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Just a story of an adventure we did

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Tiri, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Tiri

    Tiri Guest

    A Quest for Valor

    Seraphina felt safe walking through the Paladin’s city. Trinsic was pretty at night. The lanterns shone through the shop windows and the lamp posts had all been lit. Since the weather was warm she had whiled away time on the pier. Hearing the waves splash against the shore set her in a meditative serene mood. There was something about the rhythm mixed with great power in every crest. The evening seemed perfect.
    With a deep contented sigh she arose and headed back to town. As she passed by the Trinsic Warrior Training Hall, she spied Kane the Master of Arms on the balcony overlooking the footpath. She smiled and waved.

    Kane seemed a bit out of sorts this night. Though he was usually very serious, tonight he was more so than ever before. He seemed lost in his thoughts and had a scowl on his otherwise very handsome face.

    “What is it Kane?” Sera asked very concerned

    “Valor” He replied. “No one has Valor anymore.”

    “I do not understand “Sera smiled prettily hoping to see Kane respond in kind.

    “It is hard for me to explain Sera. It would be easier to show you. Why don’t you ask some friends to join us and I will demonstrate.”

    Sera immediately got out a new quill and ink bottle. She wrote several messages to her friends and sent them off by pigeon and SOS bottles.

    It was not long before a large group of Sonomen gathered in the Warrior Training hall to hear Kane speak. He told them how Valor was fading from the realm and that he hoped some citizens would pick up the quest to bring it back.

    The group was an assorted lot. Inigo Montoya, Seraphina, Gama Isisson, and Kanly came armed and prepared. Oakie Vosha, Nyne Won Won, and Lord Keith brought their pets, Queen Mum brought delicious snacks. Dear Queen Mum would never want the people she cares for to fight hungry!

    Kane explained that Valor is courage especially in battle, the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action. It seemed straight forward to the mismatched group.

    Kane lead them to Moonglow. The friends were approaching the gate when a loud flapping sound was heard over the breeze. Huge Bats swooped down amongst the group. They dove at their heads scratching their faces with their talons. They bit at them with sharp teeth. Everyone acted quickly. Inigo knocked an arrow and Kanly let a magic missile shoot from her well trained hand. The tame animals quickly clamored to help their owners. Queen Mum threw a plate of Cookies at the one that was biting Seraphina. Sera, Grateful to have been released pulled out her kryss and fended off more. The vermin kept coming but the troop did not let up. The fought and aided each other until the infestation was brought under control. After the battle the Bandages and healing spells were needed to help the ailing and injured.

    After a good night’s rest, the motley crew joined up once more with Kane. The morning was bright and sunny. Yet a MoonBeam passed our path. When MoonBeam heard we were learning about valor she eagerly joined our group.
    Today Kane had been assigned by the commander of the guard to search the realm for miserable imps. These highly spirited devilish creatures were attacking innocent people. Some of them were biting them with fangs dripping with poison. Some of the Imps were rabid; a bite from one of them could make you very ill and perhaps even die. The team of adventurers decided they too must help save the innocents from such danger. They arrived near Lord British’s hedge maze. This labyrinth of hedges was always well maintained. Fear curdled some of the stomachs of the small group. An imp could easily hide itself in the foliage and jump out at you when least expected. There were nooks and crannies that went no place. Dead end rows designed to challenge the person trying to find his or her way through. This was perilous. It was not long before the group was set upon by nasty green Imps. They threw fire balls and flamed the band of would be heroes. Queen Mum wanted to hide but she would not leave her friends defenseless. She started saying strange words. Her fingers shook as Vas corp por babbled out of her mouth. Swirling purple funnels leapt forward toward the oncoming Imps. The imps packed together plotting. One flew off toward the center of the maze. Was he a coward?
    The group fought long and hard. Soon over one hundred Imps lay dead around them. Kane praised them for their efforts. He started to think that there still are some people who will follow his chosen path.
    As the group turned to head out, Kane remarked, “One flew away. I must go after it. Will any of you join me?”
    Injured and tired they wanted their home and a tub of hot water. But when they saw Kane’s expression they remembered his words…the ability to face danger or pain. One by one they nodes and cried out. “FOR VALOR!”

    The labyrinth wove in an out but each step took them closer to the middle. A vile aroma started to fill the air. Brimstone mixed with animal smells. It was pungent. Queen Mum stopped in her tracks. The entire group looked toward the clearing. Daemon after Daemon were lining the last few rows of hedge. They adventurers did not stand a chance. Sera felt badly for the pets that had valiantly fought along side them. Was this fate, to die so cruelly? It was not their fight but they had willingly joined the band. The first beast made a grunting sound. Fire spewed from its huge mouth. Soon all was a whirlwind of activity. Foreign words of magical power filled the air on both sides of the battle. Skin singed and charred. The adventurers felt it would be their last deed. Perhaps one day a bard would sing a song of their Valor.
    There was that word. Valor was not lost in the realm. Kane had found the very people he thought had deserted the world.
    Time seemed to be going in slow motion and fast forward at the same time. The company healed each other as quickly as they could. And then all sound stopped.
    At first Sera thought she had gone deaf. Not even a bird cheeped. The wind had died. Perhaps they were all dead. Finally Princess Poison spoke. “Did we get them all? How many did you get Mum?”
    Mum seemed to be in shock. “Ten. I think I got ten!” A smile came across her face. “And none of us died! My friends are all still here!”
    Kane was thrilled that he had found valor once more. He gave everyone a mighty sash to remember the great deed that they had done.
  2. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Good story to support the quest, a good read :)
  3. ThraximusZog

    ThraximusZog Guest

    great story.
  4. Miri of Sonoma

    Miri of Sonoma Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 10, 2008
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