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Just a little rant about the pvp at Luna

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Foxie, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Foxie

    Foxie Guest

    No that 'Luna' wasn't a typo. I meant the pvp that goes on at Luna. omg! I HATE that place!!! Instead of weapons or spells, words are used!!! Dont' believe me? Let me show you some examples...

    The Gank - Noob is trying to sell something waaaay to high. Someone has to point this fact out to the rest of the bank sitters. One or two or three chime with a good laugh. Noob gets defensive since his good buddy had told him this was the going price. 'Show me!' So noob is taken straight to a vender with that item for sale at half his price. Ganked.

    Pwn'd - 'Selling xyz for xyz!' Immidiately a party invite has been given and a couple people want Noob's attention. He sells the item and one person explains to him, 'omg man! I would have bought that for three times what you sold it for!'

    Alliances - 'Selling xyz! Make offer!' Noob receives a party invite. 'hey, that's worth about xyz now, don't sell it for less.'

    Trash talk - 'Be careful of him, heard he scams'

    Griefing - 'Buying xyz!' 'Hey I've got one for sale, make offer.' 'ummm... xyz?' 'heh Have a nice day (recalls out).'

    Cheaters - 'hey, will you hold this bag for me then give it to my mule?'

    Dueling - '2 mil' 'no way. 1 mil.' 'Man you won't find this any cheaper! but for you, 1.5 mil' 'All I have is 1.3 mil!'

    *sigh* I hate Luna.
  2. Threnody

    Threnody Guest

    *tends to bank in NJ unless in a hurry to snag runes or backpacks*
  3. Disney

    Disney Guest

    Ocllo for me.
  4. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    *banks in SH, SB, or Haven*

    I hate LUNA!
  5. Sirkus

    Sirkus Guest

    The smack talk was SO much better at brit bank...


    Can't we just move back?
  6. *laughs*

    Well said [​IMG]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *** Briefly contemplates relocating to Luna to introduce my irreverant and twisted actions to that place. Realizes that polishing a turd will only leave us with a big shiny turd. Goes back to irritating people propping up Haven Bank.***