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Item List - RP Alliance Auction on Pacific 22/08/2012

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by UltimateNoob, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. UltimateNoob

    UltimateNoob Guest

    Auction Starts 8pm PST on Pacific Shard. Gates available in Luna.
    Virtue Tile Deed 0.1mil min
    Etheral Polar Bear 5mil min
    Vet Teleporter Set 25mil min
    Conjurer's Trinket 27mil min
    Bag of 25 POF 1.5mil min
    Blaze Hair Dye 20mil min
    Certificate of Capture 0.5mil min
    Set of 2 Mana Phasing Orbs 1mil min
    Mystery Bag 2mil min
    60 Dread Horn Mane 3mil min
    Bag of Blues 0.5mil min
    Fallen Mystics Spell Book 3mil min
    Corgul's Enchanted Sash 2mil min
    5,10,20 Stat Scroll Set 0.5mil min
    Set of 6 120 Powerscrolls 4mil min
    SDI Spellbook 0.1mil min
    Raised Garden Bed 15mil min
    Maple Tree Token 0.2mil min
    Snow/Willow Tree 0.15mil min
    Nexus Deed 4mil min
    2 Levers 0.15mil min
    Green Easter Basket 0.25mil min
    Named Bow Set 1mil min
    Academic Bookcase 0.5mil min
    Banner of Vesper 0.1mil min
    5 Tukuno Dyes 0.35mil min
    Sorcerer's Tunic 0.5mil min
    Sorcerer's Leggings 0.5mil min
    Valorite Hammer 2mil min
    Bane Dragon 25mil min
    Set of 2 Flowers 0.5mil min
    50 Shadow Hammers 3mil min