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(RP) Jhelom Ambush (New Mag report)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Aragorn, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Aragorn

    Aragorn Journeyman

    Jan 16, 2013
    Likes Received:
    They all fell?!
    A courier looked at Angus with sadness in his eyes. Yes m'lord we were deceived into a trap laid out for us by that criminal Bladderstick. All the governors except for the Governor of Minoc fell at his hands.
    With sadness in his eyes Angus looks at the great seal of New Magincia...how did the governors fall?
    Numerous daemons were summoned many right on top of the governors..I am told Lord Aragorn was ok, hidden while his dragon was attacking the daemons then he revealed himself to help a fallen warrior..a daemon pounced on him immediately...he..he *sniffs* had no chance. The other governors as well many on foot fell quickly while fighting most valiantly including Aurelius, Keenan..rest I didnt see. I have been informed the Daemons targeted the Governors directly...Aragorn taunted Bladderstick asking him if that was all he had.
    *Angus nods and chuckles* Yeah that sounds like him all guts and no common sense. How is he?
    He is in the medical ward in Jhelom after being found near the southern docks, his Greater dragon at his side. The doctors say he was badly injured but they say he should recover and be heading home soon.

    *nodding and with a heavy sigh of relief* How bout the other governors? Reports are most of them have been treated and have gone home, I believe only Aurelius keenan and ofc Aragorn are still being treated.

    Looking outside the window of his office and staring at the empty Governors chair..how will we survive if Bladderstick decides to attack our town? We are far from ready. Looking at his courier Angus writes a letter on an official paper then stamps it with the official seal before handing it to the courier.

    To all New Magincians,
    The criminal Bladderstick through a nefarious act of deception lured our governors to Jhelom and took down all but one. Our Governor was badly injured helping defend Jhelom from the attack and should recover. Our hour is dire we need to band together. I am summoning up the Home Guard and the Militia. My fellow citizens we need to work together we need to spend this time to equip our soldiers and help feed them with whatever can be spared. Effective until further notice travel outside the island is forbidden and incoming cargo is subject to random search. This evil will not take this great town, bladderstick will not succeed.

    For the honor of New Magincia we shall not fail!

    Angus Mackenzie
    Aide de kamp- New Magincia

    (OOC: I am planning to have a new magincia event hopefully with bladderstick involved in his usual nefarious schemes and bad comedy) The plan is for it to happen August 15th since I will have 2 floating holiday days off at that point..hopefully. Stay tuned)