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Items on Vendor - Assassin Full Set + Tok Dyes Full Set and More!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania Trade' started by zolo8, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. zolo8

    zolo8 Guest

    South west corner of Luna

    Transfers and rares, Crimsons and ethys. Have a look when you can, more to follow.

    Also have a Ruined painting and taking offers for Cash or Gold!
  2. Desperado

    Desperado Guest

    Are you downsizing ?:mad:
  3. zolo8

    zolo8 Guest

    yes indeed. Far too many castles and items.
  4. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    Nice stuff .. A bit pricey for me .. I keep buying too much ... but a welcome vendor indeed .. We need more Vendors in Luna Oceania .. I go through the Luna vendors on other shards and it takes Hours to look at 1 side ..
  5. zolo8

    zolo8 Guest

    Thanks - all prices are in line with current standards but i may negotiate.

    More goods coming soon!!!
  6. shonsu

    shonsu Guest

    I bought a hooded shroud off the vendor for 1mill yay!
  7. zolo8

    zolo8 Guest

    Yay A happy Customer!

    Wish i could put my castles on the damn vendor - Make it much eaiser to sell!!!

    Anyway - More items coming soon including rares that are displayed on the rares forum post of mine and a clear out of my homes.

    Sell Sell Sell!!!