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Jessica Arc / Goblins / Trolls / Etc Etc

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by EM Vladimere, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. EM Vladimere

    EM Vladimere Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 21, 2009
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    Jessica ARC started last year long before the Goblins got involved in the ARC

    A thief stealthed around in Britain and when Jessica was not paying attention to her back pack the thief stole Jessica's diary.

    Jessica asked EM Vladimere for assistance in getting the diary back.

    EM Vladimere then gathered a mob of citizens asking them for help in finding it.

    During this course of action parts of the diary was torn from the book and scattered all over the facets.

    It was later learned that Temptress (Jessica's sister or twin sister) was behind the theft of the diary.

    Jessica was kidnapped by the thief who wanted revenge because the diary was recovered.

    The citizens again came togeather as an organized mob and rescued Jessica.

    After Jessica was rescued she asked for Royal Guard protection.

    EM Vladimere enlisted the help from Franklin of the Royal Guards to defend and protect Jessica in a hidden chamber.

    While in hideing and Royal Guard protection, Jessica took to the skills of cooking and became a Grandmaster Chef.

    Jessica cooked many a meal for the Queen, the Royal Guards and EM Vladimere.

    Jessica learned that EM Dudley loved cookies and even prepaired some batches for him to enjoy but soon learned that his belt line was increaseing and stopped making them for him.

    Franklin of the Royal Guard's was assigned to defend and protect Jessica at all costs while she was in hiding.

    6 Months prior to Franklin being assigned to protect Jessica, He and Temptress was to be married.

    Franklin was assigned a secret mission and he lost track of time.

    When he realised it was his wedding night, he tried but failed to get word to Temptress that he would not be able to be at the wedding.

    Temptress was a Woman Scorned and went into a rage.

    Temptress captured a Necromancer and was taught the ways of the underworld's special magic.

    Temptress swore an oath to kill Franklin and as many Royal Guards as she could with her new magic powers and steal their souls.

    Many a citizen claimed to witness Temptress hover over the corpse of her victems and chat special underworld spells and steal their souls

    Franklin never knew what happened to Temptress or where she go to and figured she was killed by orcs during an invasion in Minoc.

    As time went on with Franklin guarding Jessica they fell in love and decided to get married.

    On the wedding night of Franklin and Jessica, Temptress showed up and killed them both moments after they said "I Do"

    Temptress was seen hovering above Franklins corpse and stole his soul.

    Jessica's soul managed to keep from getting stolen by Temptress and was seen roaming the lands looking for a Special Healer to resurrect her.

    EM Vladimere found the Special Healer and aquired a special potion that would be needed to help Jessica.

    Temptress reigned terror on the citizens thru out the lands and focused alot of her attention on the City of Luna.

    Temptress used special spells and potions to strip corpses of their flesh leaving behind well preserved bones.

    Temptress took those bones and made special body armour from them.

    As Temptress continued to kill Royal guards and Citizens she never cleaned the blood splatter of her new bone armour and soon it was all painted blood red.

    Temptress was seen headed out to fight the Platinum Dragons and was rumored to have been killed by a Platinum Dragon

    Temptress's Body never recovered

    Jessica felt it was now safe to get resurrected after Temptress was rumored to have been killed.

    Jessica soul was returned to the living and again asked for EM Vladimere to hide her in a secret place, she was taken to hide at the Orc Fort near Yew.

    With the release of SA a new race appeared, Goblins.

    During a shard meeting with Lady Mesanna (Dev Team & Assoc Producer) in Luna Blaze Tent a Goblin (Ozog Giantfart) asked her for some Ice Cream.

    Lady Mesanna took a likeing to the Goblins and added a Table to Luna Bank that contained Ice Cream.

    Trolls showed up wanting the Ice Cream and made threats to hunt and trap goblins in exchange for their cabe (Cave)

    When the Trolls failed they secretly hired Evil Lady Jessica.

    Soon after Jessica was spotted in Luna and many citizens came to speak with her but she proclaimed she was there to trap and kill Goblins, She carried with her a new title, The Evil Lady Jessica.

    A few Goblins soon found themselves in special made Goblin Traps that was baited with Ice Cream.

    A few brave citizens tried to confront and threaten Evil Lady Jessica but soon found that they too would fall prey to Evil Lady jessica's extreme powers and ended up in Goblin Traps.

    The citizens tried to bring in the best Mages, Tinkers, Blacksmiths and Lock Smiths to free the Goblins and Citizens. They all failed and could not figure out how to release the traps.

    The citizens gathered in mobs and went looking for Evil Lady Jessica and found her on Ice Island and a major battle occured.

    The citizens managed to defeat Evil Lady Jessica's Minions and the traps released themselves when Evil Lady Jessica fled the area.

    It seems the traps only worked when Evil Lady Jessica was near them and her extreme Necromancer powers she controlled

    The Trolls and Evil Lady Jessica failed to get control of the cabe.

    The Green Goblins from Tel Mar started sending Goblin Scouts to Luna to gather information.

    The Goblin Scouts was sending back pieces of information and would manage to get killed before all of it made it thru

    Goblin Hunters, Goblin Trackers, Goblin Trappers and Goblin Killers soon flowed into Luna.

    Evil Lady Jessica was being blamed for all this and was to be hunted down and captured and taken to Yew Jail to await trail for her crimes.

    A Spy in the form of a large bird (Eagle or Phoenix) then appeared (Unknown Origin) to be gathering information and was known to eat Small Animals and chase tamed pets in and around the City of Luna.

    A massive gathering of the citizens with a Leader by the Name of Ozog Giantfart took to the land and hunted down Jessica and thru a special made cloak over her to prevent her from useing her powers.

    They escorted Jessica to the Yew Court of Truth and had her Jailed for her crimes.

    Jessica's cooking was well known thew out the land and even the Yew Guards knew of her cooking for the Queen and others and soon the guards had Jessica cooking for them too.

    Jessica even had UPS (Umbra Package Service) deliver baked goods to the table in the City of Luna addressed to to Ozog and all the Goblins.

    Jessica's Trail Date soon came and during the trail Goblin Scouts and A Spy was spotted lurking around

    During the trail Jessica maintained her innocense.

    When Jessica was asked about her relationship to Temptress she replied "Temptress was not her older sister but her Identical Twin".

    A citizen claimed to have stole a Goblin Trap and Lady Jessica called for a guard to arrest the thief. No arrest was made

    At one point Lady Jessica left after being told by the Judge she could.

    Lady Jessica returned to court moments later to verify that she was free only to be told "No".

    I, EM Vladimere was tricked about the trail times and called to a meeting with A Spy who claimed he had evidance she was innocent, A Spy never showed up.
    I was not there as a witness for Jessica.

    During the trail Lady Jessica made claimes she was allergic to Ice Creams and even provided a document from the Yew Apocathary stateing so.

    Shortly after being found Guilty by a Majority and not All of the Juriors, she was some how poisoned.

    Jessica went into convulsions and in her last breaths she begged for a Doctor.

    No one in the courts that day did anything to help Jessica aas was denied Medical Attention and passed away.

    The Pros Attorney Lady Mesanna was seen placeing her hand on Jessica's shoulder prior to being poisoned.

    A brave citizen summoned Chief Detective Sheffield to come and investigate Jessica's Death.

    The Defense Attorney pleaded with the Judge to order Lady Mesanna to get away from Jessica.

    Lady Mesanna went closer to the Judge to talk to him and minutes later the Judge was killed.

    Chief Detective Sheffield soon arrived to gather evidance from both corpses.

    Chief Detective Sheffield found a poisoned water glass near Jessica.

    Chief Detective Sheffield smelled the odor of Almonds on the glass and Jessica's breath.

    Chief Detective Sheffield found a partially used Poison Scroll near the Judges Body.

    Chief Detective Sheffield then confronted Lady Mesanna with a prior summons issued by the Yew Courts on charges of "Making threats to a Royal Guard"

    Lady Mesanna openly in front of Citizens again made a Threat to Chief Detective Sheffield.

    Chief Detective Sheffield went to find more Royal Guards to assist him in Arresting Lady Mesanna.

    Lady Mesanna then fled the area without being Arrested.

    Citizens reported to Chief Detective Sheffield that Seconds after Jessica passed away they saw something leave Jessica's corpse and enter Lady Mesanna.

    The citizens believe it to possibly be Jessica's Soul.

    After it was all over, Ozog Giantfart was seen talking to others and made the statement "Maybe wes habes the wrng Jessica"

    A Spy and Goblins Scouts are now again appearing around the City of Luna
  2. EM Vladimere

    EM Vladimere Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 21, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Chief Detective Sheffied reports that the glass taken from Jessica's Body was poisoned and was clearly a factor in her death.

    Chief Detective Sheffied reports that the poison scroll found near the Judges corpse was clearly a factor in the Judges death.
  3. EM Vladimere

    EM Vladimere Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 21, 2009
    Likes Received:
    The Luna Goblins have reported to Chief Detective Sheffield that Ozog Giantfart has not been seen or heard of since the day after Jessica's Trail.

    Anyone with information to his where abouts need to report to Chief Detective Sheffield.
  4. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit Stratics Legend
    Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter PITMUCK

    Dec 18, 2003
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    *drops a fishy line in the water wait'n for a tug* *Yawwwns big and scratches tummy wiff sticky finners* *feels a tug on the line and yanks Real Hard making fly a bottle wiff little stopper in the top* *looks to see a note inside*
    OOOH!!! from Oz! Lydia reads the note and jumps for joy to hear he's Okee Dokee! He went to find Oracle with big funny ball to play wiff. Dint find hims yet but he's still Looksees

  5. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit Stratics Legend
    Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter PITMUCK

    Dec 18, 2003
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    Welp Lydia ,Ido and Pillowpants all goes back to da abyss. Dey misses der friends. Mees hopes dey bees safes and some day comes backs.