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Juka Bows; What they are, what they do and where to get them! (Updated 6th Dec 2003)

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by dageyap, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. dageyap

    dageyap Guest

    hi Ktan, I Gmed my archery when LBR was out, during that time my favourite monster to hunt is daemon at hedge maze(spell casting monster never para+teleport combo) and so my archer hunt daemon all the time, but I was using gargolye slayer bow and I can do the same damage as the daemon slayer bow. Since AOS, I never use gargolye slayer on daemon and I dont even bother to hunt daemon. So I am not sure how is the gargolye slayer doing any great damage on daemon, but I am very sure that gargolye slayer do not do double damage to barlon as I had tested it out hehehe.
    So if U or anyone who can try out the gargolye slayer bow doing any double damage to daemon and please post here and let us all know the result.
    Sorry I cant try it now as my connection to Balhae has gone insane.

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/takethat.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/headache.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smash.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/argue.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gif
  2. Hornace

    Hornace Guest

    I would put the Poison Elly and the Ogre to mid range, the Air Elly and Water Elly to low end, and the spider (dread spiders) and Troll (frost troll) to mid range. Well and the Lizardman Slayer could be shifted to mid range because of its great use for collecting spined leather.

    You didn't get any superslayer?
  3. On my vendor, I have 'em set up like so:

    High End



    Orcs (thinking brutes here, plus orcs are fairly common)
    Gargoyles (I'll probably drop this one to low-end, eventually)
    Poison Eles (after fighting the bastards at the Mephits spawn, I might push that to high end)

    Low Range

    Spiders (great for Mephits spawn, but otherwise not a lot of use unless you're hunting dreads)
    Snakes (great for Rikktor spawn, otherwise...?)
    All elementals not listed above (too damn common, and some of which, like the snow elemental slayer, are not as useful as an earth ele slayer)

    You'll note, though, that I don't have any super slayers - haven't found any on the Juka Lords at all. That being said... I do still have some pre AoS Undead Slayers, of various intensities.
  4. Lilac Crypt

    Lilac Crypt Guest

    Just something I noticed about bows..

    It may be called a simple Spider Slayer? But if you're in the mood, any "Arachnid Slayer" can be used to kill Terathans.

    Ditto for Ophidians, if you happen to own a "Reptile Slayer." Might have to get out the encyclopedia to see if both lizards and snakes are reptiles, huh?
  5. Hornace

    Hornace Guest

    According to uo.stratics there are 6 super slayers:

    Reptile (includes dragons)
    Demon (includes daemons, looks like this question which one is the super slayer is solved)

    On my vendor I do not distinguish between high or lower end slayers. I have a pouch for each slayer group and an extra one for the super slayers.
  6. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    Poison's should be in the high range. They drop good items and their tough to fight. I put them on par with bloods.
  7. Yeah, I found out at the Mephits spawn just how tough poison eles are, the bastards. Thank goodness for that slayer bow and some orange petals, but daaaaaaaaaaamn.
  8. Spider does NOT include terathans, but "arachnid" slayers do.

    I do not think that daemon slayers include daemons, but they DO include balrons and succubi and imps. Gargoyle slayers and Bows of Exorcism USED to work on gargoyles./ Not sure about exorcism now, and gargoyle slayers no longer work on balrons but daemon slayers now do (which makes a lot more sense).
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Has anyone else noticed that Juka repond slayers do not work on ettins? My friend and I were hunting last weekend and both noticed this... it seems like repond should hurt ettins. Should I report it as a bug?
  10. Hornace

    Hornace Guest

    I never got a repond bow so far, so I dont know. But reponds definitly should word on Ettins. However, it looks like Ettins are no humanoids. They are not listed in the humanoid section of the uo.stratics slayer page. Obciously they are immune to slayer weapons. The only other one I know which is immune against slayer weapons is this one of the gauntlet bosses, I think it's the Flesh Renderer.

    So, no bug, it seems to be just as it is.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Must be those two heads... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Still, I find it intensely annoying that I can drop a troll in one hit, a cyclops in three, and an ettin takes me 4 or more. C'est la vie!
  12. Ooo! You spoke French!! *gets weak in knees* hehe
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *eyes his Plus title and his sig*

    Uh-huh. I bet you say that to all the girls. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  14. Hehe - only if they speak French, love /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  15. Ktan

    Ktan Guest

    Just added a few more, ill stop when i get 100.

    Perhaps this info can be added to a future archery FAQ?
  16. NissassaDrol

    NissassaDrol Guest

    I'd actually put orc slayers as a high end for the moment, only because of the current scenario. The amount of orcs mages spawning in Moonglow makes them worth the while. I use Enemy of One, which does about 115 damage, which is an instant kill....so you can go through tons of them really quickly with an orc slayer. Just my opinion.

    Also-- Orcish Bows....what do they do? Some one told me that they were like repond slayers, but I don't think that's right.

    Nissassa Drol
    Protectors of Light
  17. Gato-LS

    Gato-LS Guest

    I just got a REPOND juka slayer and used my gears on it and it became a REPOND slayer and an Earth slayer combined. Ive been using it in moonglow with fairly good luck but will try the ettins also and see if it works on them.
  18. Wulfies' boy

    Wulfies' boy Guest

    Ermmm.....might be thick here but.....I have just killed about 40 juka lords and not got one bow... Do they still spawn or is there a way to get em plz help me.
  19. Ktan

    Ktan Guest

    Erm, how did u know it was a REPOND slayer before it was modded?
  20. Welp, got my first Super Slayer the other day (didn't realize it until this morning) - a Demon Slayer. Heh - means I can kill gargies too! *joy*
  21. Gato-LS

    Gato-LS Guest

    because it said REPOND on it before I used gears on it so I assumed it was a normal REPOND bow then I equipped it and got the you need gears. I didnt even know it was from a juka in the beginning but damn... it works well /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  22. Ktan

    Ktan Guest

    @ Gato-LS:

    Im guessing this was a Juka Lord bow looted before AOS?
  23. Gato-LS

    Gato-LS Guest

    No, my friend that looted it got it less than two weeks ago and handed it to me and said "Here I think youd like this" Now I need to ask him when and where he origionally got it.
  24. Hmm. I didn't think of frost trolls. I've got a respond/troll slayer bow at my house :)
  25. Hidesato

    Hidesato Guest

    "I never got a repond bow so far, so I dont know. But reponds definitly should word on Ettins. However, it looks like Ettins are no humanoids."

    Reponds don't work on Juka either.. probably a smart move by the Juka bowyers /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  26. Hidesato

    Hidesato Guest

    "Hmm. I didn't think of frost trolls. I've got a respond/troll slayer bow at my house"

    Is that a double slayer?.. if so.. could you test whether that does more damage than a single repond or troll slayer?
  27. Ktan

    Ktan Guest

    <font color=FF3030> Every Juka Lord corpse will have a Juka bow on it, it will look exactly like a normal bow, and will be found in the top level backpack.</font color=FF3030>

    They cannot be used until modded by a GM Bowier. To mod the bow; Double click it, then target some gears, the bow will change colour from the normal brown, to the Black/Gray Juka bow colour we love!
    Stratics Info on Slayers

    All are normal bows;
    Physical Damage 100%
    Weapon Damage 16 - 18
    Weapon Speed 25
    Range 10
    Strength Requirement 30
    Two-Handed weapon
    Skill Required: Archery
    STR Required: 80
    DEX Required: 80 - Otherwise you get "You are not nimble enough to equip this"
    Primary: Paralyse
    Secondary: Mortal Strike

    In addition they have a Slayer property (200% dam to specific Monster/Monster Group)

    <font color=000080>
    Pre-AOS Juka Bows- The ones with the full “A Bow of ______ _____” on them.
    There have been quite a few reports now of these becoming double slayer bows when modded post-AOS, it has been noted that there is a greater chance of producing a double slayer if modded in Fel (This is probably just superstition, but as there arent ever going to be more Pre-AOS Juka's it cant be a bad thing to try anyway!)
    I modify three old style Juka bows, I modify the first one, an Ogre Slayer. That’s when I noticed something odd about my newly modified bow. It says that it is Poison Elemental Slaying as well as Ogre Slaying. So, thinking its either a fluke or something. So I move on to the other two. And low and behold, my Troll slayer gets the added bonus of being able to slay Snow elementals and my Lizard man Slayer can now slay scorpions.

    Additionally if modding a Pre-AOS Juka bow post-AOS the double slayer happens to produce two slayer types which contain the same creature: ie,
    A bow of Elemental Ban
    Air Elemental Slayer
    Then, that bow will do 4 times the normal damage against Air Elemantals. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/eek.gif

    A note from Takara Ryooshi:
    "Pre-Aos Juka bows on average have double the durability vs. Post-AoS Juka bows. Same applies to Orcish bows, those found on orc scouts."
    Although this will just save you a bit of cash now, as Durability can now be increased using Powder of Fortification - (smithy BOD reward).</font color=000080>

    <font color=3A5FCD>
    So look out for:
    Reptile Slayer + Dragon Slayer ( 4 x Damage vs Dragons, Ancient Wyrm, Drake, Serpentine Dragon, Shadow Wyrm, Skeletal Dragon, Swamp Dragon, White Wyrm, and Wyvern )
    Demon Slayer + Deamon Slayer ( 4 x Damage vs Abyssmal Horror, Arcane Daemon, Balron, Bone Daemon, Chaos Daemon, Daemon, Daemon (Summoned), Dark Father, Devourer of Souls, Gibberling, Horde Minion, Ice Fiend, Imp, Impaler, Moloch, Ravager )
    </font color=3A5FCD>

    Discuss double Juka slayers in this Thread

    Champ Spawns
    The following bows are considered good,
    Spider, Poison Elly - Mephits
    Snake - Rikktor

    All looted in Chessy, Tram, Wrong, with 700 Luck.

    I have split them into three groups based on the loot received and the difficulty of the monster. Judgement of the posters in this thread, any comments welcome.

    Highend (7)
    Dragon x 4
    Daemon X 4
    Poison Elly x 3
    Ogre X2 (Ogre Lords's)

    Mid range (5)
    Ophidian x 4
    Terathan x 5
    Troll X 3 (Frost Trolls)
    Lizardman x 2 (Only because Bulk-Spined is selling well at the moment - good noob gold maker! 06/12/03 - 1000 Spined Leather on Chessy selling for 15-20K)

    LowEnd (24)
    Orc x 4
    Snow Elly X 8
    Air Elly X 6
    Water Elly X 4
    Earth Elly X 8 (Works against all mined elementals too)
    Scorpion X 7
    Fire Elly
    Spider X 5
    Snake X 5
    Gargoyle x 3

    Where to get 'em:

  28. Atreus UO

    Atreus UO Guest

    okay, quick question,

    given the requirements on the bows, why don't they show in the item properties?
  29. Ktan

    Ktan Guest

    I guess its just a 'feature' /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  30. Kaeros

    Kaeros Guest

    I'd put gargoyle in mid level, just because of the loot, any time I need easy gold with my warriors I hunt gargoyles, gold isn't that much but the 4gems when sold adds up nice and quick.
  31. Nevesdam

    Nevesdam Guest

    for your statistics ;-)

    All bows gathered wearing 1063 luck, no idea if it makes a difference, but I seem to get quite a few "high-end";

    High end:
    Daemon Slayers 5
    Ogre 10
    Dragon 7
    Poison El 3
    Reptile 1


    Ophidian 4
    Troll 7
    Terathan 6
    (lizzies back to low-end ;-) )

    Low End

    Air El 8
    Snow El 6
    Snake 3
    Liz 6
    Gargoyle 7
    Fire El 4
    Scorp 1
    Orc 3
    Earth 7
    Spider 2
    Water El 4

    So, 26 High-end, 17 Mid-end, 51 Low-end....27.7% high end...

    Can anyone confirm/deny that these are above normal rates?
  32. Amaretto

    Amaretto Guest

    So can you just not get an undead slaying Juka bow?
  33. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    There are still those Gargoyle Destroyers and Enforcers around in Illshenar. I havent tested them (yet), but those should have enough loot to put garg slayers into mid class. (But not many ppl hunt there,so no one buys them.)

    Gargoyle slayer WAS bugged, it worked for quite a while excatly as the super slayer of that group: exorcism. And Exorcism got renamed to Demon. (Cant remember the pub *g*.)
  34. Deriv

    Deriv Guest

    You sure can get an undead slayer juka. I've modded 5/6 of the super slayers myself, and all of them came post-aos. Only one i'm missing is repond :/
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I scanned the thread to see if there was mention of this, but didn't see anything, so I figured I'd add this...

    there have been posts before from people wary of giving their juka bows to gm fletchers to modify, for fear that one of those bows might be something really good, and a crooked fletcher might try to give back something like a lizardman slayer and keep the good one.

    I "liberated" 4 juka bows tonight and decided to pay attention to the durability on each bow; to see if it remained the same, or if there was any pattern to how it changed.

    Each bow doubled in durability from the unmodified to the modified... two air ele slayers went from 51 and 47 durability to 102 and 94... one earth ele went from 35 durability to 70... and one orc slayer went from 62 to 124.

    while this isn't a very large group to sample from, it's a start... so pay attention to the durability on those juka bows, and see if this pattern is true. If so, it could be a small way to make sure you're getting back the same bows that you handed over, when you need someone else to modify them for you.
  36. Quasiar

    Quasiar Guest

    In response to DirkLF:

    The Juka Lord bows look normal, how ever if you double click it it will either say it needs to be in your backpack or you need GM Fletching.

    Take anybow from a juka lord, make a gear and then double click the bow. You should be able to turn the bow from normal to slayer if you have GM fletching.
  37. A little more info from the Chesapeake Xanadu Museum- there are 73 regular Juka Bows plus some extra variations.

    24 original brown 'named' unmodified - no undead type possible
    24 original black 'named' modified - no undead type possible
    25 current style Black modified - includes undead type

    Then there are also:
    "a magic bow" very earliest jukas that were never id'ed.
    double slayer jukas - 24x25 possible variants for pre-aos jukas modded afterward
    ZERO slaying jukas - black modified but no slayer properties
    and of course the modern brown unmodified no-name juka

    So a Ultimate Complete Juka Set with no duplicates could contain 73 'normal' single slaying, 48 "a magic" modded and unmodded single pre-aos, 576 (24x24) (no same slayer type twice)"a magic" double slayer modded after aos, 576 named double slayer, a Zero slayer, and one brown unmodified unnamed current style just to round things out.
    Total of: 1275 possible Jukas
  38. fonistoastes

    fonistoastes Guest

    Does the Repond slayer affect humans (pvp)? That is, are characters included in any type of slayer?
  39. No, characters are not included in any Slayer Bows.

    Have a look at the Slayers link on the left side of the main page.

    Slayers also dont have that 'opposing slayer damage' thing any more and spawn on anything, not just the opposing group.
  40. LordInferno

    LordInferno Guest

    Im new to archery and after reading this i am getting the picture that there arent any slayer bows besides jukas. Like no slayer repeting bows? Am i right? and also how do the non-juka bows i see have mods? You cant amke them with mods with fletching.
  41. Dravite

    Dravite Guest

    There are three kinds of bows you can get.

    1. Juka bows
    They are always slayer bows, have no other mod and can be a super slayer, but can also be a snake slayer *yuck*

    2. player crafted bows
    Those always have a 35% damage bonus (if made by GM skill) and have no other mods, nor can they ever be slayer weapons.

    3. magic bows
    You can find those on monsters, in treasure chests etc. Those can be slayers, can have good mods, and can be super slayers. Note the word *can* in all of the statements. If you find a bow as loot, it doesn't have to have any of the said things, but it *can*.
  42. Otho Stone

    Otho Stone Guest


    I kill juka's all the time and I get bows off of almost every one of them.

    You do realize they have to be modified, don't you.. Those "normal bows" you find on them are actually the 'black' juka bows, pre-modification?
  43. Otho Stone

    Otho Stone Guest

    You could make a fletcher yourself if you are that concerned.

    It's been my experience that players who are UNTRUSTING are the same players who feel no problem with scamming others.

    That's why I don't do repairs anymore. Period.
    I sell repair deeds, since, SO MANY people out there think us crafters are all crooks. 2 years ago, most crafters (90%) did all repairs for free. - Using up OUR tools, OUR time, etc.. (yes, a tinkers tool, hammer, etc, are supersuper cheap per use, but, it takes time and money to get to legendary smith, etc..) we should be paid WELL for our efforts. I heard so many insinuations that I'd "steal" your precious weapon, or armor, that I simply just won't fix it for you anymore. When it comes to enhancement, I make people pay 100% of the fee up-front, and have them say (in my journal) that they understand that there is NO guarantee on anything, and they could get NOTHING back (never happened yet, but it could)
  44. Mazem Taim

    Mazem Taim Guest

    I just noticed somthing about juka bows I have a daemon slayer juka bow and a magic one all same stats the juka bow seems to do a bit more damage then the plane magic one anyone else notice this
  45. Lilac Crypt

    Lilac Crypt Guest

    Shhh.. *pat on the back* S'okay.. you do good work. I am on the same side of the fence as you are, but picture it from theirs? They have to hand over their very bestest stuff to someone they don't know. I don't know about you, but I've been playing long enough to know there WERE some low-life scammers who pretended to be GM crafters, (or worse, they actually were.) that would take items from people and either flat out steal them, or lie and say they broke in the repairing.

    If you want to make a name for yourself as an honest repairer of items, my advice is to work in the same place, so that you get seen. Smiths use the forge as a gathering point, you could do the same. You know you don't steal things from folk, and after the first couple repairs, those around you will know this too.

    I've never stolen any item from anyone, and if someone thinks I might, I just tell them to find another crafter. I sell smith, tailor and fletching repair deeds on my vendors, since of late, I've found the local repair spots devoid of folk who want fixing done to their armor or weapons.

    But with this influx of loot, I feel the call for folks to enhance things. What sort of fee do you charge for this service?