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Jengo Ninefinger's Adventures in Moonglow

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Anastasia-, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Anastasia-

    Anastasia- Guest

    Hi quick point here. While this is Ana's, I have her permission to write my story here. Primarily because she is already logged in, and well, I forgot my password anyhow. Besides what is she going to do I pay for our account. But I digress...

    Well people, I Jengo Ninefinger, have had quite an amazing and productive day. I really wanted to share it with everybody, so here it is. Feel free to read about it, I think it is a great tale, but then it deals with me, so I might be biased. Arising from my bed today I decided to go check the bank and see how I was doing with regards to funds. I discovered, as I fondly remembered that I had accumulated 550,000 gold. I princely sum, and more than I had ever had before. I came to this gold my selling many things, and slaying many things. Unfortuanatly I wanted more gold. Now I don't consider myself to be a particularly greedy man, but 550,000 simply doesn't have the purchasing power for what I wish to buy. I thought, today begins another day of toilling away, killing many foul and dark beasts, in the quest to accumulate wealth. Thus is the nature of the capitalist society in which I live.

    So I armed myself and rode forth on my trusty steed, towards a hedge maze. I call it the hedge maze of doom, you might simply call it the hedge maze. Withen this maze live many things, all of them evil. I came across many beasts, imps and daemons, and using my tempered steel, as well as the paladin skills I trained so hard, I sley many. This drained and tired me, and after killing enough to amass 10,000 gold I journeyed to the bank to drop it off, and then back home.

    I was tired, tired of killing daemons, but my body was not weary yet. SO I scanned the local bulliten boards to see if there might be some other event today that I might enjoy. And I came across some wonderful news, the village of moonglow, was holding a spring festival. This was just what I needed. Of late it seemed that the only interaction I had with other humans was at the bank, and the bank is not the most pleasent place to interact. I craved company. The solitary life of the paladin, while of my own choosing, did not fulfill me anymore.

    I arrived at the city of Moonglow just as things began getting underway, and was welcomed with a gift bag. I listened to a Queen Mum introduct the festivities, adeptly I might add. And then people started to mill about. I received another giftbag, this one containing quite different items, including a book that explained the days events. It was then that I saw the lovely Alesha Lancermane, asking if anybody wished to join a capture the flag game. Capture the flag holds a very very special place in my heart, but I am not sure that I should digress into that. In fact that part of my history may not even be admissable under the RoC. But lets just say, happy memories of Capture the Flag. I decided instantly to sign up for this event.

    The next hour was spent organizing the masses that showed up into two teams and explaing the rules, so that it was just a little after three that we got started. My team consisted of myself, Steve, Voluptuous and one other whose name eludes me. Our team ref and resser was TorAnn. The only people I remember from the other team were, JennyCOCO (as that names reminds me of the dread lord cocobungle) and Paul Bunion their ref and resser. They had two other members, the game of capture the flag turned out to be only a 3v4. Well after mins of trying to figure out our strategy and gameplan, we attacked. Our attacked was thwarted though, and I conceed we were the weaker team. We lost, but the only thing of mine that was looted was my sword, which rendered me helpless even after I was ressed. Also my horse was murdered. This frustrated me. The game was called though after we had lost. And I was about to walk south back to the festival. But I was told to wait. It turns out the even though I was a member of the losing team, I was still to be gifted a reward.

    When TorAnn handed me a check for 250,000 gold my jaw dropped. I was wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I now had 800,000 gold. What would I buy? The possibilities, though not endless, seemed vast. I walked back to the city with a jump in my step. This had been by far my most finacially productive day ever, but more than that, one of the happiest. Working together as a team was a great deal of fun, and even though my team was slaughtered, it was a blast. I realized that there was more to life than being the solitary swordsman.

    When back in the city I knew that there were two things I needed to do. Purchase a horse and purchase a sword. I went to the local smithy to ask if I might buy a sword from them, I was informed that, they would craft one for me. And they would do this as a gift. The generousity of the act. I was flustered. Even more so when I was given not one but two verite swords. I did not even know that such a name for a metal existed. Many thanks and my gratitude to the smiths who spent their day at the festival helping others, and beating out swords and armor for those in need.

    Then I headed over to the inn, where I had spotted many a pet. After explaining my plight, that I had lost a noble horse in battle, I was told that these tamers would gladly give me a new beast. Did you know that you can ride more than simply horses. After it was explained to me that llamas do not spit, I decided that that would be the steed for me. So now I had a freshly tempered sword, a wonderously happy llama, and a check for 250k. This festival was getting ridiculous so many good things were happening to me. I was nearing exhastion and needed to take a break from all of this madness.

    So I rode my llama north for a while and found a person standing alone and smelling of flowers. This person gave me a bag filled with an assortment of strange items. There was a thurmos of water, a seed, and a pot filled with soil, and a book explaining the art of gardening. Having never gardened before, I asked a plethora of questions about the science, and everyone was answered kindly and sweetly. In fact I think she was genuinely happy I was asking all of my new to the art style questions. Thank you gardening person for all of your help, and the gift, and please forgive me for forgetting your name. I now had three books on me, one for the festivities, one detailing the rules of capture the flag, and one on gardening.

    I was walking to the bank, to drop off my pot, when I was accosted by a person named Gimli. Gimli was wearing some getup that would make my mother blush, and he asked me a convoluted question about some obscure facet of tailoring. I answered the only way I knew how. I said boots. Apparently boots was correct. Yay me. I was given a box for my answer and inside was some sort of animal hide. It looked like it had been put up on display. A strange thing to display, but I might have a place for it in my living quarters.

    I now made my way to the bank to drop off all of these goodies. I was feeling finished for the day and ready for bed. YOu are probably getting tired of this story by now too. The best is yet to come though. But I came across Dor, who I wished to appologize to for not making story time. I am a big fan of it, and had wanted to go on the boat trip. Luckily I was informed that next friday would be another boat one. I shant miss it. I was also told about some archery contest that she seemed to be presiding over. SO I thought one last trip around the city. I started wandering around. Then I came upon it. A mongbat in the city. A mongbat...
  2. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    *applauds* laughing! Delightful story! *Posts a reply .. Looks down .. oh wow .. good! There's MORE! .. with bated breath reads the next part!...... *

    Oh what a tale! Incredible incredible .. that is sheer overwhelming luck!!!

    PS: and -- I can't help but compliment you on the delivery of the story Anastasia!
    It's so well written it held my attention from beginning to end! It has a powerful impact -- had me laughing, smiling and cheering!
  3. Anastasia-

    Anastasia- Guest

    Well this mongbat had been tamed. And encircling it were books. Being inquisitive I picked one of the books up, to find that they were some sort of riddle. A sir or lady FlashbaQ, had misplaced their boat, but had left clues to find it. If you figure the clues out you could help her find the boat. I skipped the first clue, and went straight to number two. Which I figured out was "look and see". Number three was 'Look in'. And Number four was "the pink bag".

    I must digress here. Clue 3 was near where I had fallen fighting the good fight playing capture the flag. And wouldn't you know it, my horse had not been slain after all. That lovely mare was grazing without a care in the world.

    Number five was FlashbaQ herself. I told her to look in her pink bag, but to no avail. See I had not deduced clue one. Well I was running around frantically trying to figure out the clue...because you know she needed my help. Well I asked someone if he knew the riddle, and he lead me into a hole in the ground and antlions. He was a fraud though and not part of FlashbaQ clues. I finally found and figured out clue one. I needed to say ahoy to her before she would respond to me. Well I spurred my llama on and flew towards FlashbaQ. But sometimes when you run towards someone you start moving funny. I ran inside to greet her with a Ahoy, but then my llama went crazy turned around and started to run out of the house. I screamed AHOY! behind me as my steed lead me outside and around the house to the other side. Finally regaining control, I trotted her back in. I greeted FlashbaQ with an Ahoy, and asked her to look in her pink bag. well she had a lot of stuff in the pink bag, but there down at the bottom was the key. Which she gave to me. I used my paladin ability on the key, which took me to her ship. It was literally covered in plunder. I had never seen such a spread. There was a friend of FlashbaQ's on the ship who greeted me and bid me follow.I followed back to FlashbaQ where she told me, the only way for her to statr remembering things, was to make it painful to forget. And she planned on msaking this painful for her so she gave me something. A check. For a cool million. OMG! well I fainted right then and there. My knees buckled. 1000000!!! I have no idea how to even begin thanking her.

    This has been one weird day. Thank you to everyone invovled in the festival, I had an emmense ammount of fun. It was amazing. I am still recooperating. WOWzers. Thanks again.

  4. Omigods! Jengo!!

    What a day...and what a story!

    *laughs* Dayum!

    Wow...thanks for writing this. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  5. flashbaq

    flashbaq Guest

    I do so hate being forgetful.
  6. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest


    I do so hate being forgetful.


    Ya, you got to be more careful where you leave those keys. Congradulations to Jengo! Sounds as if you had a very good day. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  7. hiai

    hiai Guest

    Congats, Jengo! Does that mean we can look forward to new luxury in your rune library? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Looks like someone might have had even more fun than me. Didn't think it was possible! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Yay for the Moonglow Spring Festival! And Huzzah for all those that made it so fun and memorable!
  8. hiai

    hiai Guest

    Congrats, Jengo! Does that mean we can look forward to new luxury in your rune library? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Looks like someone might have had even more fun than me. Didn't think it was possible! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Yay for the Moonglow Spring Festival! And Huzzah for all those that made it so fun and memorable!