a moment, then the moment's gone
    All my dreams
    Pass before my eyes, a curiosity
    Dust in the wind
    All they are is dust in the wind

    Same old song
    Just a drop of water in an endless sea
    All we do
    Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see
    Dust in the wind
    All we are is dust in the wind, ohh

    Now, don't hang on
    Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
    It slips away
    And all your money won't another minute buy
    Dust in the wind
    All we are is dust in the wind
    All we are is dust in the wind
    Dust in the wind
    Everything is dust in the wind
    Everything is dust in the wind
    The wind

  43. groovybear

    groovybear Guest

    I am going to miss dancing with humens at the robot factory, entertaining houses with ghost parades and Friday night pizza parties.

    Thursday night was no different then it was before the announcement, I had fun with friends just like so many nights instead of saying Good-Bye. I simply said Good Night.
  44. The Dark Sim

    The Dark Sim Guest

    Kinda funny. I have had the STYX song "The of Best Times" rattling around my head

    Tonights the night well make history, honey, you and i
    And Ill take any risk to tie back the hands of time
    And stay with you here tonight
    I know you feel these are the worst of times
    I do believe its true
    When people lock their doors and hide inside
    Rumor has it its the end of paradise
    But I know, if the world just passed us by
    Baby I know, you wouldnt have to cry

    The best of times are when Im alone with you
    Some rain some shine, well make this a world for two
    Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime
    Well take the best, forget the rest
    And someday well find these are the best of times
    These are the best of times

    The headlines read these are the worst of times
    I do believe its true
    I feel so helpless like a boat against the tide
    I wish the summer winds could bring back paradise
    But I know, if the world turned upside down
    Baby, I know youd always be around

    The best of times are when Im alone with you
    Some rain some shine, well make this a world for two
    Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime
    Well take the best, forget the rest
    And someday well find these are the best of times
    These are the best of times

    So my friends well say goodnight for time has claimed its prize
    But tonight will always last
    As long as we keep alive memories of paradise...
  45. miuf

    miuf Guest

    hey could not download the link to you tube,but here are the lyrics,:

    Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
    And if you want to be free, be free
    cause theres a million things to be
    You know that there are

    And if you want to live high, live high
    And if you want to live low, live low
    cause theres a million ways to go
    You know that there are

    You can do what you want
    The opportunitys on
    And if you can find a new way
    You can do it today
    You can make it all true
    And you can make it undo
    You see ah ah ah
    Its easy ah ah ah
    You only need to know

    Well if you want to say yes, say yes
    And if you want to say no, say no
    cause theres a million ways to go
    You know that there are

    And if you want to be me, be me
    And if you want to be you, be you
    cause theres a million things to do
    You know that there are


    Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
    And if you want to be free, be free
    cause theres a million things to be
    You know that there are
    You know that there are
    You know that there are
    You know that there are
    You know that there are
    aka Cat stevens,soundtrack of the movie harold and maude.
    thats all i could eard , has i was dancing, my last moments in Ea land /tso,
  46. fajjaa

    fajjaa Guest

    The last couple hours were spent at my sim house, letting the gang out one last time, 2 St.'s and one Rott. They spent their time hiding in their hiding spots, and then all 3 looking at each other, just like real pets, not knowing what fate would have in store for them in just a short time.

    Then LouAnn's human must have woke up and she joined Medano. We spent our time sharing who knows how many hot, sweet and dip kisses, along with bathing the dogs and cleaning the yard up.

    And then the tear jerker of all tear jerkers happened, Ninna showed up. That was my hint to get Dune. Instantly, nearly 6 years of memories began rolling in my mind, for it was these two sims that met, the day after Thanksgiving, back in '02, during the beta testing of TSO. Her son, and my son in law had installed the game on each of our computers, 1000 miles apart. And now almost 6 years later, our original sims were about to hug and kiss for the last time. The last frozen frame of the game showed Dune reaching out to Ninna in an everlasting reach for one last hot kiss. Believe it or not, I have to thank EA for allowing the opportunity for me to meet my bestest of all friends. The real life relationship the game has brought into my life would never have happened if TSO hadnt of been created. We will see you in Tirnau.
  47. servotron

    servotron Guest

    Well I had some fun while I could. I threw a huge Goodbye Pawty :danceb:for bout 2 hours. Bout 30 seconds beore Ea-Land shut down,My best friend I met when I first logged on to Ea-Land gave me a hug... I dint have time to say goodbye..
  48. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    This was originally part of a video Sandra made a few years ago, when many of the Gracieville gang were talking about leaving for other games. It seems appropriate now - not because we are leaving for other games, but because our game has left us.

    "Stay Another Day"
    East 17 (covered by Girls Aloud)

    Baby, if you've got to go away,
    Don't think I can take the pain;
    Won't you stay another day?
    Oh don't leave me alone like this;
    Don't you say it's the final kiss;
    Won't you stay another day?

    Don't you know we've come too far now
    Just to go and try to throw it all away.
    I thought I heard you say you love me
    That your love was gonna be here to stay.
    I've only just begun to know you,
    All I can say is
    Won't you stay just one more day?

    Baby, if you've got to go away,
    Don't think I can take the pain;
    Won't you stay another day?
    Oh don't leave me alone like this;
    Don't you say it's the final kiss;
    Won't you stay another day?

    I touch your face while you are sleeping,
    And hold your hand - Don't understand what's going on...
    Good times we had return to haunt me; and
    Though it's for you, all that I do seems to be wrong.

    Baby, if you've got to go away,
    Don't think I can take the pain;
    Won't you stay another day?
    Oh don't leave me alone like this;
    Don't you say it's the final kiss;
    Won't you stay another day?


    Baby, if you've got to go away,
    I don't think I can take the pain;
    Won't you stay another day?
    Oh don't leave me alone like this;
    Don't you say it's the final kiss;
    Won't you stay another day?

    [repeat to fadeout]