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Just a question to better understand the scary people I play with :)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Jakaro, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Jakaro

    Jakaro Guest

    How old is everybody here? Just curious, I'd like to better know some of the people that I play with online. Me, I'm 14, turning 15 June 16th.. I'm a young 'un =P How old are you?

  2. ~Raven~

    ~Raven~ Guest

    Older LOL
  3. I 2nd that LOL... alot older
  4. Lets say a LOT older
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    27 will be 28 next month and my husband is 33
  6. Tadriendra

    Tadriendra Guest

    older /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif mother of a 7 yr
  7. Well the dumb human who plays me is 41
  8. HawkML

    HawkML Guest

    21 here....Happy to have missed the 70s =P
  9. Clextor

    Clextor Guest

    My first son is in college, and I waited to have kids.

    I was of age in the 70s and comfortable with that. it just seems that the longer I've lived, the more I understand. I was more disapointed in the 80s. (yuck!)

    Wish you fun,
  10. Age won't let you understand better others! And worse, it can even be a cloud and cover the truth! huh...I ignore people's age! I don't even know my age...Okay, sort of...
  11. Khal Drogo

    Khal Drogo Guest

    I'm 21...well almost 22
  12. thalia

    thalia Guest

    Well, since I posted a pic along with my age not that long ago my age really isn't a secret. Hehe. I'm 30.
  13. Tellah_FSH

    Tellah_FSH Guest

    In June I'll have reached the ripe young age of XXIV.

    Roman numerals are cool.
  14. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    17 currently, but thursday ill be 18.

    Bye bye childhood =[
  15. Ok ok.. since you all are fessing up to your age..

    I just turned 36 this last March..
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here be 16-year-old.
  17. JubaIII

    JubaIII Guest

    I just turned 21 in Feb. and I already feel old although boy did I have fun on my 21st, at least from what I have been told.
  18. _Dax_

    _Dax_ Guest

  19. lancell87

    lancell87 Guest

    im 19 yrs young ---- but i have a 12 yr old and a 11 yr old (no i didnt have them at 7 or 8)
    you cant always judge who you play with by thier age my kids do play -- i have others say they act more mature that ones that say their 30-40 so it just depends on who you play with simple ya?

  20. Calell

    Calell Guest


    Age won't let you understand better others! And worse, it can even be a cloud and cover the truth! huh...I ignore people's age! I don't even know my age...Okay, sort of...


    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/chatter.gif Cleo, I agree with you, however I don't think he was looking for a philosophical debate on age vs. maturity... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif Curious ki...erm, /php-bin/shared/images/icons/doh.gif young adult, and maybe s/he understands people more than others might be giving him/her credit for, or is trying to at any rate... =)

    Just to answer your question Jakaro, I'm 25, and so is my husband =) We're both in guild GTH.

    <center><font color=008B8B>Calell </font color=008B8B> <font color=9A32CD>of </font color=9A32CD><font color=4682B4>GTH</font color=4682B4>, <font color=EEC900>Sonoma</font color=EEC900></center>
  21. Burgmeister

    Burgmeister Guest

    Just turned the big 35 this month, and I haven't lived thru a decade I can't say I didn't like...........................

    *points down at quote*

    '....We are not Men!!.......We are DEVO!!!!!...'
  22. DemanKnght

    DemanKnght Guest

    *Does the Adons Pose*

    *Flexs them rippling Muscles*


    Yeah baby Cruised into that magic 30 at the beginning of the month, Yeah check it out.. uh huh!!!! Of course iif you ask my kids I'm an old man and then at recess I'm one of them go figure. Your only as young or old as you want to be, and I am happy to be 6 and 8 for my boys..

    Oh and tristan is a punk... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Damn thali maybe you are older then me.. Want to get married?? :p Hey I can dream cant I?
  23. ~Raven~

    ~Raven~ Guest

    Ack! Luthian you gave in too soon! hehe... hrmmm My oldest will be 17 next month... *shudders at the thought of how time flies* *coughs* ok I am 40 :p
  24. Jakaro

    Jakaro Guest

    Wow... I'm the youngest person in Ultima Online? Ahhhh!
  25. thalia

    thalia Guest

    :p Hehe, yup apparently I am older than you by 8 months. LOL. BUT!!! I don't look it! So there!
  26. LichKing

    LichKing Guest

    Hmmm... I'm 18... But, that will change soon enough, when May rolls around. Yay May! Er, wait, no, thats bad... Thats my deadline for new insurance... D'oh! I don't wanna grow up!
  27. Will be 20 in May.. *shudder*
  28. flatscan

    flatscan Guest

    Well, i was 25 in 2000, so that would make me...*counts on fingers* 28 i guess. Dunno, i still act the same as i did way back in school. Geez, hard to belive that was 10 years ago.
  29. Orien Aswydd

    Orien Aswydd Guest

    Actually, for those of you who know the COD GM, his son of 5 yrs plays UO so that would be the youngest UO player.

    As for me, I'm 26, wifey is 27 (older women rule), Laszlo (fat cat) is 2 yrs old, and Oliver (nosy cat) is 1 yr old.
  30. I'm 32 but that's ok...I have a 1yr old and 3yr old that like to help me play...ever try to pk with a 1yr old on your lap? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  31. Jade ElRen

    Jade ElRen Guest

    My husband and I are both 34, and our daughter who is 10 plays as well. We let her have her own account when she was 8, but she plays with us watching where she goes and what she is doing all the time.
  32. Illithreal

    Illithreal Guest

    Maybe that's why you're so good at hunting easter eggs, Jakaro...still young enough to remember how (or to bend down and pick them up lol).

    I am 36, old enough to be your mother. Now give me some of those eggs you scammed!
  33. Jakaro

    Jakaro Guest

    LOL! Don't be angry because I only got FIVE TIMES as many easter eggs as you got last night =) You made it sound like I was a scammer! I am teh GM Easter Egg Hunter ^_^

    Thank God I'm not the youngest kid in UO. =)
  34. Calell

    Calell Guest


    I have a 1yr old and 3yr old that like to help me play...ever try to pk with a 1yr old on your lap?


    Ever tried to RUN from a PK with a 2 1/2 year old on your lap? hehe I can certainly empathize. Caillie will probably be playing by the time she's 5.

    Calell of GTH, Sonoma
  35. 546 years old...but the fleshling that makes me move is 25.
  36. Jango37

    Jango37 Guest

    Well i'm 27 will be 28 in june and my wife is 22 and we both play and have 2 little girls.
  37. Zella

    Zella Guest

    5 yrs old.

    i couldnt be any older, UO only came out 5 1/2 yrs ago...
  38. cyberratt

    cyberratt Guest

    I count, even though I've only been on sonoma for *looks at clock* 3 hours. I'm 19 and I feel old. I wanna go back to high school *whines*.
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I will be 18 tomarrow, the 18th


    As for now, 17.
  40. Woodstock=$=

    Woodstock=$= Guest

    Woodstock is 17
  41. Jakaro

    Jakaro Guest

    I wonder who is the OLDEST person in Sonoma.. Anyone have any clue?
  42. Not me...I'm still young...Not elder!
    *looks at the mirror*
    This mirror has bugs! Someone fix it!
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Come on guys!..Your only old when your dead/php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Im 25,my wife who plays uo also is 24 we have to boys Tristian who is 6,Dalton 3 and a little girl Madison who just turned the big one on wed.

    My boys are always trying to get me to jump in the water.....Even after Ive told them that no one in uo can swim /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  44. ~Raven~

    ~Raven~ Guest

    *feels dead then* LOL
  45. Jango37

    Jango37 Guest

    Well the Guildmistress of SDK is 61 years old. NO LIE I SWEAR.
  46. Woodstock=$=

    Woodstock=$= Guest

    I heard Tree was in his late 50s...