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Items For sale

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Phantroneous, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Phantroneous

    Phantroneous Journeyman

    Aug 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have done business with many people over the past so there should be no question that... i am honest it that department... anyways heres a list of the stuff i've collected over the years here on siege it isn't much because i lost alot last time my house fell... before i came back to siege... anyways... here i go... [Icq me with offers 340771984]

    [First off faction suits/pieces i currently have in my possesion]
    Braeden vega
    [faction items: Folded steel, Primer, RBC, Fey leggins, Crimmy, Storm grips]
    Non faction Items: [War fork imbued hld 44, Hit fireball 44 Ssi 20 Di 25 Ubws]
    Leather gorget, platemail hiro sode [also imbued] Quiver of infinty and Eqru Ring [50 ep tactics +6 fc 1 lrc 13 poison resist 5] I assume all of this has been holy dyed so if anyone wants a piece of his armor [non faction] must be tb or com

    Shay Lei [Sorry if mispelled]
    [Faction Items : Primer, Crimmy, Fey Leggins, Storm grip]
    [Non faction: Arms and spell channeling warfork]

    [Faction Items: Heart of the lion, Fey leggins, Kasa x 2, Orny, RBC]
    [Non Faction: Gloves Gorget And Arms]

    [Faction Items: RBC, Crystalline, fey leggins, orny, Folded steel]

    [Full suit some factioned On my Vendor In luna]

    [Faction Items: On My Vendor In Luna]

    Vet Rewards
    2 x bronze cloak [1st year]
    1 x valorite robe [3rd year]
    1 x copper robe [hero][1st year]
    1 x bronze robe [hero][1st year]
    1 x agapite robe [evil][2nd year]
    8 x furny dye tubs [1st year]
    1 x Hanging skele [4th year]
    1 x Stone ankh deco [5th year]
    2 x Gorrila statue [1st year]
    3 x lich statue [1st year]
    1 x ratman statue [1st year]
    1 x lizard man statue [1st year]
    1 x cow statue [3rd year]
    1 x reaper statue [4th year]

    120 powerscrolls and 25 Stat
    1 x 25 stat increase [gone]
    3 x 120 fencing
    1 x 120 bush
    1 x 120 wrestling
    1 x 120 sword
    1 x 120 peace
    1 x 120 provo
    1 x 120 myst
    1 x 120 healing
    1 x 120 tailoring

    2 x bloodworm costumes
    1 x pumpkin scarecrow
    lots of cat statues'
    [not sure if these are usefull anymore]
    10 x crystalized essence [blue]
    2 x crystalized essence [red]
    [some candy as well]

    Shadow,Crystal and evil deco
    1 x crystal runner
    1 x crystal bull
    1 x crystal suplicant
    1 x crystal begger
    3 x crystal throne
    3 x crystal table
    2 x shadow banner
    2 x spike colum
    1 x shadow altar
    2 x shadow fire pit
    1 x Shadow pillar
    1 x Obsidian Rock
    1 x Fire deamon statue
    1 x spike post
    1 x obsidian pillar
    1 x globe of sosaria
    4 x bone throne
    4 x bone couch
    4 x bone table
    2 x bed of nails
    2 x creepy portrait
    2 x disturbing portrait
    2 x unsettling portait
    2 x haunted mirror
    10 x mounted pixies

    Other Items
    [6 left]7 x Adv character tokens [If i'm not mistaken they can be turned in for 7th age token or something]~1 sold to asty~
    [3 left]5 x Character transfers [Also able to be turned in] ~1 sold to superstition~~1 sold to Asty~
    [If either of that is wrong please let me know]~I Just made sure, yes they can be turned into 7th age gifts [sammy helm, leggings of ember, even rose of trinny]
    3 x Scrappers compendiums [1 hero]
    1 x Spirit of the totem [cursed]
    1 x Aof [Cursed]~sold to superstition~
    1 x Hat of the magi [cursed]
    1 x Arcane sheild [cursed][holy dyed T_T]
    1 x Intel boots +2 dyed black [non paladin forsure] ~sold to Bloody mary~
    1 x quiver of infinity [regular] ~sold to Duracell~
    1 x royal leggins of ember [evil]
    1 x sammy helm [evil]
    27 charge oak fletching kit
    3 x horned kits ~sold to bloody mary~
    8 x spined kits
    2 x dull copper hammers
    2 x staff of pyros [evil]
    1 X natural hair dye
    2 x Cloak of power [paladin]
    1 x cloak of power [regular i believe]
    2 x hearth of the home fire
    1 x embroided oak leaf [should be normal]~sold to blood mary~
  2. Ektallion

    Ektallion Guest

    wtb 1 x lizard man statue [1st year]
  3. Phantroneous

    Phantroneous Journeyman

    Aug 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    "Offer please"
  4. Phantroneous

    Phantroneous Journeyman

    Aug 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I do believe i have seen them for less... so 85k...
  5. Phantroneous

    Phantroneous Journeyman

    Aug 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Slight additions... And to the few who have asked but haven't bothered to message me again please get with me so we can come to an Arrangement?