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Jeremy, why won't you and EA address CHEATING?

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Prince Caspian, May 21, 2008.

  1. Garaba

    Garaba Guest

    Unfortunately it is a rant.
  2. didnt they just destroy like a crap load of houses from scripters? I dont see how they are not adressing cheating
  3. Makadopest

    Makadopest Guest

    I think i Have seen one on Chess i think it was truely A EA owned house they just wanted us to think they did something
  4. Scratch

    Scratch Guest

    dupers are not a threat or a problem to pvpers
    the problem lays in the blatent speedhacking
    the casting on the fly by mages

    mages complaining about archers 40 point damage hits
    but they cry not about the 50 point flamestrikes they cast on the fly after corpse skinning someone
    tamers get yet another pet (with 60 point fireball) so they can thro a bola and kill you with a greater dragon - fastest kill ever (120 tame lore vet is all that is required for this template) and you thought rune beetles were gay
    and they kill 6x 120 chars with ease
    360 > 720
    hrmm the old less is more addage
    guess theyll be able to tame dark fathers next pub

    money making has gotten in the way of realistic gameplay

    necro mages are once again in control with the highest damage output per sec
    omen-runaway-corpse skin-runaway-explode-flamestrike-painspike-flamestrike
    ******** but thats what all the pvpers are hammering with now
    oh i meant item vs item
    he has has the most gold wins (hence the 100mil pvp weps)
    40+lower defense
    40 swing speed inc
    40+damage increase
    just to kill a char with what 130 life points
    nice economic politics
    almost real life like

    ea has messed up the formula for pvp so bad there is no hope of fixing it ever
    client base is probably less than 25% of its original peak due to bugs and cheating so eye candy and bs tokens are sold to make the money they lost in subscription fees

    you can speedhack
    you can cast on the run
    ive even seen people run straight thru houses
    but you better not call someone an offensive name or you are banned instantly

    what does that tell you?
    they can see in your journal what you said
    they cannot detect speedhacking

    speedaway people they cant tell or people would be banned daily

    evil omen negates 120 resist
    trap box negates 120 mage eval para attack
    resistance is useless not futile

    archers ( i am one ) are overpowered
    mages are overpowered
    hit points need to be increased to 2points per 1strength to balance out the high damage output we have today
    stat cap needs to be raised to 300
    armor specification should be something we can choose
    thats balance
    if i want a mana regen 12 suit with 40 lmc 45hci and 45dci
    let me make it
    mages can make same cept swap out lrc for one other mod
    say 100 lrc 12 mr 40 lmc
    omen needs to be removed from game

    pets attacking player chars should have half of their skills used in battle
    kinda like damage increase caps and spell damage caps
    the same 360 point tamer has a 600 point dragon with ungodly mana and intel
    against a well capped out pvper who can damage it 25-35 points at a time while it does mad damaging fireballs and bites for outrageous damage
    totally lame

    ghost cams need to be eliminated
    no idle char at spawns period
    if you are dead or log in and out at same location repetitively you should be teled out with your gear.
    only to return after two minute cool down
    login location should be a standard check unless you are in a house or inn
    repetitive logins from same ip with in minutes of each other should raise a flag for ghost camming. if you are a ghost for more than 5 mins you should be teled to a healer. ghost cam solved

    all developers should refrain from smoking crack during work hours
    the jokes you find funny implemented ingame are killing the same game

    just turn off the game you cant fix what you broke
    and who gonna pay to remove my arse calusses

    blah alcohol is so much fun

    so ill stop
    there are more answers at the bottom of the next one
    i know there is
  5. Violence

    Violence Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The whole combat system needs to GO.

    PvM, PvP, all of it. Crap. :( :bdh:

    From potions to magic food to expensive items to Omen gangs, where to start and where to end...??

    Just delete it all and start over now that we know what's what. Should have been done right before SE, another chance lost was right before ML and yet another before they launched KR.

    Methings they'll waste their next chance albeit it being a year later, and SA will find combat as craptastic as ever.