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Jeremy/Draconi -- Event Question(s)?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Jhym, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    I've been confusaled by many of the events over the past few years. Not the content itself (usually) or the venues, but mostly the timing.

    By timing, I mean the length and access to the events. MOST of them in the past year have been large scale, nasty monster, run screaming type events (yes, a Draconi signature event (TM) ).

    However, many of them have gone from a week or so to months in length. I never know when I need to RUSH to do something, or when I can take my time and enjoy it. I didn't get a chance to do this recent event at all, as I actually had work to do the past few weeks and couldn't get in until late night when few folks are about.

    Can we have some general ideas on how long events are SUPPOSED to be, regardless of patching? Something like story-arcs take 2 months, individual plots 2 weeks, battles and attack/defense plots 1 month, etc. It would also be helpful to have multiple styles of events within a single patch.

    An example -- the recent rush to the wisp dungeon and associated mayhem. Most of my characters couldn't even think of going in there. The two that could... well, I'm a bit out of practice on fighting and so I decided I wouldn't even bother trying. It would have been nice to have a few side events to do as well, in alternate areas for different skills and capabilities.

    No, I do not mean hand 25K cleanup tickets out for walking from yew to britain and killing a zombie. But there could have been multiple escort quests for small rewards, or side quests in the other dungeons to lead up to the main quest. This looked like it was worked as a single dungeon crawl quest to highlight the ilshenar dungeons.

    I suppose most of the event content would need to be tailored for us long-term vets to be relevant, but it does seem quite a lot like we're missing some of the lower level things that add to the storyline. Or perhaps I'm just missing the smaller things when I read up on the events and try to decide what I can go do. I'm not rich, nor do I have artifact suits, and I only have a few legendary skills, so some parts of the past year have been beyond what I can do to help.

    Perhaps I'm just asking for an article that describes some of the philosophies behind the current event team and how you want to put things together. Do you design and build without any input from the players, or do you take suggestions for events? What would you consider an event that is too long, what would you consider to be too short? What is your goal?