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Items and problems with EAs thought process. Flame Away

Discussion in 'UHall' started by weins201, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. weins201

    weins201 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Real life example (FIcticious)

    I am a computer program designer i have a small progrma that i use and sell on a thumb drive for dat storage use and maniplutaion. I go to a store and see they have 32G thumb drive avail for 50$ (way cheap) so i buy one and use it for a month with no porblems. I now go back and buy out their stock, say 100. Now the police show up at my house confiscate my home, computers, telephones, ect because i was in posesion of stolen computer goods and was using them to make money with thru my own company with my special database programs. I am now out of the $5K and any source of income plus my home is also gone. I walk by the store i bouhgt the items from and wala there are 100 more of the same 32G thumb drives avail. The store makes money the thief makes money but now, a poor lowly computer programer who tried to eek out a living is SOL.

    That is how I am sure ALOT of htese people feel.

    I am by no means saying that all these people are inoccent but if it is known that items are illegal then delete these items, stop BODs from being able ot be turned in, stop transferes (did that temp). Stop packies from being avail (this is just specualtion, but the number i see abandonded lead me to believe they have somthing to do with it). Ban not only the accounts of poelple found guity but the IP, then COMP Mac adress, there are many better ways to get the criminal.

    This problme went on way to long and the items were avail for way to long with it being known to now blame and punish the general public.

    There is no reason why a cheater should prosper, and myself, which i didndt do but could easily afforded, buy a bunch of runics to make some nice stuff for myself, and my freinds.

    These actions are sad, and if people leave and quit because of them it is no fault but EAs. Sorry to say it but this may be the nail in the coffin for ALOT of dedicated players.

    As of now all runics should be frozen to the accounts that now have them as well as any itmes suspected period this should not be hard and then investigateion executed on each account / IP / real erson with them and remove the guilty, truley guilty not just the one who didn't want to be on the short end of the stick.

    Bah my rant isn now over flame away.:danceb:
  2. Strawberry

    Strawberry Guest

    The sad thing is that if the scenario with the thumb drives really happened, a surprising number of people would say that you had somehow deserved it. Most people want to believe that police never make a mistake and that even if the defendant is cleared of one crime he must have been doing something else to attract police attention.

    It's the way they feel safe themselves, similar to blaming the victim of a crime. It reassures the one doing the blaming that s/he could never be a victim of that injustice, because s/he would never have carried that much cash/driven to that area at night/lived there/worn that outfit/worked at a company like that/not had flood insurance or been that foolish/greedy/naive/weak/arrogant.
  3. Zofinur

    Zofinur Guest

    And now somebody comes and orders 20 of these programs.
    50$ each u said?
    Making a total of 1000$, and u even grant 5% discount cause the guy was nice and did act really polite.

    But after some days it turns out that the check(s) / banknotes were bogus.

    And that has been detected when u used 500$ to pay this goodlooking flatscreen.

    Finally u
    • lost ur earned cash
    • get no refunds on the 20 sticks u sold
    • and maybe u get arrested for spreading bogus money

    This is how i feel at the moment ...