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[Selling] Items on Atlantic

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Wolfthistle, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Wolfthistle

    Wolfthistle Guest


    I just recently returned to the game after a 5 month absence. After going through all the junk in my house, I came up with the following items that I would like to sell. All items are on Atlantic.

    Horned Leather Sleeves​
    • Self Repair 3
    • Stamina Increase 7
    • Physical 5%
    • Fire 24%
    • Cold 16%
    • Poison 18%
    • Energy 6%
    • Durability 255/255

    Barbed Leather Tunic​
    • Self Repair 4
    • Luck 97
    • Physical 5%
    • Fire 22%
    • Cold 8%
    • Poison 21%
    • Energy 19%
    • Durability 255/255

    Dull Copper Ornate Axe - Engraved "Fury Reborn"​
    • Hit Mana Leech 57%
    • Hit Stamina Leech 28%
    • Swing Speed Increase 25%
    • Damage Increase 39%
    • Lower Requirements 50%
    • Durability 455/510

    • Intelligence Bonus 7
    • Hit Chance Increase 14%
    • Spell Damage Increase 9%
    • Faster Casting 1
    • Damage Increase 24%

    Horned Leather Sleeves​
    • Hit Point Increase 4
    • Physical 4%
    • Fire 19%
    • Cold 19%
    • Poison 19%
    • Energy 5%
    • Durability 38/38

    Thanks to everyone for your time.


  2. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    Likes Received:
    wow i like that ornate axe.. they just fixed the bug with the stacking of the durability over 255.. dont put any pof on it or it goes back to 255....
  3. Wolfthistle

    Wolfthistle Guest

    Hi aarons6,

    Yes, I heard about that. I believe I have a few items floating around with 510 durability. At least one more ornate axe:

    Heavy Ornate Axe​
    • Hit Mana Leech 40%
    • Swing Speed Increase 30%
    • Damage Increase 47%
    • Lower Requirements 50%
    • Use Best Weapon Skill
    • 510/510 Durability

    I'll check and see what else I have sitting around... I think there might be a similar ornate to these except with Life Leech/Stamina Leech instead of Mana Leech. I had more, but they were in my Felucca crafting house... which, unfortunately, fell during my absence.

    Incidently, on the account that went inactive I have a repeater crossbow with 100% poison damage. Do any of you think its worth re-activating the account to retrieve the item? I'm honestly unsure of the worth of the item (I thought it was worthless) but recently, a friend of mine has been all over me to retrieve it - which has been making me wonder about its value.

    Thanks to everyone for your time.