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Its been a while now :/

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Mortagoth, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Mortagoth

    Mortagoth Guest

    Its been around 4 years since I gave away my account, adamant that I would never return. I barely managed to resist the Stygian Abyss expansion but now this High Seas expansion looks mighty interesting! I was all geared up to return, downloaded the beta and was ready to reactivate my account. I sat here writing in my log in details and BANG. I remembered I gave it away :| That was my house, rares, arties and eh god knows what else all given away (Hope the guy enjoyed it :) ). I cant seem to find my Stratics log in either so I presume its long gone.

    Now feeling completely gutted (and annoyed at myself for forgetting) I am hoping that someone might have an old account with some age to it they no-longer want/have any use for that I may take over please? The thought of starting again with a brand new account is upsetting to say the lest (my account was at the time 4 years old) and I'ld like to be able to use ethy mounts etc.

    I know it sounds like I'm pleading (I'm a little pleader apparently) but if anyone remembers me Mortagoth and Dunwich (my two mains) please show some mercy!! Also are any of my old friends still about? Everything seems so different in UO now. Amazing what a difference a few years make. I used to play on Atlantic, Lake Superiour and Origin if anyone remembers me?

    Much loves

  2. Mortagoth

    Mortagoth Guest

    Eh it seems the forums for LS is just as empty as the shard :( I'm guessing no-one really reads these threads anymore or either the players dont particularly care.

    Its a shame as LS had an amazing community once, but this seems to have vanished :(
  3. Daga Taga

    Daga Taga Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    LS is far from empty in my opinion. The forums might be a little empty for the time being but the shard has a lot of people stirring around. I just don't think anyone is able to help you with an account. I know I can't. If you have to start a new account I'm sure you'd get some help to get going again. Welcome back!!!! Hope you find LS is still fun for you.
  4. Mortagoth

    Mortagoth Guest

    It wasnt the account stuff I was looking for, it was community that which we once had. I'm just finding it difficult in locating it on LS :(
  5. Welcome back, Mortagoth! Please consider attending a Community Meeting. They are held at the Skara Brae Community Center on Monday evenings at 8:30 EST. Attendance varies from full to minimal. Sabina, the meeting leader, and whoever else may be in attendance will be happy to let you know where things are happening.

    Best wishes to you wherever you choose to make your home :)
  6. Francis Bacon

    Francis Bacon Visitor

    Sep 30, 2010
    Likes Received:
    I'm with ya Mortagoth. I just came back today. I started playing a freeshard 2 days ago, and it just wasnt the same. Then I heard the free 2 weeks started up, so I logged in today and my characters are still there, the way I left them when AOS released (think I played 2 weeks of AOS and quit). I'm super stoked to get going on re building my chars, and get them decked out in all the new gear, but I dont even know where to start. I have about 16 mil to buy stuff, but I've only seen all of 30-40 people in game while I've been running around, and it looks like the trade forums are dead, so I'm not sure what to do or where to go.

    I searched my old accounts and found that I do have one that I activated and never used if you want it, it only has an age of 4 months, so no ethy's, but its yours for the taking if needed. PM me for the login info if you still need one.
  7. Salix Alba

    Salix Alba Guest

    Mort, I to am a returning player that lost everything when I left 5 years ago. I have since played WOW, Warhammer, and Aion.

    I really feel that this game gives you the most things to do. I almost forgot all the neat things that go on in this game. Some of the new skills are just plain fun to toy with aka imbueing skill.

    Take some time and give this a shot. It may take a bit to get with a group that you feel connected with but, in time it will happen.

    Welcome back from a renewed Ultima junkie
  8. Lady Tia

    Lady Tia Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    We checked to see if we had any extra accounts left, but have given them all away. Sorry. But PM me if you need a leg up. We would love to help you get restarted.
  9. Mortagoth

    Mortagoth Guest

    Thank you everyone :) I've managed to get an account now and I've started my training and all that jazz. I logged in earlier and saw quite a few people about so that was pleasing at lest.

    Now its the long haul on training and getting kitted out.

    Please say Hi if ya see me!! :)

  10. JesterDev

    JesterDev Guest

    Hey, I know how you feel. I moved to LS several years ago from Europa, sadly neither one is as active as it used to be. Anyway, PM me so we can meet up in game. I'll give you some extra cash to help you get started again.

    Just started playing again after about a year and a half, was surprised I still have checks in the bank.

    I'll install ICQ to make it easier to meet up.