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July 8, 2010

Discussion in 'Test Center Updates' started by RainStar, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. RainStar

    RainStar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 20, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Player Placed Factional Base
    The GCW bonus has been modified to be more consistent with the GCW payout. The updated bonus and range for each base type is as follows.

    1. Forward Outpost - 1%, 750m
    2. SF Forward Outpost - 2%, 750m
    3. Field Hospital - 3%, 1000m
    4. SF Field Hospital - 5%, 1000m
    5. Tactical Center - 6%, 1250m
    6. SF Tactical Center - 8%, 1250m
    7. Detachment Headquarters - 10%, 1500m
    8. SF Detachment Headquarters - 12%, 1500m

    Cloning Sickness Perks And Restrictions
    1. Once a faction controls at least 70% of a planet, the following cloning sickness perks and restrictions will apply to GCW officers.
    2. For GCW officers of the winning faction, cloning sickness duration and removal cost will be reduced by 50%. Each additional 1% control above 70% will provide an additional 1% reduction in cloning sickness duration and removal cost, for a maximum of 80% reduction in cloning sickness duration and removal cost for 100% control of a planet.
    3. For GCW officers of the losing faction, there will be a wait before the cloning sickness can be removed by the droid in the cloning facility, or pay a 50,000 credits surcharge to skip the wait. The wait is 60s, plus an additional 2s for each additional 1% control above 70%, for a maximum wait of 120s for 100% control of a planet.
    4. Remember, cloning sickness perks and restrictions only apply to GCW officers.

    Player Placed Factional Base
    1. A message will be sent to the GCW channel whenever a PvP player placed factional base changes its vulnerability status.
    2. All player placed factional bases are now displayed under a new Player Placed Factional Base node/category on the Planetary Map that's visible to everyone. Remember, for PvP bases, the Active (sun) / Inactive (moon) icon before the base name indicates whether or not the PvP base is currently in its vulnerability state (Active/sun) or not (Inactive/moon).

    • Messages to the GCW channel are now always timestamped, even if the "Timestamp Incoming Messages" Chat Option is not enabled.

    GCW City Invasions
    You now have to return to the Factional Commander to complete the Eliminate Imperials and Eliminate Rebels quests.

    Bounty Hunter
    • Flawless Strike no longer uses a proc based system. When the Flawless Strike ability is used, the Flawless Bead buff is applied to the BH.
    • The description on the Flawless Jewelry set has not yet been updated. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future build.
    • The snare duration increase from Cruelty is now correctly applied to Tangle Bomb and Razor Net.

    Empire Day
    Fixed an issue that would gate people from the recruitment and vandalism events if they went neutral after starting one of the quests.

    The repair cost of the AT-ST and AT-XT has been reduced.