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It is time to restore the natural order.

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Sam the Scribe, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Sam the Scribe

    Sam the Scribe Visitor

    Mar 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Greetings fellow Scribes, Mages, Necromancers and Spellweavers.

    As practioners of the Arcane Arts I am asking for your assistance in correcting an imbalance in our world. All of you know of the magical forces that shape our lives and control our destinies. All of you know that these forces should be controlled and shaped by only the most enlightened minds.

    We who study the Arcane Arts understand the fragile balance of this world and accept responsibility for the careful study and practice required in the use the magic ether. But there are those who are more reckless, those who seek the short path to fame and glory.

    I am referring to the Alchemists. These pour souls seek to circumvent the magical and natural boundries of our world by creating chemicals to speed their ascention to fame and power.

    Did you know that Mondain the Wizard often used the corruption of Alchemy to poison his enemies and advance his power? It was Mondain that first discovered the formula for Deadly Poison and spread that knowledge throughout the lands. He knew that the spread of Alchemy would itself be a poison to our lands!

    You may be confused by this. You might say, "What of Greater Heals, and other beneficial potions?"

    I say there can be no benefit from the use of corruption! When a warrior takes the easy path and drinks chemicals into his body, rather than obtaining the knowledge of healing that warrior has circumvented the natural balance of the world and has put his very soul in peril. The path to damnation is a slippery slope... First, a warrior may use a simple heal or cure... but what follows? Well, why not a dab of deadly poison to slay their enemies! Why not burn the flesh from their bodies with a Conflagration potion!

    Do you see where it leads, friends? And these chemicals are unnatural formulations which poison our lands and our very souls!

    I am asking you to help me today. We must begin to teach the Alchemists the error of their ways. I know you want to help your brothers, you want to rid them of the corruption that eats their souls, but you don't know where to start!

    Myself and a few very learned men have formed a special committee. We refer to it as "The Inquisition." We take Alchemists to a quiet, restful setting and then seek to enlighten them through intensive counseling sessions.

    We hope to free as many souls as possible from the corruption of Alchemy.

    Your help is needed in this task. You may have a friend who is an Alchemist and you want to help them don't you? Just give us a name, or even tell us where they live and we will release their souls from the corruption of Alchemy. I have found that many vendors refuse to tell us where they receive their supplies of potions, but maybe you've heard something, or seen a trader's convoy on a specific road at a certain time of day. Anything is useful and, of course your name will never be disclosed.

    If you wish to take a more active role, then jingle your purse and tell the vendors they shall loose your business if they fail to remove the vile potions from stock! You could organize a protest rally at the local Alchemy Shoppe... and if a few vials of Conflagration are knocked from the shelves accidently... then I say, POETIC JUSTICE!

    Join us now. The world needs heroes like you! Men who are willing to do what is right and just! The law is made by men and laws can change if circumstances dictate...

    Safe Travels, Sam

    *traces the sign of the pentagram in the air with his fingertip*

  2. Sirus_Europa

    Sirus_Europa Guest

    Balderdash! ! There is nothing to fear from Alchemy.
  3. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    Well said Sam!

    You must have been involved in some fights in Felucca lately, hm?

    Down with Pots!
  4. >.>

    *drinks invisibility potion*