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July 28th - 2nd Annual Conseil do Roi

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Alexander of ATL., Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Alexander of ATL.

    Alexander of ATL. Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 20, 2010
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    'Crux Ansata Guard Report'

    This evening, at around 9PM, seven Crux Ansata guards showed up to protect and serve the King and escort him to his monthly Council Meeting. Among these guards were Lady Queen Arya, Lady Raina Cold Eyes, Lord Mager Payne, Lord Octavier, Lady Lanfear, Lady Faeryl, and myself.

    Upon the Kings arrival, we saluted his majesty and led him to his high council seat. Our reports noticed two seats unfilled, Minoc and Moonglow. Zhuge stepped in for the Governor of Minoc, but the seat of Moonglow sat with a new layer of dust. This became a problem for his Majesty and a proposal was given to each elected governor, the option to elect a new Governor for Moonglow. Lord Tazar and another individual were the only two that had shown interest in the Governor seat of Moonglow. Each Governor laid down their vote, it's looking good so far for Lord Tazar.

    We get to Governor Solus and his opinion swerved minds from allowing Lord Tazar to take the seat as Governor of Moonglow. Arguments flew through the air, Complaints about pirates, Britain without enough border protection, and a plea from Solus for the Kings help! Governor Solus spoke his mind and mentioned the City of Moonglow to be annexed, Governless. This motion stirred the minds of those in the crowd and caused a slight outbreak of citizenry-mocking. With the Majority vote, Lord Tazar has now been bestowed the title of Governor of Moonglow. Congrats are in order!

    The King asked Governor Solus if Britain has anything he might want to share with the King. Governor Solus sighed and spoke the truth. Britain is defenseless and no other town is coming to its rescue. Gov. Solus requests fleet back up for the the Britain Harbor. Confusion arises and the King sees no reason for fleet back up. No Blacktower or void anymore, no undead menace has risen, and no need for fleet backup. This thriving refusal throws Governor Solus into a tyrant, a series of Tazar said this and said that. This didn't please the King and surely didn't persuade him further.

    Suspicion Arises!!!!! The King becomes disturbed when accusations of Niamh, the Priestess of Vesper, slipped the Governor of Vesper a potion. The King caught on to this when the Priestess kept whispering to the Governor when she was asked a question. Suddenly distraught, the King requested the assistance of two guards and the Priestess was pulled into closed corridors for interrogation. Coming to the conclusion of foul-play, the King request she be removed from the council immediately. With a pull and tug, three Crux Ansata guards had the priestess removed from the council. Should the King be afraid? Should the Crux Ansata be afraid? "Be glad my husband is here or you all would suffer" said the Priestess.


    Governor Andrasta of Magincia files a complaint on an old friend, Khaleesi, Governor of Vesper. Gov. Khaleesi stirred in her seat with the mention of her name. A series of Privateer ships blockaded the New Magincia port. The town has gone silent and trade with other cities are cut off because of said blockade. Even though Magincia's finest rum with a tarrif of 50%, the city suffers a great amount of pain, sorrow, and thirst! Lady Andrasta request help from the crown by asking for fleets and soldiers to negate the blockade. What will happen? What will be decided?

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