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[Selling] Items and Services on many different Shards! :D

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Rupert Avery, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Rupert Avery

    Apr 8, 2011
    Likes Received:

    Main sellers

    Vollem in crystal - 3.5m or 2 for 6m
    Race change token - 1m each buy 10 and save 10%
    SA statuette Tokens - 150k each

    High Seas upgrades - 20m each an now buy two codes and Save 10% so buy them with a friend to save yourself 10%!!


    Free Item scheme!

    The more you spend in one purchase the more free items you get! see below

    1.0 -3.5m- 1 free statue token
    3.6 -6m - 2 free statue tokens
    6.1 -10m - 3 free Statue tokens
    10.1-25m - 1 Free Race change token
    25+ - 1 free Vollem in a crystal


    **** These prices are for Siege perilous only ****

    Siege Perilous prices

    Vollem in crystals - 750k each or 2 Vollems for 1.3m
    Race change tokens - 250k each

    Gold swapping is at the rate of 7:1 normal:siege

    High Seas upgrades - 4m each
    30 Day GTC - 5m each
    Now you can buy two codes and Save 10% mixed between the two codes and or buy with a friend!

    I have a vendor on Siege in new Maginica CW-5 Named Rupert Avery's Wares selling SoTs also!

    the free gift system works on siege also, the rates are

    250-800k - 1 SA statue token free
    801-1.5m - 2 free SA statue tokens
    1.501 -2.3m - 3 free SA Statue tokens
    2.301- 4m - 1 free Race change token
    4.1m + Free Vollem in a crystal

    **** These prices are only for siege perilous ****


    Gold swap - up to 5m at a time for 5% commission. Swap a little gold without the need for an transfer token! up to 5m for a maximum cost of 250k!

    Shards Availability

    All items** are available on

    Europa *
    Napa Vally*
    Lake Superior*

    * shards marked with a star have the gold swap available to and from that shard

    ** Please check individual Statuette availability.
    any questions or orders please icq

    Rupert Avery/Luis De Savona (Siege Only) - 266197618

    All of these services will be conducted by only those icq numbers stated above.. No codes will be delivered in game under no circumstances and will either be PMed on Stratics or UOForums or over icq

    All in game transactions will be conducted by someone named Rupert Avery or Luis De Savona and they will be in the the guild Rupert & Luis LTD [R&L]
    if for any reason you are in any doubt don't do the trade.

    Thank you Rupert & Luis LTD.