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items I need and for sale

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Azazel of LA, May 27, 2008.

  1. Azazel of LA

    Azazel of LA Guest

    Ok I am trying to complete my set of holiday items and other stuff Im working on before people start handing them in and they become even more impossable to complete. So I need the following items.
    1. Snowglobe of Empath Abbey
    2. Snowglobe of Exodus Lair
    3. Reindeer Adolescence
    4. Reindeer Ando
    5. Reindeer Argain
    6. Reindeer Axlom
    7. Reindeer Binky
    8. Reindeer Cirrus
    9. Reindeer Comforl
    10. Reindeer Cyrus
    11. Reindeer Dark Hanako
    12. Reindeer Draconi
    13. Reindeer Drake
    14. Reindeer Excrom
    15. Reindeer Flogy
    16. Reindeer Fuzzle
    17. Reindeer Gungix
    18. Reindeer Hugo
    19. Reindeer Hyacinth
    20. Reindeer Iccarus
    21. Reindeer Inoia
    22. Reindeer JIB
    23. Reindeer Kalag
    24. Reindeer Malachite
    25. Reindeer Marby
    26. Reindeer Merlina
    27. Reindeer Mesanna
    28. Reindeer Morpheus
    29. Reindeer Mostly Harmless
    30. Reindeer Mrstroublemaker
    31. Reindeer Nantro
    32. Reindeer Niobe
    33. Reindeer Orbeus
    34. Reindeer Penta Warg
    35. Reindeer Petrucchio
    36. Reindeer Platinum
    37. Reindeer Rend
    38. Reindeer Sefergie
    39. Reindeer Shepherd
    40. Reindeer Skunky
    41. Reindeer Sorif
    42. Reindeer Stormwind
    43. Reindeer Taka
    44. Reindeer Thrgrimmomen
    45. Reindeer Valentine
    46. Reindeer Ya-SSan
    47. Reindeer Yeti
    48. Captain Quacklebushs Cutlass
    49. Dread Pirate Hat
    50. Heart of the Lion

    Now for items I am selling / trading
    1. 123 Dark Saphire
    2. 114 Blue Diamond
    3. 122 Turquoise
    4. 106 Perfect Emerald
    5. 117 Fire Ruby
    6. 102 Ecru Citrine
    7. 42 Brilliant Amber
    8. 21 Shadow Hammers
    9. 3 Copper Hammers
    10. 7 Bronze Hammers
    11. 2 Horned Runic Kits
    12. 22 Blackrock

    In game I have 6 chars that are all members of -TLB- and all have the title of Dark Apostle. My House is located on the south east part of luna and I have a message board there. Feel free to look for me there.