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Its been a while since I've been on UO....

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by SuB-AtOmIc, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. SuB-AtOmIc

    SuB-AtOmIc Guest

    The last time i played UO was roughly 2 or 3 years ago, and a lot has changed since then it seems. One of my favorite characters at the time was my tamer and I want to try to get back in to the game and see what happens.

    My tamer template is currently this:
    110 Animal Lore
    110 Musicianship (I had this because I was a Peace Tamer way back when)
    100.1 Animal Taming
    100 Eval Int
    100 Focus
    100 Magery
    94.3 Vet

    Its been so long, I have completely forgotten where I was going with this...

    I was just wondering currently whats the most popular template?
    I want to mainly use this character to farm gold, Doom, and I would like to try the Peerless (Thats what they are called right? :p) Bosses sometime down the road once everything with my spec is settled.
    I still haven't updated to Mondain's Legacy, but I definitely considering it.

    Also what is currently the best combo of pets to use?
    I remember using my trusty Nightmare and WW, but with all the new additions with pets I have no idea if that is still good.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!
  2. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Template wise, as you've got music already, you could build a disco tamer. You ideally want 120 in music and disco, if you went down that route, to maximise your success rate in discordance. Disco is also used by tamers during training to speed up their skill gain, so it's quite handy beyond weakening foes. Something like:

    110 taming
    110 lore
    110 vet
    120 music
    120 disco
    100 magery
    30-50 med depending on your overall skill cap.

    You have the option of course of dropping med altogether and scrolling the taming skills up to 120, but 110 is sufficient for most things.

    Or you could try a stealth mage tamer for something a bit different. Not as super on the damage front, but good at scouting and staying alive. I have herding soulstoned to swap with my eval so I can move around a pet spawn and herd anything I like to a quiet spot for taming. Or you could replace eval outright with GM stealth and not bother with herding at all. This is the template I run with:

    120 taming
    120 lore
    120 vet
    100 mage
    100 eval
    100 hiding
    60 stealth

    In honesty there are a whole range of templates you could switch into with the foundation you have, so it's maybe worth trying a few out on test center and seeing how they feel in practice. If you look around the threads posted here recently concerning templates, that'll give you some other ideas to think about :)

    ML is a worthwhile upgrade to have access to all the current armour and pets. You could live without it, but it bugged me after a while of not being able to do this or that, so you may feel the same :)

    I'm guessing you're aware of the SL expansion pets like rune beetles and kitsune. They're still popular today, as are new pets like the cu sidhe (a rideable self-healing dog from the ML expansion) and greater dragon (probably the pet of the moment just now) which is a really beefed up dragon that can tank and deal out a lot of damage. It requires 5 control slots however, so you would be on foot alongside one. Dread war horses don't currently spawn but they're basically a strong nightmare that uses 3 slots. They can be bought from other tamers but are quite expensive.

    With pets these days it's very much a case of using the right pet for the spawn you're hunting. The best thing to do is read the stats, skills, resists and damage types of your pets and lore monsters to see which is the best pet to attack with.

    Oh, and the control calculation formula for pets has changed, so you'll probably want to read up on that and get up to speed. There's a link to a control calculator and you can also try the UOCraft site calculator here.

    If there's anything else you need help with or that doesn't make sense, just yell :)

  3. Lady Arwen

    Lady Arwen Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    yea, for farming gold, doom and peerless Id prolly go with either disco/tamer or peace/tamer. My tamer right now is a peace tamer. Her temp is

    120 taming
    120 lore
    120 vet
    110 magery
    110 music
    115 peace

    She can handle mass amounts of monsters at one time, shes good for crowd control, especially at champ spawns. With a greater dragon tanking everything, and then me either area peacing or peacing things one at a time takes huge amounts of monsters down very quick :)

    The disco tamer prolly wouldnt be as good for crowd control, but would be better for soloing things..
  4. Grimwar

    Grimwar Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    As for your basic skills i would keep the following.
    110 Animal Lore
    110 Musicianship
    100.1 Animal Taming :)
    100 Magery
    94.3 Vet

    The 100 Focus i would turn down or if you had an extra soul stone to transfer it to another char, go for for it, other wise lose that skill as it so easy to gain and not so helfull for a tamer.
    The 100 Eval Int is a Great skill but not much use on a Tamer\Bard as you will run out of skill points and will not have the 100+ magery and the mana regin to back it up.
    Better off to soul stone if you can.
    The vet at 100 is a must 120 is better and make simple macro's to use that skill on your pets and carry lots of aids :)

    Now whether to go for disco, peace or discord is a personal choice but the skill will have to be aleast 120 to get any chance on a peerless as well as your music skill.

    I know its hard to lose Eval Int on your char as your template was a temp i once had and there was no soul stone then :( , but if you want a Tamer\Bard you have to lose most of the magery skills, i kept my magery high as i want to cast gates etc and not fail on the invis spell :) do not worry to much about losing mana regin as your magery is now a Tamer\Bard\Mage set.

    You may have to get used to relying on your now greather strenghts.

    Your skills.
    Your Pets and keeping then alive.
    Your music skill to help ye both.
    Your Magery to get yourself out of trouble, cause if you die also does your pet and also as a back up to heal your pet. (use macros)