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July 4th Event Item. Mesanna reactivated it.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Dame Judi, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Dame Judi

    Dame Judi Guest

    Why was our fireworks "Tree of Staffs" activated for less then 12 hours?

    Many Sonomans were unable to attend the rescheduled Simmies Scavenger hunt on Sunday. It had originally been posted on their website for Saturday July 3rd but due to other commitments it was delayed. We were glad to hear from those who did make it that the EMs specifically said the "Tree of Staffs" would be active until Monday night. Giving the tree at least a 24 hour cycle. Could it be because of the rescheduling of the Scavenger Hunt by the EMs that we lost out on a full day of activation? If they had run it as originally posted then the tree would have been activated on Saturday night instead of Sunday night. Other shards had already begun to receive their special UO gift on Saturday and were posting the gifts/locations.

    However after server up on Monday the tree was dead and we were unable to receive our gift of celebration from UO. And as of today the tree is still there ... (3pm central).

    And lastly, what are our EMs going to do about it?

    Edit: as of 7:00 pm Pacific time, July 6, 2010 the "Tree of Staves" has been reactivated. It is my understanding that it will remain so for 24 hours.

    Thank you Mesanna.