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January 2009 Chesapeake Regatta Results

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. The monthly Chesapeake Regattas returned Thursday evening by popular demand! Featuring a different course each month, the boat races put the seafaring skills of sailors and sailoresses alike to the test as they race their vessels through the waters of Sosaria.

    This month's course was the modestly difficult "Thread the Needle" course. After meeting up at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld for a pre-race briefing and quick review of the race rules, the contestants assembled dockside in Jhelom. At the starting signal, the racers hastily boarded their boats and put out to sea heading east.


    Dodging a number of small jungle isles in the steamy south seas, they skirted the southern coast of Serpent's Hold before tacking northward for the tight approach up the central channel of the fortified island town.


    Successfully navigating through the harbor and past the docks there, the racers once more piled on canvas in the last dash towards Trinsic. There were reports of sea serpents roaming this last stretch of open water but no attacks were encountered.

    As the spectators arrived in Trinsic to witness the final approach of the racers, it became apparent the city was under siege from Shadowlord forces! The dockside was secured from enemy troops and the racers soon came into view on the horizon.


    Roland Martin of USN put into port first to win this month's Chesapeake Regatta with a time of 11 minutes and 34 seconds, just 20 seconds shy of the all-time course record set by Rahvin of the Fellowship of Virtue in October 2004! Winning first place in the Chesapeake Regatta garnered him the 100,000 gold piece purse.

    Nanoc of the Citizens of Historic Dragon's Watch was a close second, winning 50,000 gold pieces and was soon followed by Niallis of the Fellowship of Virtue for third place and the 25,000 gold pieces purse.

    No shipwrecks or pirate attacks coupled with fair winds and a gentle tide at the finish line made this month's Chesapeake Regatta an enjoyable evening for all.

    Everyone soon retired back to the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld for the announcing of the official race results which was soon followed by the Pirate Contest. Roland Martin won this hands down and took home another 10,000 gold check for being most piradical.

    The February 2009 Chesapeake Regatta course and race date will be announced within a week or two. As always there is no entry fee and all are welcome!

    As part of the kickoff for the United Sosarian Alliance's 2009 League Events, be sure to check out the upcoming Naked Dungeon Run which will be held every Monday for the entire month of February! Each nights First place winner will recieve 100k, Second place 75k, and Third place 50k. The player who accumulates the most points immediately following the final runs on Febuary 23rd will receive a check for 1,000,000 gold, an engraved trophy, as well as a decorative box to mark the victory. Look for these events each Monday at 9pm EST during the month of Febuary with the location to be announced each week on all news sites and forums. Come on out and have some fun!

    Lastly, a quick reminder that midnight, February 1 is the deadline for the Britain Bank Decorating Contest. Chesapeake is home to some of the finest and most creative designers anywhere!

    Let's have this shown without a doubt by having the best Brit Bank anywhere! Get your masterpiece designs submitted - good luck!