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[Selling] Jewelry

Discussion in 'UO Europa Trade' started by Greyrigg, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Greyrigg

    Greyrigg Adventurer

    Apr 8, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Selling a few items of jewelry with different properties on them offers please

    1- Ring/ dex 8/ stam inc 4/sdi 6%/LRC 5%/DI 10%
    2- Brac/ Sword +5/Enhan potions 15%/HCI 5%/DCI 5%/LMC 8%
    3- Brac/ Archery +5/Necro +5/Med +5/INT 8/Enhan Potions 10%
    4- Brac/ Animal Tam +5/Mana Inc 4/Luck 70/FCR 3
    5- Ring/ STR 8/Mr 1/Night Sight/DCI 15%/FC 1
    6- Ring/ Swords +5/Mr 1/Luck 90/SDI 12%/Phy Res 5%
    7- Brac/ Necro +5/Focus +5/SS +5/LRC 20%/DI 15%
    8- Brac/ INT 8/Stam inc 1/SDI 18%/LRC 15%/DI 10%
    9- Ring/ Throw +5/VET +5/Music +5/DEX 7/Energy res 5%
    10- Ring/ Dex 6/SDI 6%/FCR 2/LRC 11%/Posion res 9%
    11- Brac/Muisic +5/Mana inc 3/MR 1/LRC 20%/DI 15%
    12- Brac/ Music +5/ DEX 8/MR 1/Luck 60/FCR 2
    13- Ring/ Stealth +5/STR 4/Luck 50/SDI 6%/LMC 6%
    14- Ring/ Bushido +10/Enhan Potions 5%/DCI 10%/LMC 2%/Phy Res 5%
    15- Brac/ Chivalry +5/Bushido +5/Stam Inc 3/SDI 6%/LMC 8%
    16- Brac/ Healing +9/Anatomy +8/Provocation +10
    17- Ring/ Resist Spells +4/Necro +7/ Music +9/Enhan Potions 5%/Phy Res 12%
    18- Brac/ Dex 10/Mana Inc 4/Luck 50/DCI 5%/DI 10%
    19- Brac/ Peacemaking +10/STR 8/Mana Inc 4/Night Sight/DI 25%
    20- Ring/ Anatomy +12/INT 1/DCI 9%/Cold Res 9%
    21- Ring/ Healing +5/STR 8/MR 1/FCR 1/LRC 10%
    22- Ring/ Wrestling +10
    23- Ring/ Veterinary +11
    24- Brac/ Necro +9/Mace Fighting +14/INT 2/Night Sight/SDI 4%
    25- Brac/ Music +6/FCR 2/DI 1%/Poison Res 4%
    26- Brac/ Stealth +5/Stam Inc 2/Enhan Potions 20%/SDI 6%/LRC 5%
    27- Ring/ Fencing +5/Mana Inc 1/MR 1/LMC 8%/DI 10%
    28- Ring/ Dex 3/ DCI 10%/LMC 5%/DI 12%/Poison Res 7%
    29- Ring/ Veterinary +7/INT 1/Luck 22/FC 1/Fire Res 6%
    30- Brac/ Animal Lore +12/Enhan Potions 10%/LMC 5%/LRC 10%/ Energy Res 4%

    Happy Bidding!!!!
    My ICQ is - 664805343
    #1 Greyrigg, Aug 27, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2013