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Judge My Doom Bard Template

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by UltimaSword, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. UltimaSword

    UltimaSword Guest

    Musicianship 120
    Provocation 120
    Discordance 120
    Spellweaving 120
    Magery 120
    Meditation 100

    Magery and Med for summoning earth eles and EV's. Spellweaving for gift of life, summoning fairies and furies, and WoD, Discord for discording bosses and provo to turn undead on the darkfather.

    How does this sound? I also might use skill plus items so I can add evaluating intel

    Also today I saw a Bard get two DF's to attack each other... is that done when they are discorded then provo'd?
  2. Minky

    Minky Guest

    I am almost making the same Bard template for Spawns/Doom:

    120 x:

    I'm sticking to Focus for the Stamina regen while in Fel due to push-through.
    Also, with my suit I have 161 mana, that 120 Focus helps quite a bundle for mana regen.

    Instead of using WOD for my damager, I am going to use Mind Blast and all the extra mana to heal my Earth Eles (which, due to Focus, I have extra mana)

    I can't really figure out SW anyway though, and finding other SWers is a pain at most times due to my play-time.

    **Oh, the reason you've seen 2 DFs on one another is he was a Spellweaver who summoned a DF. As the DF cannot be the initial target of a Peacemake or Provoke, that situation is unpossible. However, you can Provoke the spawn back onto him, with perseverence and Discord.

    Would you still use SW if you couldn't get a lv 5/6 Focus?
  3. UltimaSword

    UltimaSword Guest

    I just in general really enjoy spellweaving focus or not lol. I do not really plan to do fel spawns. I just like sneaking down there with my thief and stealing scrolls lol. Oh and I updated my template a bit.

    Musicianship 120 R: 105
    Provocation 120 R: 105
    Discordance 120
    Spellweaving 120
    Magery 120 R: 85
    Meditation 100
    Evaluating Intelligence 75

    The "R:" means Real skill. I am going to use plus items: Crystalline ring, mark of travesty, traveling minstrel tali, tome of lost knowledge.
  4. kinney42

    kinney42 Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Incorrect. As I just did this last night.

    The way to get them to attack each other is to get them next to each other attacking things. When they do thier "Whirlwind" attack one will damage the other and start a fight.

    As for your template, I believe if you go down there you will soon find spellweaving completely useless. 120 eval so you can actually damage the things you want to kill. You have magery and provoke, nothing should actually be attacking you! Summon Earthies, heal earthies, use provke for DF's, and invis. Done and Done.
  5. UltimaSword

    UltimaSword Guest

    Thats what I was thinking about the DF's attackin each other. As for spellweaving. Last night with my weaver/mage I used nature's fury to kill impalers. Without bard skills I solo'd all but the dark father with only summons no magic attacks. Except mindblast which isnt affected by eval. I just like WoD and GoL.
  6. Minky

    Minky Guest

    I was playing around with SW recently, and I have to say that I understand your statement. Due to my playing, I am now switching up the template to:


    With Wildfire, Nature's Fury, Discordance, Provoke, and Peace, it's quite the well-oiled machine. Without needing LRC, you can make .. an awesome suit. And with SW having a 4/6 cap instead of 2/6 .. cheese and rice.

    **What SW spells are you using, and the reasons? (new to SW, trying to find my niche with it)
  7. UltimaSword

    UltimaSword Guest

    I use natures fury for impalers. They do 100% poison damage and that is the impalers lowest resist 60 along with fire. I use Gift of Life. It rezzes you when you die so it is useful if you are soloing doom. No wasting 5k. I use Word of Death which deals incredible damage when the monster has about 5% health left at a focus of one. If your focus is 6 at 30% it deals a lot of damage... which is around 400 hitpoints. I sometimes use reaper form for the Spell Damage increase.
  8. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    I find it easier, and possibly less costly, to let my Summoned Earth Ele's hit the DF until they are dead. I'll then summon two new ones, rinse and repeat. I've tried the healing thing and it burns through mana way too quick and I can't seem to pay enough attention to provoke monsters as they spawn!
  9. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I went with

    120 music (110 brace)
    120 provok (110 brace)
    120 discord (105 ring)
    120 magery (100 ring)
    100 med
    100 eval
    107 resist (95 scrappers)
    20 focus (0 ring)

    I swap out the crystalline ring and a 15 discord ring when I need to. Since for doom a single dicord success is enough for the short term I dont need the skill at 120 more than a few mins or even seconds if im lucky. Now I see alot of weavers or mana freaks with tons of focus. I find the resist spells much more effective as mana drain and paralyze will get you killed not to mention the posion effects on an invisible char. I tend to use invisibility as my peacemaking espeicaly since it doesnt effect other players like the peacing skill would.

    I still debate droping more eval and going 120 resist as with protection on Im nerfed quite badly down to 72 with my scrapper on but that extra spell damage comes in big time when Im not there alone! I also catty a +12 eval scrappers but it hardley gets used unless im in a group.
  10. UltimaSword

    UltimaSword Guest

    I have an update with the items I currently have. I am only missing one piece from my suit...

    Alban Vataj:

    Musicianship 120 Real: 105 +5 talisman +10 mark (missing the mark)
    Provocation 120 Real: 105 +5 talisman +10 mark
    Discordance 120
    Spellweaving 120
    Magery 120 Real: 85 +15 Tome of Lost Knowledge +20 Crystalline
    Meditation 100
    Focus 95 Real: 75 +20 Crystalline

    My helm will be music/provo mark (this only piece I am missing)
    My gorget is pendant of the magi
    My sleeves are :
    MI 6
    MR 1
    LRC 20
    My chest is rune beetle carapace
    My gloves are: (i need better gloves)
    MR 1
    LRC 11
    My legs are:
    MR 2
    LRC 19
    Crystalline Ring
    Ornament of Magician
    Life of traveling minstrel talisman
    1/2 museum chaos shield
    phys resist robe
    melissa's cloak

    SO the total stats will be

    100% LRC
    45% LMC
    MR 13
    MI 22
    Intel Bonus 18
    40% SDI
    2/5 casting
  11. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    Sheesh man, you must be loaded! :) Orny's aren't cheap, among other things you have!
  12. UltimaSword

    UltimaSword Guest

    heh I have been playing for a bunch of years plus I just recently sold an event item I had hoarded for 115mil lol