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Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS

    Jan 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    The sun shinned upon the hills and mountains of Britannia, the sound of the bees could be heard, and the smell of freshly cut wood was in the air, seemed that life in Jhelom and the Islands was tranquil and safe for now. Not a single bit of worry was in the people's faces, they went along with their daily tasks, in a happily manner.
    The town's training pit's was extremely busy and healthy delivering the King with a much needed army that he needed, although morale was low among the troops, they still remained loyal to their King and would give their lives to protect him and his virtues.
    In the weeks that went passed, there was a lot of stories of sightings of the acclaimed funny twisted clown, Bladderstick, still mad at the King and his followers for stealing his joke book, He would appear and taunt the citizens of the realm, asking for his Book to be returned or bad things would happen.
    He didn't seem to act alone, he had a group of loyal supporters terrifying the realm and spies that remained hidden and out of sight, delivering information on all the moves of the Governors and the realm loyal subjects.
    Still hiding in the Sultan's palace and plotting revenge, still didn't worry the Governor's, as they trusted their King to be one step in-front of this vile foe....
    The realm had recent elections, that had brought new faces in the Council du Roi, with new ideas, demands and expectations of the King. He was busy planning and sorting the realms problems, but he knew he would need to see them soon enough and answer to all the questions that they may have.
    Meanwhile the Council, thought it would be wise that all Governors inspected and went to cities to check the morale and see the people of the town and their thoughts about the matter. The new proud Governors, now had a great responsibility upon their shoulders, the whole towns honour was dependent on them now as their new leaders. Jhelom, had recently got their old, Governor Skuld, back, and the city seemed to start to floruish again, with the help of Drake Ironheart, the previous Governor named by the King. The city was blooming and the aura around the people seemed all time high as they worked.
    Drake IronHeart noticed that the winter had taken a toll on the city, the buildings were slightly weathered and old and ordered that the wood in the city's walls was in need of urgently changing as the passed winter had make it fragile and brittle, so the city was vulnerable to danger, the main aim in the city was to get the job done, at a later date the other buildings could be done, security was essential.
    All the citizens and guards were trying to get peace in the city, as spread of spies in the cities was in everyone's mouth....
    Having rumours and now security possible problems, never spelt a good end.
    The town wanted to invite the Coucil and the realms people for a walk around the islands, and check the security of islands, in case of any danger that might arise....
    Please assist JHELOM on the 27th of JULY, at 8 UK TIME,
    Please look for Governors and make sure they are well looked after.